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Black Diamond vs Petzl Harness

black diamond vs petzl harness

When you talk about the climbing harness, two companies excel from the rest: Petzl and Black Diamond. These two companies are way above the competition for so many reasons. It also helps that their brands manufacture different harnesses, making them popular with aspiring climbers of all ages.

If the two brands are on top, comparing their harnesses to the climbers is just right. So, what are the differences between the Black Diamond harness vs Petzl harness? Let us find out in this article.

Features Black Diamond Petzl
Performance Performance-Oriented Fit the User’s Needs
Comfort Good Good
Weight Lighter Heavier
Features Good Good


If both brands are the two top manufacturers of harnesses, then it is just right to compare what they bring to the user in terms of performance. In my years of climbing, both Black Diamond and Petzl provide excellent performance to the climber but differ in how they do it.

Most of the Black Diamond harnesses that I am familiar with, all of them are performance oriented. Each harness built by this brand is made to perform and help climbers achieve their climbing goals. The company is also taking the users’ suggestions on improving their harnesses’ performance.

On the other hand, Petzl and its harnesses take pride in their all-around performance. If you are a big fan of this brand, you will see that the way they manufacture their harnesses is purely based on the needs of every climber. The harnesses are built to fit the climber’s needs which is impressive.


petzl harness
Petzl Harness

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a harness is the comfort it provides to the user. These two brands bring a lot of comforts but certainly differ in so many aspects. What I mean is the comfort level is different.

If you take a look at specific models that are similar to these two brands, you will find the difference. For example, I find the Petzl Adjama more comfortable compared to the Black diamond technician. When dealing with multi-pitches, you will see that this harness provides more comfort compared to its Black Diamond counterpart.

Other models often compared to each other are the Black Diamond Momentum and Petzl Corax. I find these two harnesses provide similar comfort levels since both provide easy-adjustment features, which contribute to comfort.

Choosing which is best in terms of comfort is largely subjective. It depends on the harness user and what they feel during the climb. One user will probably choose one brand over the other, while other climbers also have a different perspective.


The weight of the harness is also a crucial factor contributing to a climber’s performance. Apparently, lightness and comfort go hand in hand when it comes to the harness. So, a lighter harness feels more comfortable during the climb compared to the heavier one.

I find most of the Black Diamond harnesses’ weight lighter than their Petzl counterpart. But then again, the comfort level of a harness will depend on not only the lightness but also several other factors. So, weight is just one factor contributing to the harness’s comfort.

A good example is the weight comparison of the Black Diamond Technician and the Petzl Adjama. I found the Black Diamond lighter weighing only 376 grams, while the Petzl Adjama is at 466 grams or 90 grams over. The reason behind it is the Black Diamond’s slimmer design which affected its weight.

Another point of comparison is the Black Diamond Momentum and the Petzl Corax. Again, the Black Diamond is lighter, weighing only 350 grams. On the other hand, Corax is 140 grams heavier than its actual weight of 490 grams.

Features and Overall Design

black diamond harness
Black Diamond Harness

Most of the harnesses of these two brands offer similar features. But, if you look closely, you will still find some small differences which can help you decide whom to choose when selecting these two brands.

For example, if you take a look at the Black Diamond Technician and the Petzl ADjama, you will find that they have almost the same features. I am talking about the adjustable leg loops, ice-clipper loops, and haul loops. I mean, these two brands do not come short of loops for the climber’s benefit.

However, I feel that the Petzl Adjama has the edge in the sense that the gear loops are larger, which means more opportunity to carry large rocks up on long routes. Even the belay loop of the Adjama is larger, which gives confidence and a positive impression to the overall construction of this harness.


When you talk about the price, there is not much to compare since these two brands offer different types of harnesses. But for the sake of comparison, please find the table below indicating the prices of the most popular harnesses between Black Diamond and Petzl.

Product Name Type of Harness Estimated Price
Black Diamond Momentum All-Around $65
Petzl Sama All-Around $70
Black Diamond Solution Sport $75
Petzl Adama Trad/Multi-Pitch $80
Black Diamond Technician All-Around $90
Petzl Aguila Sport/Trad $135
Black Diamond Big Gun Big Wall $139
Petzl Sitta Sport $200
Black Diamond Air Net Sport $160


There are several reasons why Black Diamond and Petzl are on top when it comes to climbing harnesses. But comparing Black Diamond vs Petzl harness can be tricky as both are good brands. Choosing between the two is all about preference, and whatever you choose will not be a mistake since both brands are known to manufacture dependable harnesses.

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