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The Best Climbing Gloves for 2023

best climbing gloves

It may not be highly regarded as the other climbing gear, but the climbing gloves play an important role during the climb. For one, climbing gloves protect the skin during belaying and rappelling. Climbing gloves also provide extra warmth during the colder season in conditions with hand warmers.

This article lists ten of the best climbing gloves that anyone can use today. Our team tested several outdoor and indoor climbing gloves in terms of features, quality, and other related factors to come up with the best recommendations for all climbers.

Best Climbing Gloves Reviews

1. Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves

black diamond crag half-finger climbing gloves

There are three things that I look for in a climbing glove: durability, lightness, and breathability. With these three factors, you will get the most suitable gloves for rock climbing that protect your hands throughout the climb. These three features mentioned can be found on this half-finger climbing gloves from Black Diamond based on what I have experienced upon using them in the actual climb.

Made with synthetic leather, I am impressed by the durability of this product. These climbing gloves are built with enough padding to protect your hands throughout the climb and protect it from blisters. You may find it stiff at first, but once it breaks in, you will feel a lot of softness in the gloves.

Comfortability is also the most significant asset when using these climbing gloves. They have a padded knuckle that feels very comfortable but absorbs a lot of sweat. So, if you have sweaty hands, this climbing glove is an excellent option. The soft fleece-like material in the thumb can also be used in wiping your nose from time to time.

The quality and the fitting are equally impressive. I checked the physical features of this product. I can see no itchy seams or raw edges, indicating its superb quality. This climbing globe also fits snugly without being too small.

And it’s very light and breathable too, which enhances the comfort of your hands even in high humidity. The presence of two carabiner attachments is an excellent addition to the product and will be handy during the climb. Overall, the superb fitting makes this product helps in preventing blisters and calluses during the climb.

  • Made with synthetic leather that provides toughness and durability
  • Built with breathable stretch mesh fabric and knuckle padding to provide comfort and protection
  • It comes with hook and loop closure or easy usage
  • Made with synthetic leather palms and fingers to promote durability
  • The half-finger style protects the hands without compromising doing other tasks
  • The quality of stitching needs to improve

Overall, this product is one of the best belay gloves you can use during the climb. It combines comfort and softness with enough padding to protect the hands without being bulky. It provides a lot of durability and prevents blisters and calluses during the climb.

2. Petzl CORDEX Lightweight Gloves

petzl cordex lightweight gloves

Apart from its nice colors, this climbing glove from Petzl combines durability and excellent fit to protect your hands while still giving you the ability to do other tasks during the climb. These wall climbing gloves are made of high-quality leather that provides excellent hand protection.

The first thing that I noticed about this product is its excellent design. Upon wearing it, I was immediately impressed by the presence of double-layer leather in high-wear areas. I am talking about the fingertips, the palm, and the areas between the thumb and the index finger. These areas are most used during the climb. This product was thoughtfully designed for a better climbing experience.

This product is one of the top crack climbing gloves you can use with its ability to comfort the climber. As far as the fitting goes, this climbing glove will stay true to its fit based on my experience. The size of the climbing gloves provides a lot of breathability, enhancing the comfort I feel in my hands.

Additional comfort features include the back part, which is made of breathable stretch nylon. It also helps that this climbing glove comes with a neoprene cuff with a Velcro closure that makes this product so easy to use. You can even tie knots with them if you want to.

Lastly, the construction quality is also very impressive with this climbing glove. The stitching is superb and well-made. From what I see, it can hold and withstand all the challenges that may happen during the climb.

  • Built with a carabiner hole that attaches gloves to harness
  • Made with natural and high-quality leather for toughness and durability
  • Built with double-layered leather to protect the palm and other high-wear areas
  • The back part is made abrasion-resistant and breathable stretch nylon
  • Includes a reinforced carabiner hole for attaching gloves to your harness
  • It does not provide enough grip

This product provides a lot of functionalities, comfort, and durability. It also allows you to pick up even the smallest objects as it allows good dexterity. The back part of the glove is made to work well in all conditions and should be expected to last for years.

