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The Best Climbing Brush for 2023

best climbing brush

This article features six of the best climbing brushes a climber can use in the gym or outside. We all know that the holds tend to get dirty as time passes. Climbers use climbing brushes to remove the dirt and eventually get a better grip during the climb.

Our team tested several products to find the top climbing brush that anyone could use. All of these climbing brushes were tested in actual conditions. The products were also checked in terms of quality, durability, and other features to find the one that stands out. Please see our recommendations below.

Best Climbing Brush Reviews

1. Dyno Climbing Bouldering Brushes

dyno climbing bouldering brushes

When looking for the most functional bouldering brushes, an essential factor to look up to is their ability to clean the holds efficiently regardless of their physical attributes. This climbing brush from Dyno Climbing is built and designed to do that with ease.

I am impressed by the overall design of this climbing brush, especially the head size. It is small enough to get into tiny crimps and mono pockets while still able to clean efficiently on sloper holds. I also like that the handles are very comfortable for my hands and feel very sturdy.

The quality of this climbing brush is also impressive. It looks very durable and should last longer. When other brushes that I used before felt very cheap, this product is different. The boar’s hair bristles are soft enough to prevent the brush from damaging any outdoor holds but still have the stiffness of clean plastic holds in the gym.

Also impressive is how the bristles are pack tight compared to the other bristles I used. From what I experienced, this feature will clean the holds thoroughly and get maximum brushing efficiency with no dead spots.

The only issue I see from this climbing brush is the burly handle. It can be a small issue for the climber if it uses tiny elastic loops on the chalk bag since putting or removing the brush from the bag without forcing it or using both of your hands will be challenging. Otherwise, this product is still the top-notch rock climbing brush I have used.

  • Made with high-density boar’s hair bristles and a durable handle
  • Brush’s head has enough size to clean both outdoor and indoor holds
  • Handles provide comfort and durability
  • Bristles are packed tightly for maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Made with recyclable materials
  • Handle is too large for chalk bags with non-elastic brush straps

Overall, this climbing brush has an excellent design and above-average quality. But the most impressive part is its effectiveness in cleaning the dirt in the holds. The packed bristles play an essential role in maximizing the cleaning effectiveness of this climbing brush.

2. TWO STONES Boar Hair Rock Climbing Brushes

two stones boar hair rock climbing brushes

This climbing brush from Two Stones has a unique design that brings a special cleaning ability that maximizes its efficiency when cleaning the holds. In particular, the triangle head design will be handy in cleaning corners and those difficult edges.

Another unique feature that caught my attention is the product’s ergonomic handle. The handle is actually made of nylon and fiberglass. This combination of materials provides strength and durability to the handle. Furthermore, it also provides comfort and is easy to hold while giving some portability features.

I also like the fact that the tapered bristles are longer at the front part of the brush. This part is usually the first one to get damaged as time goes by because of the usage but with the front part bristles a little bit longer, it also enhances the longevity of the brush.

The quality of the bristle is also quite impressive, in my opinion. Again, it is made of boar’s hair and has the firmness to clean rock climbing holds and chalks. The bristle has the density and the hardness to provide maximum cleaning efficiency.

This climbing brush’s effectiveness is quite impressive from my standpoint. It will not only remove normal dirt on climbing holds but also have the ability to absorb moisture and oils, making it one of the most impressive chalk brush climbing products that any climber can rely upon.

  • Made with tapered bristles that are longer at the front area to enhance longevity
  • Built with ergonomic handles to provide comfort and easy usage
  • Handles are made of high-quality materials to provide strength and durability
  • Bristles are built with density or maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Built with a perfect size for easy usage
  • Bristles’ tendency to fall off fast

This product is perfect for climbers when climbing indoors and outdoors. The ergonomic handle makes it very comfortable to use, but the bristle’s unique design, where the front part is longer, enhances the longevity of this climbing brush.

3. Escape Climbing Boars Hair Brushes

escape climbing boars hair brushes

In terms of uniqueness, this climbing brush set from Escape Climbing has plenty of it. The first feature that makes this climbing brush special is the wooden handle. This product has a nice wooden authentic feel with many lengths that enable the user to reach holds easily.

The design of this climbing brush also has some uniqueness, particularly the angled head. This feature makes brushing the holds much easier, especially in cleaning edges and other hard-to-reach parts. Also, this design provides versatility and convenience when using the climbing brush during the climb.

