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The Best Climbing Tape in 2023

best climbing tape

This article lists six of the most popular climbing tape in the market today. Whether preventing skin tears from climbing racks or taping sore skin after a bouldering session, the climbing tape is essential in protecting every climber’s skin and supporting the tendons.

We have tested several rock climbing finger tape and similar climbing tapes in an effort to find the most suitable one for every climber. Based on this testing process, we recommend products that have quality and reliability during the climb.

Top 06 Climbing Tape Reviews

1. BSN Medical Leukotape P Sports Tapes

bsn medical leukotape p sports tapes

Leukotape P is one of the best climbing tape for fingers that you can use during rock climbing. It can also be used to tape the feet to prevent blisters. Using this medical tape during the climb will protect the skin from scratches and rubbing.

Based on my experience using the tape, it’s probably the stickiest tape I have used, but it’s perfect for protecting the fingers when rock climbing. The adhesive is so strong that you may find it hard to take it off after use.

The best thing about this climbing tape is that it holds well with sweat and water, which is a regular occurrence when climbing. You will need the patience to remove the tape completely and probably scrub to remove the adhesives stuck in your skin.

This climbing tape can also help if you are constantly suffering from blisters. Using this climbing tape will stop the blisters completely. All you have to do is ensure that your feet are dry before applying the tape. Once your feet are taped, this climbing tape will feel like a part of your skin and prevent any blisters on your feet.

Overall, this climbing tape works in many ways, and its usage flexibility is impressive. During the climb, you can use it to work on your toes and heels to prevent blisters when wearing tight shoes. You can also use it for your fingers to support tender ligaments and joints.

  • Built to protect the skin from scratching and rubbing
  • Made with high tensile strength but can be torn by the hand for easy application
  • Provides rigid joint immobilization and limitation of movement
  • Made with strong adhesives that adhere to sweaty conditions
  • Prevent blisters and supports tendons and ligaments
  • A bit difficult to remove

This product is for climbers looking for a climbing tape that protects the feet and the fingers during the climb. It’s the most suitable crack climbing tape you can use with its stickiness and ability to adhere in sweaty and watery conditions. It protects your feet from blisters and supports tendons and ligaments.

2. Summum Fit Athletic Tapes

summum fit athletic tapes

This climbing tape from Summum is not your ordinary climbing tape. First, a single set comes in four climbing tape rolls, an excellent bonus to the users. Second, it has a unique zigzag design, allowing the user to apply it efficiently and tear it during the application.

If I compare it to the first climbing tape, this one is easier and less painful to take off, especially in those areas of the body with hair. This product is the most trustworthy climbing tape for flappers since it works well in the hands and wrists during the climb.

It is also thinner than the other brands I have used, but I was impressed by the extra stickiness. I like how it provides an extra stickiness as I wrap it around my fingers. However, please be reminded that this tape is so easy to tear and is so easy to remove.

I also like the comfort it brings to my hands and other body parts when applying this climbing tape. This product will perform great when used in climbing or other applications like boxing and weightlifting.

Lastly, the four different rolls you will get come in three fat rolls and a skinny one. The skinny roll can wrap an injured finger, while the fat roll is best suited when wrapping your hands to protect during the climb.

  • The zigzag design allows easy application and tearing
  • Constructed not to leave residue on the skin
  • It provides extra strength and stickiness, which is perfect for most climbing activities
  • It comes with a soft and comfortable feel
  • It provides enough stretch to allow the circulation and movement of adjacent joints
  • Tape is narrow

Overall, this product is for climbers looking for a climbing tape that works. It is easy to apply and holds well when climbing indoors while not leaving any residue. More importantly, it rips off the roll easily and holds up well until the climbing session is finished.

3. Hampton Adams Pro Finger Bouldering Tapes

hampton adams pro finger bouldering tapes

When you are climbing regularly, your hands need the protection they can get during the climb. Based on my own experience, this climbing tape from Hampton Adams is built to protect your hand and fingers using high-quality materials.