3. Seibertron Padded Palm Breathable Climbing Rope Gloves

seibertron padded palm breathable climbing rope gloves

Using this climbing rope from Seibarton in an actual climbing environment, two benefits stand out: lightness and breathability. I can say that this climbing rope is excellent for climbing and belaying because they are not big and clunky and will not go your way at all.

I am particularly impressed by the type of leather they use, as it always stays dry but will not get too sloppy when wet. Since this is made of fully synthetic leather, I actually expected these climbing gloves to perform well in wet conditions. Furthermore, the thread stitching looks well-made and should help enhance the durability of the climbing rope.

Another factor that feels very impressive is the durability of this product. There is a bit of padding on the palms, which enhances the protection of the hands from slipping or falls and even sharp rock holds. You will also find thick stitching on the fingertips, which helps deal with slopes or any other related activities.

This product is one of the top-notch gloves for rope climbing and other climbing activities. They are built with stronger materials and padding on the palm, which helps absorb the shock while reducing the hand fatigue a climber usually feels during the climb.

The comfort of this climbing glove is on another level. I feel that the leather has the thickness to protect the hands from any rope burn and even against sharp rocks. But even with the thickness, I cannot feel the stiffness while the fitting remains the same even if the climbing gloves get wet during the climb.

  • Made with reinforced synthetic leather for maximum durability and toughness
  • Excellent stitching on the palm area to enhance the durability and reduce fatigue during the climb
  • Built with a puller on the middle and ring finger for easy removal from the hands
  • Includes an ID tag on the wrist or name tagging
  • Built with hook and loop closure on the wrists area for secure fitting
  • Built with finger gaps between finger joints increase dexterity
  • The size is a little bit bigger

Overall, this glove is well made and built with stronger materials compared to most of the gloves I have used previously. It is one of the most outstanding gloves for Crossfit rope climbing, with its excellent durability and toughness that make your hands comfortable during the climb.

4. Intra-FIT Climbing Gloves Rope Gloves

intra-fit climbing gloves rope gloves

These climbing gloves from Intra-FIT are of excellent quality, in my opinion. It provides perfect fitting and comfort, making it great for various climbing activities. The product also provides comfort and durability without being bulky and awkward.

First, the softness and comfortability of this product are exquisite. As per the company, this product is made with premium grain goat skin which provides durability and softness. You can still use your hands properly during the climb while feeling the softness and the comfort of the climbing gloves.

I also like the padding in the palm area, which protects the hands during long rappels. In some way, this feature prevents my hands from sweating too much during the climb. Then there is the stretchable spandex which improves the dexterity and elasticity of the gloves. It also enhances the breathability of these climbing gloves during the climb.

This product is one of the perfect tree climbing gloves and other climbing activities because of its various benefits to the user. First, a gap will let you enable the climbing rope through the glove, which withstands wear and tear well. It also provides a lot of security to your hands when wearing them.

Flexibility is also the biggest asset of these climbing gloves. The glove is designed with an anatomically curved finger that includes Velcro to provide flexibility and comfort, making it easy for you to do your job during the climb. Meanwhile, the built-in carabiner hole on the cuff is permanently attached to the harness.

  • Built with premium materials that provide comfort and softness
  • With stretchable spandex that enhances elasticity and breathability
  • Made a padded palm to protect the hands from the heat
  • Designed with curved fingers to offer comfort and flexibility
  • Includes a built-in carabiner hole that attaches the gloves to the harness
  • Tendency to stain

This product is phenomenal and probably the most highly-recommended gloves for small hands. It fits perfectly with my small hands. I am impressed by the fingertips of the gloves as they stayed attached to my hands and never got caught with any other climbing equipment. This product is perfect for various usage and those climbers with small hands.

5. Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves

outdoor research splitter gloves

This product is one of the most popular mountaineering gloves built for crag climbing. From my experience, this climbing glove provides durability and lightness to give every climber enough protection when climbing on various rock surfaces.

