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The Best Tree Climbing Boots for 2023

best tree climbing boots

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who likes to stay outdoors for multiple days, there will be moments when you want to climb a tree for a particular reason. Climbing a tree will need you to wear tree climbing boots to be safe. If you are a logger or a woodsman, wearing this type of shoe is essential for the climber’s safety.

This article is a guide on the best tree climbing boots you will find in the market today. We have tested several tree climbing boots in actual conditions to see the best boots for climbing trees that anyone can use. The list below is our recommendations based on the results of our testing.

Best Tree Climbing Boot Reviews

1. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boots

merrell moab 2 mid waterproof boots

The most suitable boots for tree climbing will support and protect the user when climbing the trees. These benefits will be provided by this tree climbing boot from Merrell. This boot is a waterproof hiker built with durable leather, a supported footbed and a waterproofing sole that makes tree climbing safe and protected.

What I am impressed with about this tree climbing boot is its support to your ankle, which is essential when climbing trees. These boots provide excellent ankle support and a slip-resistant sole that will help keep you in position all the time. Thanks to its removable contoured insole and the reinforced cushioning on the heel.

I also like the waterproofing feature of these tree climbing boots. This footwear will help keep your feet dry while walking on wet grass, mud, small puddles, and even in light rain. Thanks to its waterproofing membrane that effectively seals out the water and lets the moisture escape away from the shoes.

These tree climbing boots will also provide the grip you need when climbing a tree. This hiking boot has a superior gripping capability on various surfaces such as trees, rocks, and the ground, making it perfect for any climbing activity.

Finally, these tree climbing boots provide a comfortable feeling when you put them on both feet. The breathable mesh lining and the light foam midsole help in making your feet comfortable when climbing a tree or just using it for any outdoor activity.

  • Made with rubberized sole and100% leather
  • Built with a metal hook that provides traditional lace closure
  • It comes with a protective toe cap
  • Provides air cushioning in the heel to absorb shock and adds stability
  • Provides versatility in its usage as it can also be used for hiking, trail running, and doing casual activities
  • Size is smaller compared to other brands

Overall, this product is one of the top boots for tree work. The boot’s ability to provide outstanding foot support will benefit the user. The boots offer comfort, lightness, and excellent traction needed when doing tree climbing activities.

2. La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boots

la sportiva makalu mountaineering boots

When climbing a tree, climbing boots are essential to make you protected and safe during the climb. All the boot’s parts must work together to ensure a safe climb. This situation is what these tree climbing boots from La Sportive provide to the user.

When climbing a tree, there will be moments when a climber needs to position himself so that the body weight will be put squarely on the mid-portion of the feet to remain stable. That is what these climbing boots bring to the table.

It is one of the most popular work boots for tree climbing that provides the comfort you need during the climb. The user will not feel any pressure at the bottom of the foot. Thanks to the comfortability that the steel shank provides as it protects the bottom of the feet while making the insole of the shoe a lot of softness.

Also, these tree climbing boots provide comfort to the user while keeping the feet dry during the colder months. The fit and the feel of these climbing boots are refreshing and incredible. It feels light, and the sole is softer to provide the comfort the feet need during the climb.

Apart from the comfort, the boots, when checked, come in excellent workmanship, permeability, and quality. More importantly, it provides excellent support when climbing, so the feet will never get hurt.

  • It comes with a rubberized sole for comfort
  • Built with a full steel shank that protects the bottom of the feet
  • Made with an aggressive-lugged sole that provides excellent traction on different surfaces and conditions
  • Provides excellent toe protection
  • With rollerball lace hardware that makes lacing easy
  • It takes time to break in

Overall, this product is the best work boots for tree works. It provides an exceptional quality which is perfect for tree climbing activities and all those jobs that require someone to climb. It gives comfort and workmanship that fits well when climbing a tree or other similar outdoor activities.

3. Georgia Boot Safety Toe Logger Boots

georgia boot safety toe logger boots

When climbing a tree is part of your job, you must always be safe. But to feel protected and secure, the need to use shoes for tree climbing is essential. These tree climbing boots from Georgia Boot are built to do just that.

These boots will exceed the expectations of the user. Physically, the fit and the finish come in excellent quality, and the craftsmanship is one of the best I have seen in all tree climbing shoes. The comfort they bring even during the break-in period is impressive.

I also like the type of support it brings to both of the feet. When it is used, you will feel that the arch fits the bottom of the foot perfectly, which is very important when climbing a tree. The cleats on the bottom also help in providing enough traction when dealing with a slippery surface such as wet logs.

Also impressive are the leather materials being used in these boots. The leather really looks excellent the moment you check on them. Also, the steel toe provides extra protection when climbing on trees.

