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The Best Carabiner for Locking in 2023

best carabiner for locking

This buying guide lists ten of the best carabiners for locking that a climber can use for any climbing activity. There is no doubt about the importance of locking carabiner as it secures the carabiner’s closed position to ensure the absolute safety of the climber.

We have tested several products to find the best locking carabiners for climbing. In our testing process, we thoroughly check the quality, effectiveness, and other related information to let climbers know the right one for them. Our recommendations are listed below:

Best Carabiner for Locking Reviews

1. FresKaro UIAA 25KN Auto Locking Climbing

freskaro uiaa 25kn auto locking climbing

A locking carabiner is essential in providing safety to the climber. So, if a product is UIAA certified, it obviously means that the product has been tested and passed by international standards. This locking carabiner from Freskaro brings the said quality and toughness to the user during the climb.

This product is the best auto locking carabiner with its 2-way locking system. The carabiner instantly locks and can be easily opened using just a single hand. All you have to do is twist the barrel while pushing against the spring load to open. Upon releasing the pressure, it will automatically re-lock.

I am also impressed by the sturdiness of this carabiner for locking. Thanks to the high-grade aluminum, this product’s primary material brings strength favorable to the climber. This locking carabiner is for heavy-duty usage and will not fall off when used.

This high-grade aluminum material will also be responsible for bringing longevity to this locking carabiner. This product is rust-free and can withstand the challenges of dealing with harsh environments such as rain and snow.

Also, this product provides smoothness to the lock and gate surface. This locking carabiner also provides flexibility in its usage with other activities besides climbing. This climbing accessory can also be used for hiking, camping, hammocks, swing straps, and swing locks.

  • Provides a twist-locking system
  • Made of high-quality aluminum to provide toughness and durability
  • With rust-resistance feature to provide longevity
  • Made in a compact design and lightness
  • Provides multiple usages
  • Paints easily come off

This product is the best twist lock carabiner that you can use for your climbing activity. This locking carabiner works well and is built to last longer than regular carabiners. The twist lock feature makes it easy to use during the climb.

2. XINDA Screwgate Locking Carabiner Clip

xinda screwgate locking carabiner clip

This locking carabiner from Xinda has the classical D shape in its design. The best thing about this classic shape is that it actually carries the majority of the loads towards the spine, which is the carabiner’s strongest axis. This feature makes the product one of the best locking carabiner for belaying.

I am also impressed by the way this locking carabiner is constructed. It looks durable and feels very light. The smooth finish on the surface of this accessory will give you a high level of trust and security when using this carabiner for locking.

Obviously, this locking carabiner is well-crafted. It comes with nicely machined metal and smooth threads, making it special. It also has a lightness which makes it an excellent fit for rappelling. This climbing accessory is of superb quality.

Apart from being durable and sturdy, I like how this locking carabiner can be used easily. The latch operates smoothly while the screw-lock is easy to operate. Thanks to its easy-to-open system, you only need to turn the screw to lock the carabiner. Turning it in the opposite direction will unlock the carabiner.

Lastly, this climbing accessory comes in pairs for a single purchase. So, you will have a better value in having two carabiners in a single purchase. The product also comes in multiple colors to allow the selection of colors you prefer.

  • A classical D shape design provides strength and durability
  • Made with aluminum alloy to provide lightness
  • Built with a screw lock system that is easy to operate
  • Excellent manufacturing quality; with smooth threads and well-machined metal
  • Available in several colors
  • A little bit bulky

This product is the lightest locking carabiner you can use during the climb. The aluminum alloy used in the construction makes it light but still has the strength to carry its job. The smooth finish and the smooth threads ensure the quality of this carabiner for locking.

3. Paliston Locking Carabiners

paliston locking carabiners

They say that looks can be deceiving. Sometimes, this statement is true and sometimes not. But for this locking carabiner from Paliston, looks can be deceiving indeed. This carabiner is very light, which makes you question its toughness and durability. But this carabiner for locking is one of the toughest a climber can use.