What I like about this product is its ability to stick throughout the climb regardless of whether you are sweating in your hands. Its stickiness is superb, as the climbing tape will not peel off from your fingers and hands. This climbing tape will also not leave any residue after the climb.

Regarding its physical feature, this climbing tape is already thin-cut, making it easy for me to use it during the climb. The slender width makes it perfect for the fingers and the hands. It also feels comfortable since it is easy to wrap into your fingers and will not rip off your knuckle hair when you take it off.

The way the climbing tape works in your hands is impressive. With this product, you will get several rolls of very thin tape that you can easily rip down at the center quickly. Wrapping it to your fingers will be much easier with its thin design.

Lastly, this climbing tape uses cotton substrates that provide excellent compression and protection. And it also works well with chalk powder, which is unexpected. This climbing tape will secure your fingers without irritating your skin.

  • Made with a slender design to easily fit the fingers and the hands
  • Manufactured with high-quality materials for excellent hand protection
  • Easy to apply and comfortable to wear
  • Does not leave sticky residue on the skin
  • It works well with chalk
  • It does not tear off easily

This product is for climbers looking for a simple yet reliable climbing tape that protects the hands and fingers by keeping them in place all the time. The adhesion is impressive and does not leave any residue on the skin.

4. Sfuchin Athletic Rock Climbing Tapes

sfuchin athletic rock climbing tapes

This climbing tape from Sfuchin offers comfort when applied to your fingers and hand. Since it is made of 100% cotton, it feels very soft on the hands and allows the user to cut it easily. This product has the size for easy usage.

When you have finger problems, this climbing tape is an excellent way to protect and support them. You can wrap your fingers to keep the tendons in line while protecting them during the climb. Wrapping in an X pattern will provide excellent coverage on your hands.

This product is the most highly-recommended builder climbing tape as it can also be used to cover existing skin flaps and other vulnerable areas on your hands. This climbing tape will stick to your hands throughout the climb and will protect sensitive areas. And the good thing about this product is its inability to leave any residue once you remove it from your fingers.

I am also impressed by the physical structure of this climbing tape. It feels very thin and breathable on the skin, with the stickiness and durability to last throughout the climb. The edging of this climbing tape also allows the user to tear it off easily from the roll.

Overall, you will be happy with this climbing tape. The adhesive is just right and is sticky enough to stay on the skin during the climb but not sticky enough to leave any residue. This climbing tape will secure and protect your hands and fingers during the climb.

  • Made with 100% cotton to provide water resistance and hypoallergenic features
  • It comes in the perfect size to protect the fingers and hands
  • With serrated edge for easy tear off
  • Supports hands, fingers, ankles, wrists, and elbows
  • Built with slender width to protect the hands and fingers well
  • It does not work well when sweating

This product is for climbers looking for a reliable and comfortable climbing tape that can be used in any climbing activity. It is sticky enough to stay throughout the climb but will not leave any residue when removed. This climbing tape can protect your hands and fingers during the climb.

5. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rock Climbing Finger Tapes

gold bjj jiu jitsu rock climbing finger tapes

This climbing tape from Gold BJJ will provide the protection and support you need for your fingers and joints when climbing. This product is the best way to prevent injury and supports your finger throughout the climb.

The best thing about this climbing tape, should you decide to use it, is it’s very sticky and lasts all day. This tape will protect your finger joints effectively since it has a width that fits nicely into your hands and fingers.

And it works well in terms of staying in your hands and fingers throughout the climb. This climbing tape is very sticky and works great. It will protect not only your fingers but your skin as well. But you must ensure that your hands are clean and dry before putting them on to maximize their stickiness.

I also like that this climbing tape is tough and durable. This climbing tape is built to last but will not leave any residue on the skin when you remove it. It’s tough to tear it off if you are putting it on your hands alone. But it should be a good problem since it signifies the product is so effective.

This climbing tape also has flexibility in its usage. Aside from climbing, this product is intended for Jiu-Jitsu athletes as well. It’s an athletic tape that can protect an athlete’s fingers, hands, and other body parts that need protection.