These climbing gloves are better than constantly buying tape and spending precious time taping it before climbing, making them perfect for crack climbing. Also, the thickness of the glove is just enough. Not too thick and not too thin, and it is very easy to take it off your hands.

Furthermore, since it is not too thick, this climbing glove will still allow the user to perform well on tight hand cracks without the climber pumping out. Then, an open palm construction enables the glove to provide better dexterity without the other climbing materials getting in the way.

This climbing glove also covers enough of the wrist as it is a little longer than the others, which means that it will pass the back of the hands and into the wrists resulting in more wrist protection, especially in dealing with larger cracks.

Lastly, this climbing glove’s design is very minimal, and the not-so-thick thickness means you will not lose the tactile sense that this glove will give you. Also, this product fits great for crack climbing which is its primary purpose.

  • Made with 100% imported fiber to provide excellent durability and toughness
  • Built with anti-slip material on the back of the hand
  • Open palm construction provides better dexterity
  • Provides enough coverage to provide a better wrists protection
  • Built with minimalistic design
  • The rubberized part is flimsy

This product provides the best protection for crack climbers. The minimal design keeps you protected so you can climb all day long. The size is not too thick and can be quickly taken on and off with your hands.

6. JINLANKONTIAO Outdoor Rock Climbing Gloves

jinlankontiao outdoor rock climbing gloves

These climbing gloves from Jinlankontiao come in two sets: one fingerless climbing gloves and one full ginger climbing gloves. I like that it comes in two sets where the climber can choose which product will be used during a particular climbing activity.

The first thing that impresses me with both gloves is the wrist wrap feature. What it brings to the climber is a convenience based on my experience. The wrist wrap will allow you to have a snug fit contouring to the hands so that it will be easy for you to grip anything, making it perfect for recreational climbing.

In terms of the quality of the fabric, the lycra fabric used in this product provides elasticity, comfort, and softness, which results in increased breathability for more comfort on the hands. This material also provides some toughness as it has a wear resistance feature. It also has quick drying properties, which is essential in wet conditions.

For its appearance, I like how it looks in my hands, but the most important thing is it fits well. Another impressive feature is the Velcro straps, which allow easy adjustment to fit on your hands and easy removal from the hands.

Lastly, I notice a thicker part in the palm area which should be enough to protect the hands during the climb. This climbing glove is also built with anti-slip silicone and sponge thickening that helps protect the palm and even slow down the vibration when climbing.

  • The velcro strap provides easy adjustment of the climbing glove
  • The easy adjustment feature also provides an excellent fit in the hands
  • Made with high-quality fabric that provides comfort and durability
  • The thick palm part offers excellent protection in the hands
  • Built to provide a good grip and perfect fitting
  • Not for cold weather

Overall, these climbing gloves fit well and protect my hand when climbing. It is made of high-quality materials, so expect durable climbing gloves in your hands. They look impressive in the hands and provide a good grip during the climb.

7. Boyiexin Kids Half Long Finger Climbing Gloves

boyiexin kids half long finger climbing gloves

When your kid wants to start a climbing activity, they also need some kind of protection in their hands. These climbing gloves from Boyiexin have all the features to protect kids ages 1 to 10. The climbing gloves provide excellent grip and comfort, which should help the kids during the climb.

I check on these climbing gloves and notice the impressive grip control. As per the company, these climbing gloves are built with high-quality lycra materials, which are friendly to the child’s skin. It also helps that it has a closed-fitting design which keeps the hands in a natural position.

I also like the design of these climbing gloves as they are very simple and are perfect for a child. It’s very attractive and only has minimal padding, allowing the kid to maximize grip. Even with the minimal padding, this product still offers excellent climbing protection.

Blisters and calluses are something that should not happen to your child when climbing. With these climbing gloves’ excellent padding in the palm and skin-friendly properties, this climbing glove for kids prevents blisters and calluses.

This product comes in different designs and colors, allowing you to choose the best one for your kid. This climbing glove can also be used for other activities apart from climbing, such as bicycle riding, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, and roller blades.