This locking carabiner is light but super strong. Once you use it, you can barely feel the weight of it during the climb. But, this feature does not mean that it lacks strength. Thanks to the high-grade aluminum alloy that ensures that this product has the strength to carry its job successfully.

Also, this product is one of the best locking carabiner for anchors. Its toughness and durability make it p[erfect for rock climbing, anchor settings, and even a main belay biner. This product can protect you and other climbers with its toughness and strength.

Apart from being light, this product comes in an excellent fit and finish. Looking at its physical features, they look imposing and feel amazing. I can really tell the top-notched quality. And they are easy to use too. The consistency of its physical features speaks highly about the quality of the manufacturing process.

Lastly, this product also has a wide gate opening that provides an effortless feel for locking. The clips also move smoothly. It also comes with unique colors that allow you to select the best one you prefer.

  • Made with extra lightness
  • Built with high-grade aluminum alloy to provide strength
  • With a keylock nose design that prevents snagging
  • Built with excellent construction quality, including an anodized surface
  • With spring gate and screw lock features
  • Small locking issues

This product is one of the best locking carabiner for top rope anchor. The product is pretty solid while providing a comfortable feel for locking. It is very light but has incredible strength. And they look sleek too, which is quite impressive.

4. XTEK Climbing Carabiners

xtek climbing carabiners

Every climber needs a locking carabiner that has the strength to protect them during its usage. With its UIAA and CE rating, this product from XTEK provides the strength and stability needed by anyone when doing a climbing activity.

I am totally impressed by the overall construction of this product. It comes with balanced anti-skip curves, a steel construction, and a smart locking mechanism that allows it to handle heavy equipment mid-air. I can say that this product is the most suitable locking carabiner for grigri and other activities such as rappelling, rigging, anchoring, and even belaying.

The balance and the symmetry of this carabiner are extremely useful. The smooth and uniform curves limit the load shifting while retaining the higher gear holding capacity. These locking carabiners are designed to hang off the cliffs and will work on whatever plan you plan to hand on them.

I also like the durability of this carabiner for locking. The high-quality alloy steel provides the toughness and durability of this product. This product is designed to withstand the beating during the climb and give the climber much-needed confidence, safety, and security.

In terms of its usage, this locking carabiner has enough gate clearance and width. Also, the safety screws are so easy to use as the screws can easily be turned and locked solidly into place when fastened.

  • Built with superior strength and stability to control heavy things mid-air
  • With a smart screw locking mechanism that is so easy to use
  • It can be used in various activities apart from climbing
  • Built with a high-quality alloy that withstands beating during the climb
  • Made with large gate clearance for heavier objects
  • Difficult to operate with one hand

Overall, this product is of excellent quality and is a heavy-duty locking carabiner. It provides reliability during the climb. This product is needed in places where you need superior strength and need you to pull or secure everything.

5. Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiners

black diamond rocklock screwgate carabiners

Most of the locking carabiner reviews will probably feature a product from Black Diamond because of the company’s reputation for producing high-quality products. This includes this carabiner for locking, considered the largest belay and rappel locker that the company produced.

This product provides reliability when used during the climb. It has a square hinge end that will securely hold the belay loop in place. Once it is properly locked, it is less likely that this carabiner will inadvertently unlock due to the rope running across the gate because of its automatic locking mechanism.

I am also impressed by the quality of the construction of this locking carabiner. Upon checking its physical features, I can say that this carabiner for locking has excellent craftsmanship. And it’s very light too, which is favorable to the climber.

This product also has a slightly curved design that maximizes the gate entrance. Yes, this carabiner for locking has a large gate which is a good thing. This product can fit your hands within if you use it for ascending purposes.

And the best thing about using Black Diamond products, apart from the quality, is the overall packaging of the item. This locking carabiner includes detailed instructions along with images to guide you on how to use this locking carabiner properly.

