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The Best Tree Climbing Rope for 2023

best tree climbing rope

This article lists the ten best tree climbing rope that anyone can use when climbing a tree. A tree climbing rope is unique from the other ropes as it fills the specific needs of the climber. An arborist or anyone who often climbs a tree needs the best climbing rope for safety and security.

Our team tested several tree climbing ropes to find a suitable rope for climbing trees. We tested the ropes in an actual environment and thoroughly checked each of them to see the overall quality, durability, and even issues. Based on the results of our testing process, we have listed our recommendations in the list below.

Best Tree Climbing Rope Reviews

1. X XBEN Outdoor Tree Climbing Rope

x xben outdoor tree climbing rope

A tree climbing rope must be low stretched to keep the tree climber secure all the time. When a rope is low stretched, it prevents the user from moving too much during the climb. This primary feature is what this tree climbing safety rope from X Xben provides to the user to promote safety and security during the tree climb.

This tree climbing rope has a low-stretch property. According to the company, it has a 4% maximum elongation, which is very low. In an actual tree climbing experience, you will feel bounce-free climbing and allows the user to have easier control during the descent while minimizing the use of too much energy.

When it comes to quality, the rope is exceptionally well made. It feels very sturdy, and the construction looks very impressive. This tree climbing rope features 16 high-strength strand polyester covers. The core is also nylon, known for its superior strength and low stretch capabilities.

The design of this rope is also impressive. This product is a solid braided rope with minimal static interference on the surface. The twist of the strands will keep the rope together while allowing the rope to distribute the tension among the individual strands evenly. This feature makes the rope firm and easily adapts to outside conditions.

I also like the additional features of this tree climbing rope, especially the two screw closure carabiners and the metal loop terminations at the end. This product can also be used in other activities, but this rope will be reliable for tree climbing.

  • Low-stretch rope with minimal elongation
  • Built with durability using high-strength strand polyester and nylon core
  • Made with abrasion resistance feature and the ability to hold strong even when wet
  • The braided rope provides a smooth grip and flexibility to tie knots easily
  • The rope can be used on other tasks apart from tree climbing
  • Carabiner’s quality needs to improve

This product is a high-quality tree climbing rope that you can use efficiently. This product is the best climbing rope for tree work with its low-stretched properties. The quality is impressive as it can withstand the effect of constant outdoor exposure to last long.

2. Hunter Safety System Tree-Stand Rope

hunter safety system tree-stand rope

Tree climbing ropes come in various types and purposes. This tree climbing rope from Hunter Safety System will serve as an effective tree strap and is best suited to combine with a climbing tree stand when climbing trees.

This tree climbing rope is perfect for hunters climbing trees using the tree stand. It is a cheap tree climbing rope that provides impressive qualities allowing for quick and easy attachment to trees. The tree climbing rope also offers enough length of nine feet long to accommodate any size of the tree.

Also, this tree climbing rope is a rope-style tree strap that will allow the climber to attach the harness quickly and quietly. This tree climbing will also give enough space to get away from the tree when needed.

Furthermore, this rope-style tree strap will also allow the user to adjust the distance that you need to be away from the tree to maintain maximum safety while still allowing you to have some space to move around when you climb or even when going down.

I am also impressed by the other features this specialized climbing rope brings to the user. First, it comes with a plastic nut that can slide freely for easy and quick adjustment. This tee climbing rope can also be latched in with a carabiner to make the climbing quick and easy.

  • Built is to be used as a tree strap that protects the user during the climb
  • Made with enough length to accommodate most trees
  • Easy to use by looping around the tree and letting the excess part hang freely
  • It comes with adjustable knots that provide flexibility during the climb
  • Built to protect the climber by keeping the tree at all times
  • Product packaging is hard to open

The best tree climbing system needs a high-quality rope to serve as a tree strap. This tree climbing rope has the quality to protect the climber and comes with an ideal length to accommodate most of the trees. This rope-style tree strap can be adjusted easily for the convenience of the climber.