  • Built with skin-friendly materials perfect for kids
  • With a closed functional close-fitting design which makes the hands more relaxed and comfortable
  • Made with enough padding to prevent blisters and calluses
  • It comes in various designs and colors
  • It can be used in other activities apart from climbing
  • Sizing is small

Wearing this pair of gloves makes the climbing activity more fun. It comes in various designs and colors to choose from, but the most important thing is the climbing glove’s ability to protect the hands of the child and prevent blisters or calluses from happening after the climb.

8. Metolius 3/4 Climbing Gloves

metolius 3/4 climbing gloves

This climbing glove from Metolious provides the most comfortable feeling when inserted into your hands. The reason behind it is the main cowhide body which is known for being comfortable and has the ability to last long. This premium material and other features of these climbing gloves make this product an excellent option for climbers.

What is impressive with this climbing glove is the quality of the leather all the way to the stitching are equally impressive. It is actually a double-stitch that is being used in the finger opening to have the strength and the quality to make this climbing glove last longer.

Since this product is an open-finger glove, the extra coverage on the thumb will prevent the hands from getting sore from the edge of the leather when your hands rub it. The presence of thick comfortable padding also helps protect your hands during the climb. Then, the Velcro tab is perfect for easy adjustment to the size of your palm.

This open-finger climbing glove is perfect for canyoning or bouldering because of its design. However, I notice that with the thickness in the palm part, the reinforced leather provides enough thickness and grippiness to let you choose the angle well. This feature makes these climbing gloves also perfect for rappelling.

I also like the fitting of this climbing glove. In fact, there was a minimal break when I started using them. This climbing glove will always protect your hands while still providing you with the dexterity you need during the climb.

  • Made with the main cowhide body supported by triple stitching or durability and toughness
  • Wear areas are built with support to enhance the durability
  • Finger openings are double stitched to provide enough support
  • Velcro locking makes it easy to adjust
  • Built with bar-tacked webbing clip-in loop
  • The color is fragile to wear and tear

This product comes in excellent quality, especially the leather and the stitching, which enhances the product’s durability. It also helps reinforce the wear areas and gives additional strength to the climbing gloves.

9. Cevapro Touch Screen Winter Gloves

cevapro touch screen winter gloves

When it comes to climbing on the ice, you need special climbing gloves made for the cold and icy conditions. This product from Cevapro is the most excellent gloves for ice climbing because of all the features it brings to the user that protects the hands from the snowy condition.

First, I am impressed by the materials used to make this product. Made with a warm lining fleece and windproof polyester, these materials prevent the cold from slipping into the hands and keeping it warm. Then, a unique feature called the smart touch technology allows your thumb and index finger to work well on smartphones and other related devices.

Also impressive is the elastic closure that ensures the glove is a snug fit as it helps keep the cold out of the hands. Furthermore, the climbing glove is fairly thin and not bulky. This feature provides an excellent grip on the fingertips and the palm but still provides enough comfort during the climb. All of these features keep the hands warm in cold temperatures.

When it comes to the sizing, I can say that the size is perfect. In my experience, the fingers fit great, making it easy to do something during the climb even with the icy conditions. With an excellent fit, it keeps the hands dry and warm all the time.

Lastly, this touchscreen technology is very unique. As per the company uses a conducive material to allow your index finger or thumb to use a smartphone even when wearing gloves. In my experience, this special feature works perfectly as you will not need to remove the gloves when using any smart device.

  • Built with materials that protect the hands from cold
  • Made with elastic closure to ensure a snug fit while keeping the cold wind out
  • Includes a non-slip design in the palm, which helps in keeping things firmly and securely
  • With water resistance feature to keep the hand warm and dry
  • With smart touch technology that allows the use of smart devices without removing the gloves
  • A bit stiff

Overall, this product is the most suitable ice climbing glove to protect your hands from the cold environment. Its special feature allows you to use touch screen devices without removing them in the hands. But the most important thing is it keeps the hands warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

10. Vinsguir Workout Gloves

vinsguir workout gloves

One thing I was impressed with about this glove from Vinsquir is that it looks well designed, and the physical features are built with a purpose. This product has all the features that make climbing comfortable and easy for the climber.

