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The Best Arborist Gloves for 2023

best arborist gloves

With what is required in their work, an arborist needs a suitable arborist glove for so many reasons. First, the glove protects their hands from the leaves and sharp branches. The glove also enhances the grip when handling the rope when climbing a tree.

This article lists five of the best gloves for tree work in the market today. The recommendations resulted from our thorough testing process, where we tested several gloves in actual environments. We have checked the quality, features, and other information related to each product.

Best Arborist Gloves Reviews

1. Intra-FIT Climbing Rope Tree Gloves

intra-fit climbing rope tree gloves

Protection and comfort are the things that you need to look for in gloves for climbing trees. These arborist gloves from Intra-FIT have both features, and you will feel them during the climb. This product will protect your hand from being cut and make it feel comfortable too.

The comfort comes from the grain goatskin, which combines softness, durability, and comfort. I feel the comfort in my hands during the climb. It also helps that the palm is padded, which protects the hands from heat generated when climbing.

This arborist glove is also breathable, enhancing comfort in the hands. Thanks to the stretchable spandex that improves the elasticity and breathability of the gloves. I also like that the fingertips of this glove always stay attached to my hands for maximum protection.

I am also impressed by the design of this product. It has a slightly curved finger that provides flexibility to the user when working. Combine it with the soft neoprene cuff with a Velcro design, and you will have very comfortable gloves.

This arborist glove also provides a snug fit in the hands. The fitting and comfort you will feel will allow you to work for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. Also, because of the cuff’s built-in carabiner hole, you can attach the glove to your harness.

  • Built with materials that provide softness and comfort
  • With padded palm offers durability and protects the rappel-generated head
  • Made with stretchable spandex to provide breathability and elasticity
  • Curved finger design offers flexibility
  • Velcro design provides easy usage
  • With built-in carabiner hole on the cuff allowing to attach the gloves to the harness
  • The size runs small

Overall, this arborist glove is what every tree climber needs for their work. It provides security, comfort, fit, and excellent grip. This product is a perfect option for those arborists looking for high-quality gloves.

2. Caiman 2984-6 Rappelling Rope Handling Gloves

caiman 2984-6 rappelling rope handling gloves

This arborist glove from Caiman fits well and feels good. After using this arborist glove in an actual environment, I can say that it has all the features needed by an arborist to get the job done easily. It is one of the top gloves for cutting trees that anyone can use.

First, the overall construction is superb. I did check the materials that this glove is made of and discovered that the palm is built from a goatskin material. Also, those high-wear areas in the palms and fingers are supported by pig grain leather. All of these materials are known for their longevity and durability.

Upon further inspection, the leather reinforcement in the palm extends to the index finger’s backside. The result is more durability in the glove. Aside from its durability, I also feel the comfort and the excellent grip it provides during the climb.

In terms of comfort, this glove is built with an air-mesh back that keeps the gloves cool. The palm’s inside part is padded, providing extra comfort to the user. Also, this glove comes with a bright and reflective color that provides maximum visibility.

Lastly, this arborist glove fits perfectly on the hands. They provide a snug fit which is perfect for an arborist. You do not want to lose gloves when doing all the stuff. It also provides an excellent grip and is comfortable for the hands.

  • Built with materials that are durable and tough
  • Leather palm reinforcements to the index finger enhance durability
  • Air-mesh and internal padded palm provide coolness and comfort
  • Reflective color enhances visibility
  • Made with neoprene knuckle and cuff provides added protection
  • The stitching needs to improve

This glove for arborists has all the qualities to make the work comfortable. This glove performs well when climbing and rappelling and will also do well as a working glove. It provides comfort, reliability, and longevity.

3. SHOWA Atlas 300BL-09 Coating Natural Rubber Gloves

showa atlas 300bl-09 coating natural rubber gloves

This rubberized glove from Showa is built to do well not only when used by an arborist but also for other purposes as well. It’s ergonomically designed, which allows this arborist glove to be used in other jobs.

I was impressed by the durability and strength of this product. The rubberized part is built with durability and feels like it is not wearing off compared to the other ordinary gloves. I also like that it provides excellent grip regardless of whether the surface is dry or wet.

The fitting is also superb as it fits nicely in the hands. It is a bit snug which is good because I am more comfortable working with this type of fit. The ergonomic design of these gloves also makes them more comfortable to use as it helps reduce hand fatigue.

Comfort is also the biggest asset of this arborist glove. It helps that there are no irritating seams like the other brands, which usually affects the comfort that I feel. Aside from fitting my hands well, the gloves feel comfortable and allow you to work in wet or dry conditions.

Lastly, I want to share the warmth you will feel in your hands as the rubber holds the moisture inside. However, this same rubber part will help keep the hand’s cleaner. An added benefit is that this product is washable too.

  • Excellent construction; Built with no irritating seams
  • Built to provide excellent wet and dry grip
  • Made with ergonomic design to provide comfort and reduces hand stress
  • Machine washable
  • Color is dark, which helps cover the dirt
  • Tendency to slip

This product is an arborist climbing glove that anyone can use. This product is an excellent option if you are looking for a superb latex palm-coated glove. The gloves provide a sure and firm grip to allow you to do the tree work efficiently.

4. Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves

ironclad heavy utility work gloves

This product from Ironclad is considered as the company’s most popular working glove. The toughness and the comfort it provides during the climb were very impressive and allowed me to maximize the use of my hands which is needed when doing arborist’s stuff.

The best thing about this working glove is the excellent protection it gives to the hands. The rubberized knuckle protection and the reinforced palm and fingers protect your hands when working.

The fitting is also impressive. Once you put it in your hands, it will fit nicely into the curve of your hands and allow your fingers and your hands to relax when it is not in use. This arborist glove feels comfortable whether you are working or not.

Durability is also one of the most significant upsides of this product. The gloves can hold up well to rough abuse, which usually happens on arborists’ jobs. It also helps that the design is not bulky and uses a flexible fabric that allows the hands to move and work efficiently.

I also like the breathability of this arborist glove, especially in the back, which prevents my hands from sweating too much. The wrist part can also be easily adjusted in order to avoid the gloves from slipping off when climbing.

  • Built with reinforced palm and finger to enhance durability and the grip
  • Made with an adjustable hook and loop closure for maximum security
  • With rubberized knuckle protection to make the hands safe all the time
  • Provide excellent fit to the hands
  • Machine washable
  • Not insulated for winter

This product is for arborists looking for a reliable pair of gloves. They will fit nicely into the hands and are built to provide extra protection for the hands. It may be stiff at first, but it is normal for any heavy-duty glove like this one.

5. Petzl CORDEX Lightweight Climbers Gloves

petzl cordex lightweight climbers gloves

Aside from being well-made and comfortable, this arborist glove from Petzl is between a working glove’s toughness and the thinner gloves’ comfort and precision. With this in mind, I feel this product fits well when doing any arborist work.

Durability is the biggest asset of this arborist glove. Some manufacturers use hard material to make the product firm, but it also provides a lot of stiffness in the hands. This product uses soft premium leather with the same strength but has the softness to make the hands comfortable. In fact, I feel like this product does not need any break-in period at all.

Comfort is another asset of this arborist glove. Checking at the back part, it is made of a stretched nylon that gives breathability when in the hands. This part is adequately ventilated, keeping the hands cool regardless of the activity in the palm.

Furthermore, the palm is also made with high-quality leather that enhances durability without sacrificing comfort. The easy-to-use feature also impresses me during the climb. This product is equipped with a velcro hook-and-loop feature closure that allows the user to use it easily.

Lastly, a hole in this glove allows you to attach the product to the carabiner. For me, this feature is one of this product’s most significant selling points as it will enable you to attach them to a carabiner easily, making it safe for storage.

  • Provides durability and breathability using soft premium leather and nylon
  • Built to provide comfort through the stretch nylon at the back
  • Easy to use without a break-in period
  • Double-layered protection in the fingertips, thumb, and forefinger
  • With a carabiner hole for easy storage
  • It tends to be slippery

This product is worth considering if you are looking for a reliable pair of arborist gloves. Based on my experience, it has the softness to make your hands comfortable but still has the toughness to withstand the challenge of any arborist activity.

What to Look For in Looking for an Arborist Gloves

best gloves for cutting trees

With all the options available, it can be challenging to find the most suitable arborist gloves for you. But, there are certain factors that you need to consider for you to choose a glove that is perfect for your hands. Please see below.

Construction Quality

You first need to check the overall quality of the arborist’s glove. When it comes to construction, you must be familiar with the material used to make the products. From there, you can have a little idea about the arborist glove’s quality.

Most arborist gloves are high-quality leather, particularly the goatskin type. A rubber material may also be used as a part of the glove. But what you need to do is check the materials being used for each of the products and do your research about their quality.

The construction quality also involves the other parts of the gloves. You can check how the seams and the stitching are made. These parts should be durable and stand the challenge of doing arborist work.


An arborist glove that fits great will be comfortable for the hands. So, you should need to find the right size that will fit into your hands quickly. Make sure to check on the fitting and feel it when it is in your hands. Proper size selection is also essential.

The Feel

You also need to check if the glove feels excellent in the hands. You need to find something comfortable but still provide a lot of dexterity when used. I suggest using the glove in picking up an object and seeing how your hands react. You must ensure your hands can still work when the gloves are used.

Potential Usage

If you are looking for an arborist glove, make sure that you look for a glove that can handle all the things that an arborist does. Many products available in the market may not fit and cannot withstand the activities of an arborist.

Cut Protection

An arborist glove should also protect you from any cuts when doing arborist jobs. This feature is an essential factor to consider, especially when you are operating a chainsaw. An anti-slip design can help anyone, especially when using a chainsaw.

An arborist also needs to make sure that they can easily climb trees quickly. A good arborist glove also provides a good grip when working in the rain to help prevent any slippage during the work.


In looking for the best arborist gloves, you need to find something reliable and durable to withstand the challenge of doing arborist work. There are many factors to consider in looking for the right glove but make sure to look for one that provides grip and dexterity.

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