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What to Wear Bouldering

what to wear bouldering

Bouldering is unique in all climbing activities because it is a great physical workout that will use all muscles in the body. Since it does not use most of the climbing equipment, bouldering is more fun and challenging for everyone.

But for you to be able to perform better at bouldering, you need to wear the proper attire in every bouldering session. So, what to wear bouldering? This article will list the appropriate tops, shorts, and shoes that an aspiring boulderer must wear to be comfortable during the climb.

What to Wear When Bouldering: General Rule

As a general rule, you need to keep it simple when looking for a wardrobe when bouldering. As for clothes, the most important thing is to wear something comfortable because it will positively affect your climbing performance.

When looking for clothes for bouldering, it should not restrict your movement. So, choosing loose or stretchy clothes is essential. You also need to find lightweight and breathable clothing since it is expected that you are going to sweat. In addition, wearing shorts or three-quarter length pants is a must to allow you to see your feet.


Any climbing top or t-shirt will be fine. But then again, make sure that it is comfortable for you. Your top must be loose or stretchy to allow easy movement during the climbing activity. A top that is long in the body should be comfortable, especially when you are reaching high holds.

As for the guys, a stretchy, slim-fit, and breathable t-shirt is the ideal top. Another option is a fabric tee. As for the ladies, a sports top that comes with a built-in bra is highly recommended for breathability. A loose t-shirt is an excellent alternative as well.

But your wardrobe will be different during the winter season for obvious reasons. A long-sleeve and moisture-wicking shirt is an excellent wardrobe during the colder season as it prevents you from getting chilled while still allowing you to move freely on the wall.

Bouldering gyms are also expected to be colder during the winter season. Wear layers to make the climbing session more comfortable and relaxing for you. You can wear a hoodie or a sweater between breaks or when you spot another climber.


wearing bouldering pants

Wearing the right pants is essential because it can affect your performance on the wall. If you are a first-timer, wearing shorts or yoga pants is highly recommended. But for the shorts, you must not keep them too short. Make it just above the knee because it will be perfect for bouldering sessions.

Another option for you is to wear specific climbing pants. Those climbing pants usually come with a wider crotch and can roll up. These climbing-specific pants are usually made of breathable and resistant material.

Then, the yoga pants fit well with boulderers since they are made of stretch materials. The only issue with yoga pants is they need to be made to withstand abrasion, which may happen if you are climbing. With that said, you can consider sports leggings as another option.

Pants made for bouldering are usually loose around the hips and thighs. It will narrow down to the ankle to allow the climber to see his own feet. Bouldering-specific pants are worth the investment as they will help you to have excellent performance.

Are wearing Jeans allowed in Bouldering?

are wearing jeans allowed in bouldering

It is allowed to wear jeans, provided the jeans you wear are made for bouldering. People wearing skinny jeans is a normal occurrence in a climbing gym. Most of the skinny jeans used in bouldering use lycra or spandex, an elastic synthetic fabric that will make the jeans stretch and will not restrict the movement of the climbers.

Bouldering Shoes

wearing bouldering shoes

It is important to note that most climbing gyms allow renting climbing shoes. But buying your own bouldering shoes is much better if you have the budget. When looking for a pair of bouldering shoes, it is essential to have easy-to-slip shoes to allow you to remove them when going to the comfort room easily.

Always remember that climbing shoes must have sticky rubber on the sole to help you grip the holds better. It is also essential that the shoes fit well and should be pretty tight, with your toes curled up slightly at the front end.

What about wearing socks? Do you need it when bouldering? If you are bouldering indoors and renting climbing shoes, you must wear socks for hygiene. If not, there is no need because not wearing socks will make you more comfortable when bouldering, allowing you to feel your toes closer to the holds.


So, if you want to know what to wear bouldering, there are three components of bouldering attire, the top, pants, and shoes. When it comes to bouldering, it is essential to have the right wardrobe which makes you comfortable while on the bouldering wall. What you wear when bouldering should make you comfortable and not restrict your movement.

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