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If you’re an adventurous spirit, you’ve thought about going on a hike or climb at some point in your life. Maybe you’ve even been on one before! But if you’re new to hiking and climbing, you might be wondering what exactly goes into planning and preparing for such an adventure.

That’s where we come in! In this blog, we’ll share all sorts of information about hiking and climbing, from beginner tips to expert advice. We’ll also be sharing tales of our adventures so that you can get inspired to plan your own!

So whether you’re a seasoned hiker or climber looking for some new tips, or someone thinking about taking up the sport, be sure to check back here often. We’ll help you make your next adventure the best one yet!

We hope that our blog will inspire you to get out there and explore the fantastic world around us!

Bill Wallstreet

bill wallstreet

Hi, I am Bill Wallstreet, and I am an adventure blogger.

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, and always had a passion for the outdoors. As a child, I would go on hikes with my family and explore the woods behind our house. I also loved to climb trees and anything else to get my hands on. My love for adventure led me to pursue a career in the outdoor industry.

As I got older, my love for the outdoors only grew stronger. I joined the cross country team in high school and ran competitively for several years. After graduation, I decided to take my passion for the outdoors one step further and embarked on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,190-mile long hiking trail from Georgia to Maine. It took me nearly seven months to complete, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences. I met so many amazing people and saw some incredible sights along the way.

After college, I worked as a whitewater rafting guide in North Carolina for several years. I then moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I worked as a climbing instructor and guide. I have also worked as a backpacking guide in the Rocky Mountains.

My experiences in the outdoor industry have given me a wealth of knowledge about hiking, climbing, and expedition travel. I have also gained a deep respect for the natural world. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of the outdoors.

I created caverntours.com to share my love for hiking, climbing, and expedition adventures. I hope to inspire others to get outside and explore the world around them.