3. FMS Ravenox Natural Twisted Cotton Rope

fms ravenox natural twisted cotton rope

When it comes to climbing trees, anyone can do it regardless of age. For children and minors, tree climbing can be fun using a tree climbing rope that is colorful enough to make them interested in the climbing activity. This tree climbing rope from Ravenox can be used in many ways, including tree climbing for the young.

With the availability of 22 solid colors, you can choose the color you prefer for this rope. Having different types of colors is an excellent way to have fun using these colorful ropes.

I also like the softness of this tree climbing rope as it brings unique comfort when being used. But the softness does not mean it’s weak or does not have durability. This tree climbing rope is exceptionally soft but highly durable. The rope is soft but adaptable, which provides an excellent feeling for the skin.

Durability is also an asset with this tree climbing rope. This tree climbing rope is tightly twisted to provide the durability that any user needs. Checking at its physical features, I have not seen any defects or issues on the rope. The excellent construction provides the rope with exceptional durability and strength.

This tree climbing rope can also be used in a variety of ways. This American-made rope has horse leads, hammock rope, pet rope, and many more. I also like that it is environmentally friendly as it does not contain harmful dyes or other dangerous chemicals.

  • Made with natural soft cotton to provide softness
  • Constructed with a strong triple twist method to bring toughness and durability
  • The rope is environmentally friendly and natural
  • With synthetic features that withstand UV damage
  • Available in different colors
  • The rope can be used in various activities and purposes
  • The color tends to fade

This tree climbing rope comes in excellent quality. It is well-made, soft, and colorful. The product combines softness and smoothness while being sturdy. This rope is also multi-purpose since it can be used in many ways.

4. LIFE VINE Arborist Tree Rope

life vine arborist tree rope

Part of an arborist’s job is to climb trees most of the time. With the job’s nature, the arborists need the most reliable rope for tree climbing since it is their lifeline. The tree climbing rope must keep them safe and keep them climbing all day long. With all these expectations, this climbing rope for tree work from Life Vine has what it takes to keep the arborist safe all the time.

I can say that this product is a premium tree climbing rope and the best arborist rope that anyone can use. This rope comes with a  braided core inside a braided cover to provide the toughness and durability it needs for a rope. Using this rope for tree climbing provides minimal stretch as the knots tie and hold well without slippage.

An arborist can use this rope in various ways since it is actually a multi-purpose rope. This product is ideal for bull rope, cutting, and other uses as an arborist rope. This rope can be used by arborists and can even help pull trees that need to be taken down. This product is truly an impressive tree climbing rope with so many purposes.

This rope has the strength to be reliable when climbing trees. The rope consists of 32 nylon strands and is actually rated at 18KN. These features can be converted to around 4000 pounds of weight capacity. This rope has the strength to assist with your tree climbing activity.

I also like the availability of bright and vivid colors in this rope, as it allows the user to choose the color that is perfect for the specific job it will be used for. This tree climbing rope also provides flexibility and can be used for other purposes as well.

  • Excellent construction; With a polypropylene core and 32-strand polyester
  • Built with excellent toughness and strength
  • Made with UV protection and moisture and water resistance feature
  • With low-elongation and low-stretched features
  • Available in bright and vivid colors for higher visibility
  • It can be used in many activities and purposes
  • A little stiff

This product is the best arborist climbing rope you can use on any given day. It comes in excellent quality and has the strength and durability to be used in various arborist works such as tree climbing. You will feel the toughness as soon as you start using it.

5. GM CLIMBING Prusik Swen Pre-Sewn Rope

gm climbing prusik swen pre-sewn rope

This tree climbing rope from GM Climbing is actually an accessory cord that can be used to support any tree climbing activity. This rope is actually a pre-sewn eye-eye prusik cord that will provide excellent assistance to tree climbers.

As I mentioned earlier, this tree climbing rope is a great accessory cord that can be used for tree climbing. It can be used for work positioning flip lines and attaching hitch tending pulleys to the tree climbing line. This tree climbing rope works and grips better when climbing trees with no slippage.