The first thing I noticed about this climbing glove is the spandex-type material at the back of the hand. This glove allows the hands to breathe much better than leather-type gloves. But the palm part is still made with leather, providing the grip you need.

I also like that this climbing glove is made of lycra material that has the reputation of being skin friendly. Using this climbing glove, I can say that the product has the perfect breathability, providing comfort to the hands. And it does not absorb sweat, which is very impressive. Unlike other climbing gloves, this product will still be fresh even after several uses.

Another impressive part is the cushion pad, which helps increase friction while providing stability. The stitching is double-layered, which means it is firm and durable to last for a longer period despite all the challenges it will face during the climb.

This climbing glove also provides an easy adjustment feature that allows users to adjust the glove according to their comfort. The comfort will keep the hands from blistering or having some calluses after the climb.

  • Built with a foam pad at the palm area to protect the hands from blisters and calluses
  • Made with lycra materials that provide skin-friendly properties
  • With double-layered stitching to enhance durability
  • The easy adjustment feature allows maximum comfort
  • Curved open design offers flexibility to the user
  • Sizing is smaller

This climbing glove provides comfort and many outstanding features that make it p[erfect for climbers. The foam padding in the pal area is perfect for protection, while the materials are very skin-friendly. Lastly, this product has an easy adjustment feature that allows users to adjust according to their preferences.

What to Look for When Looking for Climbing Gloves

best gloves for rope climbing

Looking for the right climbing gloves for you can be challenging because of all the available options in front of you. With so many brands available, choosing the right, especially if it is your first time, it can be a headache. However, there are some factors that you can consider to choose the right one for your needs.

Construction Quality

You first need to consider the overall quality of the climbing gloves. The construction quality is all about the type of materials used to construct the climbing gloves. There are two materials you need to look at for the quality of the climbing gloves: synthetic leather and real leather.

Synthetic leather is more affordable, but its longevity is less than real leather. Real leather may feel stiffer but more comfortable. Cowhide is another type of real leather with some stiffness but a lot of durability.

Another material that you need to look at is lycra materials. It is a synthetic fiber which is known for its elasticity. But this material also provides skin-friendly properties that make it a perfect material for a climbing glove.

Apart from the materials, you will also need to check the quality of the stitching. It is better to have double or triple-layered stitching in the most worn-out areas of the climbing glove. You will also need to check on the adjustment feature of the product and the padding on the palm area to ensure excellent protection and comfort.

The Finger Length

You will also need to check on the finger length of the gloves, either a finger glove or a half-finger glove. The full-finger grove provides more protection but sometimes limits your chance of doing other things.

This feature contrasts with a half-finger glove that has more dexterity but offers lesser protection because some parts of the finger are exposed. Furthermore, an exposed finger allows you to easily tie knots or put climbing equipment in a particular place.

Additional Features

You will also need to check on the climbing gloves’ other features that make them comfortable to use. First, you need to check on the closure and see if it is easy to use. Most of the gloves use Velcro, which allows easy adjustment to the hands. A clip-in loop is also essential and must be present in the gloves because it will enable you to clip a carabiner easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

best mountaineering gloves

Do Rock Climbers Wear Gloves?

Yes, rock climbers have the option to wear gloves. But please note that wearing a pair of gloves has its upsides and downsides. While it protects the hands in so many ways, it also affects the quality of the grip. So, it is the choice or preference of the climber to use or not to use a climbing glove.

Is Climbing bad for your Fingers?

Climbing is a good physical activity and certainly is not bad for the fingers if you do it properly. All of these injuries from climbing, including those from the fingers, are due to the use of improper techniques, which can lead to short-term or long-term injuries.


When choosing the best climbing gloves, the most important thing to consider is the needs of your climbing activity. Whether it’s belaying, crack climbing, or any other climbing activity, you will need a pair to keep up with your climbing. With that said, it is also essential that the climbing glove makes your hands comfortable and well-protected.

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