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How Much is Rock Climbing

how much is rock climbing

If you plan to learn rock climbing, you are investing in a healthier body and mind. But before you plunge into action and start training, you also need to anticipate how much is rock climbing in terms of the money you will spend on doing and enjoying the sport.

On average, you will be spending around $20 to $30 daily if you want to start learning the sport at the regular indoor climbing gym. The money includes $15 to $20 for a climbing gym pass and $5 to $10 for the climbing equipment rental. If you want to buy your own equipment and gear, please check the summary below:

Type of Rock Climbing Estimated Cost
Indoor Rock Climbing $20 – $30 Per Session

$170 (For Climbing Shoes)

Lead Climbing $170 (For Climbing Shoes)

$50 (For Climbing Harness)

$10 (Climbing Chalk)

$10 (Carabiners)

$35 (Belay Device)

$100 (Climbing Ropes)

$15 (Chalk Bag)

$10 (Chalk Brush) Total: $500

Bouldering $170 (For Climbing Shoes)

$10 (Chalk)

$10 (Chalk Brush)

$15 (Chalk Bag)

$200 (Climbing Crash Pad) Total:


The table above shows the estimated expenses when you want to learn climbing in an indoor climbing gym. It also shows the expected costs when you are lead climbing and bouldering.
For a typical climb at an indoor gym, expect to shell out $ 20 to $30 every session and spend $170 if you want to have your own climbing shoes.

On the other hand, if you are going to do lead climbing, expect to spend at least $500. This cost can be divided into climbing shoes, which is at least $170. You also need to spend for the climbing harness, which should cost $50 and chalk which is $10. Other expenses include carabiners ($10), a belay device ($35), a chalk bag ($15), climbing ropes ($100), and a chalk brush ($10).

how much does a rock climbing wall cost

If you are into bouldering, expect to spend at least $400 for the equipment. The lard part of the expenses will go to the climbing shoes, which is worth $170. Other expenses include a chalk brush ($10), chalk ($10), a chalk bag ($15) and a climbing crash pad, which is worth $200.

Of course, the amount stated is just a summary of the expected expenses that you will spend on the different types of rock climbing activities. These expenses are just estimated costs and may change depending on the actual prices of the climbing accessories.

There are also other hidden costs that you need to consider when going to an indoor climbing gym. Take into consideration the gas, the parking fee, and the expenses for food and drinks you need to spend while at the gym.

Setting Up your Own Rock Climbing Wall

indoor rock climbing cost

If you do not like to spend your time in an indoor climbing gym or outdoors, you can have the option to set up your rock climbing wall at home. This technique is doable, provided that you have enough space to set up your own rock climbing wall.

But how much does a rock climbing wall cost? The cost of a rock climbing wall set up at home depends on the space availability, target climbers, and the residency of the climbing wall on your property. Other factors to consider include the height of your target climbers, age group, and location.

lead climbing cost

If you want to consider building on your own, you need to consider the prices of the materials required to make the climbing wall. Please check out the summary of each material and the prices below.

Materials Estimated Cost
Wood Plywood $2 to $4 per square foot 2×4 or 2×8 studs: $4 to $9 each
Hardware Wood Screws $7 per pack Joints $1 each
Bolts and T-Nuts 200 T-Nts Per Panel $30
Climbing Holds 25 to 40 holds per panel $1 to $2 per hold
Fall Zone 2 to 4 Old Mattresses No Costs

The table above summarizes the possible materials that you need to buy when setting up your own rock climbing wall in your property. As for the wood, you will need at least ¾ thickness of plywood for durability or weatherproof wood if you are setting up the climbing wall outdoors. The studs will be used for framing.

Meanwhile, the screws will be used to secure the wood together. If you can, adding joints or connectors will enhance the strength and overall safety of the joints. The other use of the screw will be to secure the plywood to the studs. The bolts and the t-nuts also play an essential role in the construction.

The climbing holds are probably the most important items you need to buy when setting up your rock climbing wall. It comes in various shapes and sizes, which should depend on your target climbers, whether they are children or adults.

Lastly, for the fall zone, you do not spend on the materials if you can find 2 to 4 old mattresses. If you have the budget, you can purchase a crash pad that fits your target climber, If not, settling for old mattresses is enough and economical.


If you want to ask me how much is rock climbing, it is not as expensive as the other sports. The most important thing is to know the possible expenses you need to spend on the training and the climbing equipment you need to buy before doing the actual rock climbing activities.

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