When you are limbing or topping trees, you only need the correct rope length to wrap around the tree trunk. With its quality construction, this tree climbing rope can safely support a climber’s weight. It can also be attached to a climbing harness easily for ready use.

Speaking of quality, the ends of the loop and cord are sewn exceptionally well as it comes with a high-strength thread. It is also tightly covered by a heat shrink plastic sheath to guarantee safety to the user. This sturdy sheath provides resistance to abrasion and promotes longevity to the rope.

This product is also made with high-quality polyester material that provides resistance to moisture. Furthermore, this material also offers low-stretched and high-strength properties to the rope. Also, the polyester easily adapts to the outdoor environment to prevent wear and tear.

  • Made with high-quality polyester material to provide moisture resistance and low-stretched feature
  • Excellent construction; With braided core and braided cover to provide firmness and abrasion resistance
  • The end of the cords are tightly covered with a plastic sheath to provide safety
  • Provides flexibility; Knots are easy to tie
  • Provides versatility in usage; Can be used for various purposes and activities
  • Length is short

This tree climbing rope is a great accessory cord that provides excellent hold and perfect release. It is a dependable product that provides flexibility and excellent construction quality. The durability of this product is also impressive and is expected to last long.

6. Perantlb Arborist Climbing Rope

perantlb arborist climbing rope

Using the best rope for tree climbing is essential in climbing trees to prevent injuries when doing the activity. Furthermore, a new tree climber needs the suitable rope for safety and protection during the climb. This tree climbing rope from Perantl is an excellent option when climbing trees and has been used by several arborists when doing tree climbing activities related to the job.

I am impressed by the overall quality of this tree climbing rope. I have personally checked its physical features and found that the rope has a low stretched feature, has the ability to resist milking, and feels extremely durable.

This tree climbing also has an impressive design, especially the low ductility feature. It allows the rope to reduce the security risks caused by the extension of the rope. This product also provides lightness but has enough strength to carry the job with reliability.

Furthermore, this tree climbing rope provides flexibility when used for tree climbing. This rope is perfect for securing and tying off overhead. The high-quality rope can also be used in making great collar ropes. Furthermore, its length is just enough to make a tagline or a let-up line.

Lastly, this rope is versatile enough to be used in other activities besides tree climbing. It can be used in wide applications such as hiking, camping, downhill, training, caving, abseiling, fire survival, and even a backup rope.

  • Made high-quality 16- strand polyester core
  • Provides good flexibility and good resistance
  • Built to provide resistance to abrasion, fading, milking, and stretching
  • Made with UV-resistant and weather-resistant materials
  • It can be used in wide applications apart from tree climbing
  • Black strands leave marking on the hands

This product is the best tree rigging rope you need when climbing trees. The low-stretched feature and the durability make the climbing safe and protected. And it is easy to use, especially when making knots.

7. Aoneky Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

aoneky outdoor rock climbing rope

The durability and strength of the tree climbing rope are essential to make the climber safe throughout the climbing activity. With this expectation, this climbing rope from Aonecky has the strength and the durability to provide the reliability a user needs when climbing trees.

Impressive is the durability of this tree climbing rope as it is made of high-quality polyester material. This type of material has a lot of strength and durability while providing resistance to wear and rot. The nylon also offers a low coefficient of friction, which means a longer lifespan for the rope.

When you use this rope to climb trees, it is expected that the rope will be rubbed against the rough bark. But what impressed me is its ability to resist damage when the rope is rubbed against rough surfaces. The rope has the strength to last longer even when it is constantly used.

I also like that this tree climbing rope comes in various colors. It has four bright colors, which the manufacturer carefully chooses. I like the brightness of these colors as it improves the recognition of the user when faced with danger. Other people will also readily recognise you from a distance with the bright color of the rope.

Lastly, this tree climbing rope comes with a hook on one end of the rope. This extra accessory will be a great help to you the moment you expand the use of this tree climbing rope to other activities. After all, any extra accessories are always a bonus to the user.