  • Built to support fingers while preventing injuries
  • Made with strong adhesive to allow the tape to stay throughout the climb
  • It does not leave any sticky residue
  • It provides versatility in its usage; It can be used widely or narrowly depending on preference
  • Heavy-duty finger tape
  • Tearing it off is a little bit difficult

Overall, this product is an excellent climbing tape for climbers looking for support and protection. This climbing tape can protect the hands and fingers well throughout the climb. And it’s tough and durable too, which makes it more impressive.

6. Metolius Climbing Tape

metolius climbing tape

The Metolius climbing tape is not your ordinary tape. This product was built and manufactured with the climbers in mind. If other tapes are made for athletes and medical usage, this tape is intended for climbers.

The good thing about this climbing tape is that it’s so sticky, especially if you know how to put it in your hands or any body parts. You can provide an extra wrap to stick it to itself. This technique will make the tape fuse together to provide excellent protection wherever you use it in your body.

This climbing tape’s effectiveness will help prevent injuries like torn fingertips and calluses. This climbing tape in my hands also feels grippier, which gives me more confidence when climbing. This climbing tape will give you more traction if you use it for climbing.

Apart from being tackier, this climbing tape is also thicker than the other. It also provides better wear compared to the other brands. However, I still find it easy to tear it into strips if needed, which impressed me.

Overall, this product is a strong, no-stretch fabric and a long-lasting climbing tape that anyone can use. It is an excellent option for climbers who dislike athletic or medical tape. It can support the hands, fingers, and other body parts.

  • Built with an adhesive that sticks the whole duration of the climb
  • Made with strong and no-stretch material
  • It provides a good grip on the hands and the fingers
  • Built to protect the hands and fingers and other parts of the body
  • It can be used for other sports apart from climbing
  • Difficult to remove from the skin

This climbing tape is for climbers looking for a tape that provides grip when it is in their hands. This product will give the climbers additional confidence to conquer their goals during the climb. It provides better traction than other climbing tapes.

How to Choose Climbing Tape

best boulder climbing tape

Let’s face it, there are many climbing tapes that you can use in the market today. From regular medical tape to athletic tape, there are many choices to choose from when looking for climbing tape, making it more difficult for new climbers. But, there are certain factors you need to check to select the right one for your climbing needs. Please read below.


This factor is the most important feature to check when choosing a climbing tape. You need to find the climbing tape that sticks to your hands or fingers throughout the climb. A good climbing tape will stay in your hands for extended periods and give ultimate support and protection wherever you put it on your body.

When the climbing tape is sticky, it will also have the ability to protect your fingers and hands during the climb. For this reason, it is a must for you to look for climbing tape that is built to stick for a longer period.

Removability and Tearability

rock climbing finger tape

Another factor you need to check is how the climbing tape can be removed and torn. Sometimes, when the climbing tape is so sticky, it tends to be difficult to remove and may inconvenience hairy climbers. So, you need to balance looking for stickiness and removability of a particular product.

Tearability is another factor that needs to be considered for a climbing tape. If you can easily tear tape, it will be easy to use during the climb. It provides convenience when putting it in your hands.

Width and Length of the Climbing Tape

The width and the length of the tape matter when dealing with climbing tape. For the length, the longer it is, the more time it will be used for your climbing activities. Different brands offer different lengths, so you need to check which has the longest in every roll of climbing tape.

As for the width, you need to check on the tape with a range of 0.5 to 1 inch. This measurement is enough to tape your fingers quickly or even with your hands. There are wide climbing tapes, but climbers tend to cut them in half. For your convenience, get the perfect width tape for easy usage.


The best climbing tape protects the hands, fingers and other parts of the climbers. The reliability of every climbing tape is based on different factors, including performance, durability, ease of use, and other essential factors. We have recommended several climbing tapes to help climbers protect their fingers, hands, and other body parts throughout the climb.

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