  • Built with lightness for the benefit of the user
  • Made with a keylock nose that prevents snagging
  • Built with a slightly curved spine to provide a large gate opening
  • It comes with a square hinge at the end to hold the belay loop securely in place
  • It can be operated with one hand
  • It does not have an auto-locking feature

This product is an excellent staple locking carabiner. It has a reliable design and a smoother function. This carabiner provides reliability and security and has a smoother surface than the other carabiners I have used previously.

6. Ayamaya Climbing Aluminum Locking Carabiners

ayamaya climbing aluminum locking carabiners

This carabiner for locking from Ayamaya has arguably the smoothest operation when used. This product also has an excellent locking system to secure anything that this product is being used for during the climb.

The most notable thing about this product is the ability of the screw gate to quickly move without straining your finger muscles if you accidentally closed it tightly. Thanks to the screw thread, which provides an anti-skid feature to make it smoother to lock.

Another feature that I like is the threaded sleeve over the gate. It allows the gate to be locked in a closed position, providing additional protection from accidental gate openings. But you will need to screw the sleeve onto the gate to unlock it manually.

I also like the D shape design that makes this carabiner easy to connect with harness and protective tools. In addition, a unique groove design is found on the bottom, effectively preventing the connecting components from moving.

Lastly, this carabiner for locking is built with a keylock nose located on the gate. This part of the carabiner prevents snagging by ensuring that all the other ropes will not be accidentally hung. As a bonus, this locking carabiner can be operated with one hand.

  • Made with a keylock nose that prevents snagging
  • With a D-shaped design that makes it easy to connect with a harness or protective tools
  • Built with a groove in the bottom which prevents the connecting component from moving
  • Made with an anti-skid screw lock that makes it smooth to lock
  • The carabiner provides versatility in its usage in other outdoor activities
  • A little bit bulky

Overall, this product operates smoothly and locks securely when needed. The screw gate moves quickly without forcing yourself when you accidentally close it tightly. And the carabiners are lightweight too, which is favorable to the user.

7. GM CLIMBING Screwgate Locking Carabiners

gm climbing screwgate locking carabiners

This carabiner for locking from GM Climbing is designed to be of service to various outdoor activities. It is designed in such a way that it can be used for many different things because of its durability, strength, and other outstanding features.

The first thing that impressed me the most about this locking carabiner is its lightness and compact design. But mind you, its lightness does not equate to lesser strength because this carabiner also has the strength to do its job with ease.

This carabiner is made with a high-grade aluminum alloy, providing both its lightness and strength. Add the excellent resistance to fatigue, rust, wear, and corrosion, and then you have a product that can be trusted and reliable in any purpose it may serve.

This carabiner for locking is also equipped with a keylock system that eliminates snagging. Furthermore, the surface of this climbing accessory comes with a rope-friendly contact surface with a smooth and rounded design that effectively reduces friction. The result is the ultimate protection of the rope and the carabiner.

Apart from its ability to be used in different tasks, this locking carabiner comes with various colors that allow the user to select his preference. The color selection also allows the user to accommodate the varied usage of the carabiner in different situations.

  • Built with a D-shaped design that maximizes strength and easy usage
  • Made with a high-quality aluminum that provides strength, lightness, and resistance to fatigue
  • It comes with a wide gate opening and a spring-loaded gate
  • With a keylock system that eliminates snagging
  • Available in various colors
  • Tendency to lock up

This product is the best small locking carabiner you can use for your climbing activities. The product has an excellent finish, is lightweight, and has a reliable locking system. This carabiner for locking will do what it is supposed to do, depending on what purpose you are going to use it for.

8. Petzl SM’D Carabiners

petzl sm'd carabiners

This carabiner for locking from Petzl combines lightness and strength that users can maximize for whatever purpose this product can serve them. Whether it’s climbing or any other outdoor activity, this locking carabiner provides reliability and advanced features that allow the user to use it easily.