  • Built with high-quality polyester material to provide strength and durability
  • It can be rolled up into small parts for easy storage
  • Includes an additional hook that can be used as you expand the usage of the rope
  • Available in different colors and lengths
  • The rope can be used for other activities apart from tree climbing
  • Extra clip’s quality needs to improve

Overall, this product is a high-quality tree climbing rope that also has a lot of strength and durability. This tree climbing rope is available in four different bright colors and also comes in various lengths. It can also be used for other activities apart from climbing trees.

8. WEREWOLVES Safety Static Rock Climbing Rope

werewolves safety static rock climbing rope

Climbing trees will need you to use a strong rope to make you safe during the climb. This climbing rope from Werewolves is a do-it-all type of rope that can be used in several applications, including tree climbing.

This product is a high-quality rope for trees with the way it is being constructed. Checking at the physical aspect of the rope will let you see a soft but tear-resistant climbing rope. Thanks to the 13 solid threads inside and 48 strands of reinforced polyester fiber tightly woven on the outside.

I am also impressed by the two ends of the rope as it is finished with aluminum eyes and shrink tubing. Then, two additional high-locking steel locking carabiners will help simplify fastening the rope to the trees, such as wrapping the trunk above convenient height branches.

Furthermore, this product is a static rope with low ductility, which helps reduce the safety hazards caused by the rope extension. This rope comes with a high-strength polyester material which provides lightness to the rope.

Lastly, this rope can also be used in other applications apart from tree climbing. It can be used for fire rescue, truck cargo lashing, tent guidelines, snow skiing rope, and many more. Having this rope will give you a reliable multi-purpose rope in your position.

  • Built with excellent construction quality; soft but tear-resistant
  • Static rope with low ductility to enhance safety
  • Made with special rope ends that adopt a thermal and sealing process
  • It provides flexibility as it can be used on wide applications
  • Includes two high-quality carabiners and one rope bag
  • A little bit stiff

This tree climbing rope looks very impressive. The construction on both ends provides a non-slip and smooth surface that prevents the rope from spreading. The product package also comes with additional accessories that can also be used during the tree climb.

9. YOMEGO Static Heavy Duty Rock Climbing Rope

yomego static heavy duty rock climbing rope

This tree climbing rope from Yomego takes pride in its strength, which will be useful during a tree climbing activity. The rope is heavy duty which allows you to be safe during the climb or any other jobs that it will be used for.

The strength of this tree climbing rope is impressive with its ability to hold a good amount of weight. In the actual environment, this rope will hold your weight without any problem, and you should be able to put your full weight into it when climbing trees.

The strength of this rope lies in the quality of its construction. The company uses nanotechnology to create 100 roots of polyester-reinforced silk which will then be twisted to form a braided nylon rope core that makes the rope very strong. This rope is also sturdy enough to be used to pull large tree limbs.

I can also tell the quality of this tree climbing rope by checking on its physical aspect. This rope comes with a reinforced rubber shrink sewing buckle and strong stitching found at the rope’s end. This feature enhances the safety and protection that this tree climbing rope provides to the user.

Lastly, this rope also provides flexibility in its usage as it can be used on other tasks apart from tree climbing. The product is also well packaged as it is packed with a drawstring pouch and includes two carabiners as free accessories.

  • Built with excellent strength with a rubberized shrink reinforced buckle
  • Super construction quality; With twisted Z woven materials and non-slip design
  • Made with solid stitchings to support the thimbles buckle
  • Built with a strong polyamide shell
  • Includes a polyester pouch packing and two carabiners
  • Carabiner’s quality needs to improve

This rope will be helpful in your tree climbing activities. The strength and the sturdiness will be the key to making this rope reliable during the climb. I like the drawstring pouch, but the carabiner’s quality is tricky. Overall, this rope will be a great addition to your tree climbing tools and accessories.

10. GINEE Static Climbing Rope

ginee static climbing rope

This tree climbing rope from Ginee takes pride in its strength as well as its unique bright orange color. The product has the strength to be used on various tasks, including tree climbing. The bright color of the rope provides visibility which enhances the safety of the user.

The strength of this tree climbing rope lies in the material used in its construction. This product uses high-strength polyester that has a multi-core, multi-layer structure to provide the strength of the rope. Because of its strength, this rope will hold up well during the climb.