Lastly, these climbing boots offer a water resistance feature that will help in keeping your feet dry even in colder environments. The appearance of the shoe looks very impressive and authentic. I feel that you can wear it when going outside.

  • Made of rubberized sole and authentic leather
  • Built with waterproofing feature
  • Features protective steel toe and lace-up closure
  • It comes with a rear pull loop and logo patch at the tongue
  • Made with an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Width is small

This product is an excellent option when looking for tree climbing boots. The boots are made with high-quality and authentic leather and look pretty impressive from the outside. These tree climbing boots will provide foot support and protection during the climb.

4. Arbpro EVO 2 Climbing Arborists Boots

arbpro evo 2 climbing arborists boots

An arborist needs reliable boots when climbing a tree. A tree climbing boots that can provide safety and protect the arborist during the climb. And that is what these tree climbing shoes from Arbpro provide to the user.

This product is one of the most preferred climbing boots for arborist. How it is built and designed will give much-needed protection to anyone when climbing a tree. These tree climbing boots provide ankle support, bringing unique comfort to the feet.

I am also impressed by the lightness of these tree climbing boots. The ankle support is enhanced by a softer pad which helps improve the feet’ comfortability. Then, there is the premium quality leather lining that also provides maximum comfort.

I also like the traction that these tree climbing boots provide. It is equipped with a Vibram sole, a unique sole with a climbing zone tip that provides optimal grip on wet or dry surfaces. On the other hand, the midsole offers support and flexibility to the foot.

Lastly, these tree climbing boots are durable to keep up the challenge of climbing a tree. It also comes with a unique lacing system that provides stability. These tree climbing shoes do not use metal hooks that can damage a rope during climbing.

  • Built with a sole that provides excellent traction on wet or dry surfaces
  • Made with a semi-legit midsole that provides stability and flexibility
  • Provides excellent ankle support that results in maximum comfort
  • Built with higher pads and stronger stitching
  • Designed to be softer to provide better traction when climbing trees
  • Shallow heel

This product is the top-notch work boots for arborist. The softness provides unique comfort to the user but is still durable enough to last longer. The sole of the boots is built to provide maximum traction when climbing trees.

5. Timberland PRO Safety Toe Work Boots

timberland pro safety toe work boots

These tree climbing boots from Timberland is an excellent pair when used for tree climbing. It is built with the craftsmanship and durability needed to withstand the challenges when climbing a tree or used for other purposes.

What impressed me about these tree climbing boots the moment I used them was the comfort they provided to the feet. The sole feels very special and offers maximum comfort to the feet even if you use the climbing boots the whole day.

I also like the traction that these tree climbing shoes provide. The outsole is built with deep lugs, which provides maximum grip when used on various surfaces. These tree climbing boots offer the same traction when used on wet or dry surfaces.

These tree climbing boots also offer excellent waterproofing features. When used during rainy days, expect the water to stay out and keep the feet warm. Thanks to the premium weatherproof leather built around a waterproof membrane that prevents the water from coming in.

Also, these tree climbing boots look good physically. It can be hard to find tree climbing boots that also look nice, but this particular product is an exception. The composite toe absorbs blows very nicely, and it feels very comfortable.

  • Made with a synthetic sole and authentic leather
  • Built with rubber toe protectors that provide resistance to abrasion
  • Made for comfort using anti-fatigue technology
  • Sole is built with anti-slip and abrasion features
  • Built to provide durability and protection to the user
  • The laces are a little bit short

These tree climbing boots look impressive but also provide durability to the user. Using these climbing boots combines an excellent look and the ruggedness needed when climbing trees. The waterproofing feature is a great addition to these superb tree climbing boots.

6. Ad Tec Logger Leather Work Boots

ad tec logger leather work boots

An excellent tree climbing boot will help reduce fatigue while allowing the user to feel comfortable and focused throughout the climb. The footwear must also withstand the wear and tear in tree climbing. With that said, these tree climbing boots from Ad Tec are an excellent option for loggers and outdoor enthusiasts.

I immediately noticed the replaceable heel and sole when testing these climbing boots. This part of the boot is secure with screws but can be replaced when the sole gets old. This feature allows replacing it with a new sole and eventually extends the boot’s lifespan.

I am also impressed by the durability of these tree climbing boots. This product is built with so much toughness, which is essential when climbing trees. The full-grain oiled leather provides durability while the breathable membrane keeps the water away from the shoes while keeping the feet dry all the time.

I also like the comfort it brings to the feet. The user will still feel comfortable even if using it for the whole day. Thanks to the cushioned insole and the plain soft toe, which enhances the user’s comfort level. The outer layer also provides a shock resistance feature that enhances the comfort level of climbing boots.