Speaking of advanced features, I am more impressed with its screw-lock system, which provides an easy-to-open feature for easy usage. Furthermore, the red paint found in the screw lock is unique but very useful because it allows the user to know whether the lock is secure or not. Seeing red on the lock means you are not double locked and are not secured.

I also like the D-shaped design, which provides several functionalities of this locking carabiner. This design allows this climbing accessory to be used for multiple uses, such as attached to a belay system, the end of a lanyard, or even in a pulley system.

Also, this carabiner for locking is equipped with a key lock system that prevents involuntary snagging in the carabiner. Then, an H-shaped cross-section provides a better grip when the climber wears gloves

Lastly, I also like the screw locking system and how easy it is to use it. Unlike other locking systems, this system is easy to operate and can be opened or closed with just one hand. The system can be used much faster and more efficiently.

  • Built with an ergonomic design that provides better grip
  • With a D-shaped design that promotes several functionalities
  • It comes with a screw-lock system that is easy to use
  • Made with a red band indicator in the lock that provides a visual warning if the gate is unlocked or not
  • Built with a keylock system that prevents snagging
  • Screw lock tends to slide easily when clipping or unclipping

This carabiner for locking has the quality that every user needs. I like that this product is light but does not sacrifice its strength, which is impressive.  The auto-locking system is equally remarkable, while the red band enhances the user’s security when the carabiner is used.

9. FVW Auto Locking Rock Climbing Carabiner Clips

fvw auto locking rock climbing carabiner clips

This auto locking carabiner from FVW has what it takes to carry an excellent amount of weight while still providing durability and reliability. This carabiner for locking offers several features that focus on its quality and ease of use to the user.

The carabiner combines lightness and strength when it is being used. Its lightness does not mean that it is weak, as this product is built with high-quality aluminum, which makes this carabiner so light but still provides the strength and toughness needed when it is used.

This product has the ability to support the body weight load with its ability to hold up a good amount of weight. Looking at the product impresses me with the solid construction, which provides durability. This durability and toughness convert into holding a substantial amount of weight.

I also like the design of this carabiner for locking. The D-shaped design easily connects the protector and the belt. It comes with a threaded nut on the catch that allows the user to rotate the lock with a single hand.

Checking it physically, you will also see the quality of this product. The carabiner is obviously well-made and also comes in various colors. This carabiner for locking also provides flexibility and can be used in multiple activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking.

  • Made with high-grade aluminum that provides lightness and strength
  • Built with a unique D-shaped design that offers easy usage and durability
  • With a threaded nut on the lock catch for easy usage
  • The lock system allows a single-hand operation
  • Provides flexibility with its ability to be used in various activities
  • The tendency of the paint to rub off

Overall, the locking carabiner is super smooth and easy to operate. This accessory has excellent construction and is nicely colored. The twist-lock feature is easy to operate and can be used with one hand.

10. BYANG Locking Climbing Carabiners

byang locking climbing carabiners

This carabiner for locking from Byang is arguably the best-looking carabiner of all our products. The carabiner looks very impressive, but it does not end there, as it also is equipped with a lot of durability and strength that benefits the user.

I am impressed by the durability of this product and its ability to hold a good amount of weight. This product is made with high-grade aluminum to provide the strength and the stability to carry a lot of weight and allows it to be used in various activities such as camping, anchoring, and rigging.

This product also comes with a unique locking system. This auto-locking carabiner provides an easy way to use and lock it. All you have to do is hook the carabiner, then close and twist to lock it effectively. The smoothness in operation allows this carabiner to be operated with one hand.

In terms of manufacturing quality, this locking carabiner looks excellent from the outside. But it is also made of high-quality alloy steel that provides toughness and durability. It also has the resistance to withstand the beating it will receive once it is used.

