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The Best Rope for Zigzag in 2023

best rope for zigzag

The ZigZag from Petzl is a famous ascender used by many arborists because of its smooth and fluid action. It has a large pulley and an attachment hole, which can be used with a Chicane braking device to use single ropes.

The Zigzag and the rope allow the user to move around efficiently in a tree using a pulley system technique. But what is the best rope for Zigzag? In this article, let us find our recommendations for the ropes that can be used for Zigzag.

Best Rope for Zigzag Reviews

1. Alicacho 12mm Climbing Rope

alicacho 12mm climbing rope

This climbing rope from Alicacho can be used with the Zigzag when you climb. Thanks to its strength and overall quality, this static climbing rope is an excellent fit when combined with the Zigzag mechanical prusik.

Upon checking the rope’s physical features, it meets the Petzl Zigzag rope size criteria. With a diameter of 12 mm, the size perfectly fits with the Zigzag. It also comes with various lengths, allowing you to select the best one that fits your climbing activity.

The durability of this rope is evident when you try to examine it. This product is a 48 whole-core rope with a lot of sturdiness and durability. It appears to be a very strong rope which should perform well when used with a Zigzag in a Prusik pulley system technique.

Another factor that impresses me with this rope is its overall strength. Built with high-quality polyester material, this rope is tightly woven and has clear lines that provide resistance to abrasion. The rope is moderately soft but has anti-slip and tear-resistant, giving flexibility and easy-to-tie knots.

The way the rope is built also provides flexibility with its usage. Aside from tree climbing, this rope can also be used for camping, hiking, downhill, rappelling, boating, swing, hammock, caving, fishing, and even search and rescue.

  • Built with high-quality polyester materials to provide excellent strength
  • Made to provide resistance to abrasion
  • With anti-slip and tear-resistant properties
  • It provides flexibility for easy usage
  • The rope is light but strong
  • Offers sturdiness and durability
  • It can be used for wide application
  • Included carabiner has poor quality

Overall, this product is good and the best rope for Petzl Zigzag. It’s very strong and light and is dependable when used in climbing with the Zigzag. This product is an excellent option for climbers who want a rope that can be used for many purposes.

2. Pelican Rope Arborist-24 11mm Line

pelican rope arborist-24 11mm line

This climbing rope from Pelican is a dependable rope that can be used with the Zigzag mechanical prusik. This product is an excellent option if you want a rope that is perfect for a pulley system.

I like the overall structure of this rope. It is covered with polyester, which has the least stretch and flexibility. This feature will not make the rope sag, slip, or distort under exertion. This rope is made of synthetic fibers that provide resistance to abrasion and can handle excessive friction without fraying or tearing.

In terms of construction, this rope is made with pure polyester strands that provide excellent strength. In addition, this rope has low-flex properties that handle heavy loads and friction that any tree work needs.

Upon checking this rope’s physical features, you can see that it’s very strong and has excellent tensile strength. This rope is a perfect option if a climber is looking for a small-diameter line but needs a slightly larger grip.

Lastly, this rope for Zigzag comes with several pre-cut lengths and provides an option to add a spliced eye at one end of the rope. Also, the polyester core of this rope provides firmness and flexibility, which is excellent when it is used on a Zigzag.

  • Built with a braided polyester cover to provide excellent strength
  • The rope is constructed not to sag, slip, or distort under exertion
  • With synthetic fibers to provide resistance to abrasion
  • Built to handle excessive friction without fraying or tearing
  • With excellent and tested tensile strength
  • Absence of sewn loops

This rope for Zigzag provides flexibility and softness at the same time. This product is for climbers who want a reliable rope for their prusik pulley system technique. The rope can withstand the challenges with no tearing or damage after use.

3. XINSHUNCAN 11-12mm Outdoor Climbing Rope

xinshuncan 11-12mm outdoor climbing rope

This climbing rope from Xinshuncan is another product that can be used with Petzl’s Zigzag. The product is made of high-quality material that provides toughness and strength to make the climber safe during the climb.

What impresses me the most is the quality of this rope. It is made with interwoven reflective wires to have the softness and binding ability to provide durability and water-resistant properties to the rope.

In terms of construction quality, this product is made with reinforced polyester rope, providing durability and longevity. It also provides resistance to abrasion and is built with a firm braiding sheath that offers longevity to the product.

I also like that both ends are machine-sewed and come with two heavy-duty carabiners on both sides. It also comes with two heavy-duty carabiner slips, which are easy to operate and have a stable closure for maximum safety.

An anti-wear sleeve is also available and is made of stainless steel. This part is very durable and does not break easily, even if it is challenged with pressure. This part will not cause direct friction in the lock and the rope to enhance its longevity.

  • Reinforced polyester to provide durability and toughness
  • Built to provide resistance to abrasion
  • Includes two heavy carabiners that are easy to use and operate
  • With stainless anti-swear sleeve
  • It can be used for various types of application
  • Included carabiners not for climbing

This product is a climbing rope that can be used for Zigzag. This rope has the stiffness and thickness to last longer when used in a pulley system. The reinforced loops on the end are sturdy as well.

What to Look for a Rope for Zigzag

best rope for petzl zigzag

In looking for a rope for Zigzag, there are certain things that you need to remember for smooth and easy usage of the pulley system technique. Having a suitable rope is essential and achievable by following the tips below:

Size Compatibility

When using a Zigzag, it is a must to use a rope that fits nicely into this mechanical prusik. The compatible size of the rope is 11.5 to 13 mm in diameter. This diameter must be used for the smooth-sailing use of the pulley system.

Rope Quality

Another important factor in looking for a rope for zigzag is the overall quality. You need to have a rope with a lot of durability and toughness for it to survive the challenge when used in a Zigzag. Look for a rope that comes with a reinforced polyester rope, as they are known for their strength and durability.

Other Factors to Consider

petzl zigzag rope size

Having the chicane accessory and a suitable rope is essential when using a Zigzag. The chicane is an auxiliary braking device that uses mechanical prusiks like the Zigzag on single ropes.

The chicane will provide continuous additional friction when descending. When your mechanical prusik and the chicane are compatible, expect a smooth glide of the rope through the brake during ascents. Of course, it is also essential to have reliable rope use in the climb.


When looking for the best rope for Zigzag, the rope must be compatible in terms of its diameter to ensure a smooth operation of the Zigzag. It also needs the chicane accessory to ensure a smooth glide on the rope.

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