Finally, these tree climbing boots feature a rubberized outsole that provides excellent traction regardless of the surface. You will have no problem dealing with dry or wet surfaces as it allows for an excellent grip needed when climbing trees.

  • Made with a synthetic sole and authentic leather
  • Constructed to provide durability and toughness
  • Built with anti-slip and shock resistance features that provide safety and confidence to the user
  • With breathable membrane that provides a water-proofing feature and keeps the feet dry
  • The cushioned insole promotes comfortability
  • Some stitching issues

The tree climbing boots provide comfort and durability at the same time. The boot is durable enough to keep up with the challenges of climbing trees. Also, the waterproofing features will help keep the feet dry when working in wet conditions.

7. WOLVERINE Overpass Composite-Toe Boots

wolverine overpass composite-toe boots

These tree climbing boots from Wolverine provide the comfort and flexibility needed when climbing a tree or doing any other activities. It also provides the required water-proofing feature when working in wet conditions.

What I like about these tree climbing boots is their ability to provide maximum protection to the feet. In particular, the rubber toe caps protect the feet from constant movement and bending. There is also a carbon-like material located on the side that covers the sides of the feet. The boot also provides excellent arch support that helps prevent the feet from being fatigued when wearing the shoes for long hours.

Comfortability is also the biggest asset of these tree climbing boots. The cushion from the insoles and the other support makes these boots feel more comfortable than normal. Also, the low arch and the steepness at the top of the boots make it perfect for any feet.

The ability to repel water is also a great advantage of this boot. This waterproofing feature will prevent the water from going inside and keep the feet dry. This feature is perfect when working on rainy days or there is too much moisture in your workplace.

Finally, the composite toe of the boots will make the feet comfortable and also prevent the feeling of pain after working for a more extended period. These tree climbing boots will feel good and look good on the feet.

  • Made with authentic leather and textile
  • Built with rubberized soles
  • Constructed with flexibility as it allows the user to bend and flex at essential points
  • With removable cushioned footbed that provides comfort
  • With high-quality outsole offers excellent traction
  • No ventilation

Overall, this product is a good quality boot. These tree climbing boots will hold up well when climbing trees because of their excellent durability. The ankle support and the toe cap provide protection, while the insoles offer the comfort needed for the feet.

8. XPETI Thermator Lightweight Non-Slip Boots

xpeti thermator lightweight non-slip boots

These tree climbing boots from Xpeti are designed to combine with all of your outdoor paraphernalia perfectly. But more than the fashionable design, these climbing boots are built to withstand the challenges of climbing trees and other related activities.

What caught my attention is the amount of traction these boots provide when used during tree climbing. The boot comes with a perfect balance of softness to grab various surfaces while having aggressive lugs that help provide the much-needed traction.

I also like the comfort it brings to the user. It feels very flexible and warm inside. These tree climbing boots have the technology to provide excellent insulation to make the feet comfortable. In addition, the midsole is very light and helps provide comfort to the feet.

These tree climbing boots also provide a waterproofing feature that allows the feet to keep dry all the time while preventing the water from coming inside the boot. Thanks to the waterproof mesh upper and membrane that keeps the feet dry when dealing with wet conditions.

Finally, these tree climbing boots also offer excellent ankle support without losing their flexibility. The boots will be slightly above the ankles allowing the laces to slip on and off easily. The midsole also provides excellent cushioning that enhances the comfortability of the boots.

  • Built with rubberized sole
  • Provides waterproofing feature that keeps your feet dry in wet conditions
  • Made with excellent traction using a specialized rubberized outsole
  • Provides excellent ankle support for additional comfort
  • Designed to protect your feet
  • It takes time to break-in

These tree climbing boots provide excellent grip, even on muddy or loose surfaces. But what is unique about this product is its fantastic look. The fashionable design will combine nicely with your other outdoor accessories.

9. EnergeticSky Traction Ice Hiking Boots

energeticsky traction ice hiking boots

Tree climbing boots with spikes provide a unique feature for the climber to easily climb a tree. But in having one, the climbing boots must still be comfortable and safe once it is used. This product from EnergeticSky is one of the top-rated tree climbing boots with spikes as it is equipped with premium spikes and other essential features.

The first thing that makes me in awe of these tree climbing boots is the high-quality stainless steel spikes. This part of the boot provides an abrasion resistance feature and strength that provides excellent traction when climbing a tree. And the best thing about it? The spikes are easy to put on the boots.

I am also impressed by the sizing of the shoes. The size works well with the feet of the user. The fit feels alright and comfortable on the feet. The spikes also fit well with the shoes and provide safety to the user with their excellent grip.

Also, I like that the cover of the boots is made of silicone which provides elasticity. The silicone materials are also durable enough not to tear or snap easily. In addition, it also provides the lightness and flexibility that a tree climber needs when doing this job.