Finally, this product also comes in various colors and packages. The user can specifically choose the color of his preference. The product package provides different quantities that anyone can purchase depending on how many items you want, allowing the user to select.

  • Built with superior strength and stability
  • Made with an intelligent locking mechanism that allows maximum protection and easy usage
  • The locking mechanism allows single-hand operation
  • Constructed with high-quality steel to provide toughness and durability
  • Available in various colors
  • A little bit heavy

These carabiners for locking are very well made. The product opens and closes smoothly, while the locking mechanism can efficiently operate even with one hand. The locking carabiner is made of steel which provides durability and toughness.

What to Look For When Buying a Carabiner for Locking

best locking carabiners for climbing

Choosing a carabiner can be a challenge if it is your first time doing it because of all the options available. However, there are certain things that you need to check on the product for you to be able to choose the right one for your climbing needs.


In looking for a locking carabiner, the shape of the carabiner is essential to how it performs depending on the application. The carabiners can be used interchangeably without any problem because of their shape while others cannot perform easily when it is used in an application which is designed for them.

The offset D-shaped design is the most popular, and you can be the one you are looking for. This type of carabiner comes with a wider basket that improves its function. It also allows a wider gate opening and can even be reduced to smaller or lighter lockers.

Other types of shapes include pear-shaped lockers, the regular shape locker, and oval-shaped lockers. But they are not as popular as the offset D-shaped design, which many climbers use with 60% of the available carabiners in the market.

The Gate Closure Style

The style of the gate closure is also essential as it determines how many movements are required to open the gate. The screw gate is one of the most popular gates you can look up to when looking for a carabiner.

It uses a small metal cylinder that will screw the carabiner to prevent the gate from being opened. However, the screw gate needs you to manually close the carabiner each time which is very important for the climber’s security.

Another style of gate closure is the twisted gate which provides automatic locking once released. It may be difficult to open, but the carabiner is automatically locked when the gate closes to provide immediate security.

Then, there is the magnetic gate or the auto-locking carabiners that use magnets to close the gate. The slider gate uses a sliding mechanism to hang up the nose of the carabiner when the gate is closed. Whatever you choose when it comes to gate closure style, ensure that it gives the security you need when used.

Construction Quality

The construction quality is also essential when choosing a locking carabiner. The quality involves the type of materials being used to make the carabiner. The type of metal that is typically used is aluminum or steel. These two metals have been proven to provide toughness and durability when being used to construct a locking carabiner.


The strength of the locking carabiner is essential, especially if you use it for climbing activities. Most carabiners are tested as per the CE, UIAA, or ISO standards. But this testing process is more completed than a normal buyer can understand.

However, when buying a locking carabiner, you must ensure that the CE testing standard and the strength limitation are found on the carabiner’s spine. This information painted on the carabiner will ensure that the product is up-to-date, modern, legit, and safe for any user.

Frequently Ask Questions

best small locking carabiner

How many Locking Carabiners do I Need?

The number of locking carabiners you need will all depend on the application in which the carabiners are being used. For example, when operating a belay station on a multi-pitch climb, you will need 3 to 4 locking carabiners.

You will need two locking carabiners if you are operating the belay device in a guide mode. Most sports climbing will need at least two locking carabiners to attach the rope to an anchor, connect two ropes, or any other application.

How Much can a Carabiner Hold?

Carabiners can hold a maximum of weight depending on how they are rated. The rating is found on the side of the carabiner. It is usually rated by force and not weight, which is in KiloNewtons (kN). Most carabiners are rated at least 20kN of force or can be converted to 4,500 lbs.


Several types of carabiner can be used, but the best carabiner for locking will provide the safety, security, and reliability that a user needs when it is in use. A suitable locking carabiner can hold maximum force without compromising the user’s safety. Choosing a locking carabiner is essential and knowing its quality, capacity, and other important features is a must before choosing the right product.

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