I am also impressed by the quality of the brush’s bristles. Since it is made of boar hair which is pretty standard for climbing, expect durability and stiffness in the bristles to maximize the efficiency of this brush in cleaning mountain holds.

Furthermore, the durability of the brush’s bristles is enough to clean and brush off chalk during the climb effectively. The bristle’s stiffness enhances the product’s effectiveness as it provides durability and convenience.

In addition, the bristle still has the softness to prevent it from damaging the holds during the cleaning. It helps that the brush has a curve handle that allows you to apply the needed pressure without worrying about breaking the climbing brush unintentionally.

  • Made with a wooden handle that provides excellent length for cleaning
  • Made with high-quality materials to provide toughness in cleaning holds and climbing equipment
  • Built with an angled head to maximize cleaning efficiency
  • Crafted with natural fibers to provide strength and stiffness
  • It gives the authentic wooden feel
  • The square profile of the handle provides fitting issues for some chalk bag brush loops

This climbing stick brush will scrub all the chalk sticks on the climbing equipment. It also does a great job in cleaning holds with its length. But I feel that the wooden eel of this brush makes this product unique from the rest.

4. FOOTLESS BIRD Climbing Bouldering Brushes

footless bird climbing bouldering brushes

This climbing brush from Footless Bird focuses on solving a constant issue during the climb, dealing with slippery-bound brushes. This product was built to do its job of cleaning holds and equipment and to ensure that the climber has the best grip in holding the brush to get maximum cleaning efficiency.

From my experience using the brush, all the features it provides are what you want in a climbing brush. First, this brush is designed to provide a better grip location and angle, which effectively minimizes finger collisions that usually reduce grip quality.

Whether it is a thumb grip, an index grip, or a pinch grip, the anti-finger collision angle and the anti-slippery curbs will secure the brush when in use during the climb. Also, this ergonomic handle provides a unique comfort to the user when the brush is used.

I also like the density of the bristles as it is made of premium quality boar hair. I was impressed by how this brush effectively got rid of the sweat, chalk, dust, or other dirt found on the climbing holds, which shows the brush’s effectiveness.

Lastly, the size of this climbing brush easily fits in any elastic slot of a chalk bag but still provides some space for its bristles. Durability is also an asset as it is made with a stronger neck in the handle that supports and prevents the brush from breaking.

  • Built with a unique grip location and angle to prevent finger collisions
  • Made with a stronger neck in the handle to prevent unintentional breakage
  • Design with longer bristles to enhance the longevity of the brush
  • The brush can be recycled
  • With an acupressure ring massager
  • The tendency of the bristle to fall off

This climbing brush is one of the most durable brushes I have used in all of my climbing activities. The way it provides a better grip than other brushes makes this product unique. It also provides a better cleaning efficiency compared to others.

5. BetaLabs Climbing Bouldering Boars Hair Chalk Brushes

betalabs climbing bouldering boars hair chalk brushes

Lightweight but strong. These are the two words that best describe this climbing brush from BetaLabs. Its lightness will make you wonder about its durability and toughness but using it in an actual climbing activity proves that this product has what it takes to be an excellent tool that can help climbers during the climb.

I am impressed with the density of the bristle of this climbing brush. It is so dense that it helps in effectively removing dirt in holds and climbing equipment. It helps that the bristles are made of boar’s hair and have a large contact area that gives it greater coverage when cleaning the surface.

The stiffness of the brush is something that is very important, and this product will not fail you. It has a super stiff design that using it during the climb will not see any bend, which usually happens with other brushes. You will not see the handle snap when using the brush or cleaning.

I also like the size of this climbing brush, as it is a perfect fit with most of the chalk bags I have used before. The design of the handle, combined with the strength of the brush, makes it so comfortable to use.

Lastly, the more, the merrier. It helps that this particular product package comes with two climbing brushes. An extra spare is a bonus to you should one brush get damaged. Or, you can keep one brush in the harness and the other on your home training wall.

  • Made with toughness and durability
  • Built with 100% boar’s hair bristles
  • Bristles are designed with large space to clean a widened area
  • Easy and comfortable to use with its unique design
  • Made with a strong and durable handle
  • Stiffness of the bristles needs to improve

The lightness of this product is not a symbol of weakness. Its weight makes it so comfortable and easy to use. This climbing brush has the strength and the durability despite its lightness to do what it is supposed to do.