Lastly, these tree climbing boots can also be used on various surfaces, especially on ice. The strategic placement of the spikes provides equal weight distribution to provide comfort and durability to the user when used on icy surfaces.

  • Includes high-quality spikes made of stainless steel, providing excellent traction on the surface
  • Stainless steel spikes will not rust
  • Spike cover made of silicone that provides lightness and flexibility
  • Boots provide excellent fitting
  • It can be used on various surfaces
  • Very warm on the feet

This product provides excellent traction because of its high-quality spikes. These tree climbing boots also provide comfort with their perfect sizing, while the silicone cover of the spikes offers flexibility and lightness. The spikes are easy to put on the climbing boots.

10. Columbia Newton Ridge Lightweight Hiking Boots

columbia newton ridge lightweight hiking boots

These women hiking boots from Columbia are not only for hiking but can also be used when climbing a tree. This product is the only woman hiking boots in this review, but this product exudes quality and features that make tree climbing or hiking so much easier.

I am very impressed by the amount of comfort that this shoe gives to the user. The shoe feels soft and comfy and is high enough so that the shin will not hurt after several hours of usage. It will not hurt the foot nor cause blisters because the climbing boots feel comfortable.

These tree climbing boots for women also provide waterproofing features. The boot is made with waterproof full-grain leather that prevents the water from coming inside. These tree climbing boots will help keep your feet dry.

I also like the traction it gives to the user. Upon closely checking the shoes, you will see a unique treaded pattern that provides excellent grip and solid footing on various surfaces. This traction will also help in climbing trees.

Lastly, these tree climbing boots provide lightness and durability with their high-quality midsole that provides cushioning for additional foot comfort. The durable mesh tongue also provides breathability for added comfort.

  • Made with authentic leather and rubberized sole
  • Built with a light midsole that provides comfort
  • Made with full-grain leather that gives waterproofing feature
  • With a lace-up a closure system provides adjustability and secure fit
  • Built with a threaded pattern that offers excellent traction
  • It will take some time to break-in

Overall, these tree climbing boots for women are impressive. The look and the style look elegant, but the boot is also built with durability and toughness. The waterproofing feature will always help keep your feet dry.

What to Look For When Buying a Tree Climbing Boots

best boots for spur climbing

When looking for tree climbing boots for the first time, you will probably be overwhelmed by all the options available. However, there are factors that you can consider in choosing the right climbing boots for you.

Check on the Lugs

Excellent tree climbing boots must provide excellent traction to the user. The best traction can be achieved if the climbing boot is built with lugs that have the proper indentations, grooves, and treads. Always remember that the deeper the indentations, the more traction it provides.

When checking on the tread, you need to ensure that it is soft as it provides excellent grip on muddy surfaces. The only issue with the softness is the chance of quickly wearing out. But that is for you to decide when checking on the lugs of the tree climbing boots.

Quality of the Sole

There is no denying the importance of the midsole and the outsole in providing traction to the tree climbing boots. The increased traction of the midsole and the stability of the outsole give the overall traction performance of the tree climbing boots.

So, when looking for the quality of the dole, you will need to ensure that the boot has a sturdy rubberized sole. This feature provides the stability and balances you will need when climbing trees.

Types of Toe

You will also consider the type of toe when choosing tree climbing boots. The boot is either composite, steel, or soft toe. The type of toe provides extra comfort and experience when wearing tree climbing boots.

The regular and composite toes provide lightness in the climbing boots. When the shoe is light, it will be easier for you to move up when climbing a tree. But a steel toe provides durability and protection for your toe during the climb. Obviously, the choice will depend on your preference.

Check on the Heel Height

Most tree climbing boots come with a heel that helps provide traction during the climb. But you need to choose the height of the heel when looking for tree climbing boots. The height of the heel can help during the climb, so choosing it wisely is essential.

Always remember that the longer the heel, the easier it is to look at the hump of the side of the tree during the climb. It also allows you to step on marshes without stepping on the surface completely. The only issue with the high heel height is the difficulty walking on the land. Of course, the choice is up to you.

Provides Ankle Support

When choosing one, you will also need to ensure that the tree climbing boots have excellent ankle support. And there are many ways to look for ankle support for the boot. A tree climbing boot with a high shaft provides excellent ankle support as it features padding that gives comfort to the ankle.

A high rubberized heel will keep the ankle steady when walking on uneven terrain, while a reinforced steel shank and even a heel stabilizer will provide excellent support and security to the ankle.


The best tree climbing boots will provide security and comfort to the user when climbing a tree or doing other related activities. There are several factors to consider when looking for the proper climbing gear, but the most important thing is the protection and comfortability. The traction is also significant, especially when climbing trees.

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