I am also impressed by the rope’s other details, such as its end loops. The quality of the whipping is very impressive as it is done with heavy nylon. The loop is well made and strong, while the thimbles are made with high-quality plastic, which should protect the rope from abrasion.

This product also includes other accessories that enhance its quality. As mentioned earlier, there are two plastic protection rings that help protect the rope from abrasion, while the two carabiners can also be used on several tasks during the climb.

Lastly, this tree climbing rope can also be used for other wide applications apart from tree climbing. This product can also be used for magnet fishing, rescuing, camping, hiking, and engineering protection activities.

  • Built with excellent strength
  • Constructed with high-strength polyester to provide the rope’s strength
  • Includes two metal hooks and two plastic protection ring
  • Available in various lengths and diameter
  • It can be used on other tasks and activities
  • The carabiner does not contain the approved working load weights

This tree climbing rope looks solid and constructed well. The plastic protecting ring will be useful in providing abrasion during the climb. This product also comes in black, but the orange one is unique for your tree climbing activities.

What to Look for When Buying Tree Climbing Rope

best arborist climbing rope

When buying tree climbing ropes, there are several options to look for, making it difficult to choose. However, there are certain guidelines that you need to consider to select the suitable tree climbing rope for you.


Tree climbing ropes come in different sizes, but you must understand that the thicker the rope, the easier it is to grip during the climb. However, the thickness also adds to the rope’s weight, which you also need to consider. The diameter of the rope ranges from 10 mm to 13mm.

The smaller diameter rope will be best used for the usual doubled or single rope technique. Because of their lightness, these ropes will be easier to carry. However, smaller ropes are harder to grip because the surface is slippery.


The rope construction is also essential to consider when buying a tree climbing rope. The rope is built with two different waves: the braided one and the kernmantle. The one you choose will be the rope you most prefer; however it is a must to choose at least a 16-strand construction.

A twisted construction may not be the best because it will make the climber spin when the feet leave the ground. You also need to ensure that the rope is soft and flexible to allow you to easily tie the special climbing knots which are required to climb trees. If the rope is stiff, that should be a red flag since it will not hold knots.

Sheath and Elasticity

When looking for a tree-climbing rope, you must ensure that the rope is reinforced by a high-quality sheath, an outer layer designed to resist friction and heat. Tree climbing will create friction, but having the sheath will prevent the rope from melting or fusing.

It is also essential to consider the elasticity of the tree climbing rope. After all, it is a must for the tree climbing rope not to be stretchy to be very effective during the climb. The reason behind it is to prevent the climber from bouncing during the climb and maximize energy use.

So, when looking for a tree climbing rope, the rope must be a static rope or should have less stretch. Avoid buying dynamic ropes because it is more stretchy and may not perform well during the climb.

The Rope Ends

Another part of the rope that must be inspected before buying is the rope end. It is advised that the tree climbing rope comes with a spliced in one or both ends. If the rope end is spliced, the climber can go beyond the doubled-rope technique and use a more advanced climbing technique.

Additional Accessories

It is also a must to look at other valuable accessories included in the tree climbing rope package. If you can find products that provide additional accessories such as carabiners or a rope bag, that should be a big plus because these accessories can help during the climb.

Frequently Ask Questions

best rope for tree climbing

How to Hang a Climbing Rope from a Tree?

If you want to hang a climbing rope to a tree, the easier way is to climb the tree to hang the rope. The other method is using a throw line, a smaller rope that can be tied to the main climbing rope. Put a heavier object to be attached to the throw line and use it to throw over the tree so that the throw line can pull the climbing rope and hang it to the tree.

What Type of Rope do Arborists use?

Arborists use static ropes when doing tree climbing tasks. This rope prevents the arborists from moving during the climb as it has low-stretched properties. These tree climbing ropes are a combination of nylon and polyester materials.


The best tree climbing rope provides minimal stretching ability, making climbing easier. The tree climbing rope should also provide the strength needed to make the climber safe and protected during the climbing activity.

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