6. Happy Reunion Climbing Brushes

happy reunion climbing brushes

This climbing brush from Happy Reunion has the construction and the quality to last longer. When other climbing brushes tend to break down or wear out too fast, I feel that this climbing brush has the toughness and the durability to do its purpose for a longer period.

The first thing I notice is the thick and fat head that ensures its toughness and durability. This part of the brush is usually the first one to break, but with its thickness, it can survive any challenges during the cleaning.

I also like the quality of the bristle as it is made of 100% boar hair. With this feature, this brush will not only clean regular dirt but also has the ability to absorb moisture and oils. This climbing brush has the ability to clean the dirtiest climbing hold you will encounter.

Also impressive is the simplicity of the handle. It is so simple but also effectively provides comfort to the user. The handle is easy to grip, and its ergonomic design will help the climber use it comfortably and efficiently.

Lastly, this product package also comes in two climbing brushes. This bonus will give you an extra spare to use should the first one break or get damaged. You can have the option to use one indoors and the other one when climbing outdoors.

  • The handle is made with durability and toughness
  • Uses glass reinforced polymer material to provide strength and durability
  • Built with non-destructive nylon bristles
  • Excellent construction quality to last longer
  • Two climbing brushes in one product package
  • A little on the heavy side

This product is an excellent option if you want longevity on a climbing brush. This climbing brush is built to last with its thick head and premium handle. Although a little bit heavy, this climbing brush can get the job done in helping anyone during the climb.

What to Look for in Looking for a Climbing Brush

best bouldering brushes

With so many choices, sometimes you will be overwhelmed when choosing the right climbing brush for your climbing needs. But our team listed some factors that you can consider when looking for a climbing brush. Please see below.

Type of Bristle

When looking for a climbing brush, the first thing to consider is the type of bristle that the brush is using. In climbing, a brush with bristle that is made of boar’s hair is the best way to go. It has been proven several times that a boar’s hair is very effective in cleaning holds and climbing equipment.

The bor hair has the stiffness and longevity to make an impact when you climb. It also has an excellent texture that maximizes the result when cleaning a particular surface. A second option that you can probably trust is the nylon brush, but there is a big difference between the two.

Bristle Stiffness

Another factor to consider is the stiffness of the bristle. You need to check personally on this feature as it helps determine the brush’s quality. The type of stiffness provides different results to different climbing holds and surfaces.

When cleaning plastic holds in an indoor gym, softer bristles have the edge as they match up better to the elaborate pockets and contours of the holds in the gym. On the other hand, stiff bristles are needed to clean and dig in those hard surfaces when climbing outdoors.

Brush Design

You will also need to check on the overall design of the climbing brush and what it brings to you when you start using it. Check the head, and its thickness, as this part is essential when scrubbing surfaces. This part of the climbing brush is usually the first to break, so ensure that the brush has the thickness and the strength to last long.

Brush Handle

You will also need to check the handle of the brush and the comfort level it brings to your hands. Some brushes are slant, while others are straight, similar to a standard toothbrush.

When your brush profile is slant, it brings a unique advantage compared to other brushes. The climbing brush tends to wear out quickly at the tip, but when it is slant and the tip is a little bit longer, it increases the durability of the brush while also enhancing its longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

chalk brush climbing

Do you Need a Climbing Brush?

As mentioned earlier, a climbing brush is used by every climber to clean holds so that it will provide a better grip during the climb. When climbing, the climber’s goal is to get as close to the hold as possible, and cleaning the hold will help you send it into the next step.

Brushing is also an etiquette that every climber must have. It is an easy way to leave the gym or even the crag cleaner before climbing. Brushing is a simple etiquette that you must follow to make the climbing place better before you go.

Can you Use a Toothbrush as a Climbing Brush?

Yes, a toothbrush can be used to clean the holds, but the result is different from a standard climbing brush. The toothbrush can do a decent job cleaning the hold, but the quality is different as it cannot completely remove all the dirt, chalk and dust. Since its purpose is for the gums and the teeth, the toothbrush will likely wear out quickly when used in the climb.


The importance of cleaning the holds cannot be underestimated, especially when using the best climbing brush. The climbers must ensure that the holds are properly brushed to prevent limiting factors that prevent the climber from being successful during the climb. And this can be achieved by having the right climbing brush when you start climbing.

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