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The Best Tree Climbing Harness for 2023

best tree climbing harness

This article recommends ten of the best tree climbing harness that anyone can use today. There is no denying the importance of a tree climbing harness when climbing trees, as it is essential in having a smooth ascent and descent during the climb. The unstable tree surface, slippery trunks, and bringing tree climbing equipment are a few reasons why it is essential to have suitable tree climbing harness.

We have tested several products in an actual environment to find the right tree climbing harnesses that anyone can use. Our team checked each product’s features, performance, and overall quality to select the best recommendations we can provide to tree climbers.

Best Tree Climbing Harness Reviews

1. X XBEN Portable Safety Climbing Harness

x xben portable safety climbing harness

A tree climbing harness must be reliable to fully support the user during the tree climb. The full support can only be provided if the harness has the toughness and the quality to provide strength during the climb. These expectations are what this tree climbing harness from X Xben gives, as it is one of the most comfortable tree climbing harness that I have used so far.

What caught my attention was the excellent construction and quality. This product is made with durable polyester that provides low friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, and high tensile strength. The result is a reliable tree climbing harness that provides safety and security to the user.

I also like that this tree climbing harness has enough size to accommodate large users. It can actually fit climbers with 31-inch to 56-inch waistlines. It should be enough to make large people use this harness without sacrificing comfort.

This tree climbing equipment has enough strength to keep every user safe and secured during the climb. With a weight limit of 200 kg and a breaking strength of 22 k, this tree climbing harness can make the user safe and secure throughout the tree climbing.

This product also comes with side D rings that allow the user to use and adjust the harness easily. More importantly, this product comes with a compact and portable design that also provides lightness to anyone who will use it.

  • Made with durable polyester construction that provides strength, abrasion resistance, and low friction
  • Built with a compact and portable design
  • Includes side D rings to allow easy usage and adjustment
  • Made with a super breathable and soft material
  • Built to hold and sustain the climber with its strength and toughness
  • Absence of a product guide

Overall, this product is an excellent safety harness for tree trimming and other minor tree climbing activities where a full harness is not needed. The D rings provide easy adjustment, while the polyester materials provide toughness and durability.

2. Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness

fusion climb centaur half body harness

An essential requirement for a tree climbing harness is the right fitting for the user to be comfortable during the climb. To have the right fit, the product must provide an easy-adjustment feature to let the climber make the necessary adjustment to the fitting and be comfortable during the climb.

This half-body harness from Fusion provides easy adjustment to both the outer legs and the waist with the presence of several adjustable stainless steel buckles. This feature offers plenty of room for adjustment to climbers regardless of the size.

I am also impressed with its compact design, allowing you to keep and store this harness easily. However, the compact size does not mean that it lacks strength. This product is made with a 100% nylon material that provides strength. It also has durable stitching that supports the double-cross pattern to enhance the harness’s strength.

Apart from the adjustable buckle. I also like the added features of this cheap tree climbing harness. Two bungee straps support the leg loops to allow the climber to easily put them on while also providing support during the actual climb.

I also love the simplicity of the design with no frills, but the adjustability of the legs and the waist is quite impressive. I also like that it is made in the United States, which is a bonus in using the product. Not that I dislike products made in other places, but when it is made in America, it feels very different in terms of the product’s confidence and reliability.

  • Made with a compact design for easy storage
  • Built with 100% nylon to provide durability and toughness
  • Constructed with durable stitching and double-cross pattern to enhance durability
  • Made with a clipping point that can also serve as a handle
  • Made in the USA
  • Straps on the leg loop’s tendency to slide down causes discomfort

This product is the top-notch tree climbing harness for hunting and other general tree climbing activities. This product is easy to use and is constructed with heavy-duty materials. It also comes with excellent construction, and its bright orange color looks impressive from afar.

3. NewDoar Tree Climbing Climbing Harness

newdoar tree climbing climbing harness

This tree climbing harness from NewDoar is an excellent tree climbing harness kit due to its impressive construction quality. I am impressed by how this product is made with every detail constructed with quality. From the stitching, buckle, and other features added to these climbing accessories.

First, the waist belt and the leg loops are constructed with breathable mesh, which provides comfort to the climber. It is supported with a high pulling strength sewing thread that enhances the strength of the harness.

Then, two adjustable buckles allow the waist belt to be easily adjusted and secured easily with a single movement. This added part is not just an ordinary buckle; it is made of forged steel material that provides safety, reliability, and convenience.

Another extra accessory I like is the extra tool ring on the right side of the harness. This extra accessory will allow the user to carry other climbing gear during the climb, such as chalk bags, ropes, belay devices, and other climbing gear.

This product is also available in various colors to allow you to choose the best color that you like. This tree climbing harness also provides flexibility in its usage as it can also be used for rappelling, indoor and outdoor climbing, fire rescue, and arborist work.

  • Made with durable polyester to provide strength and toughness
  • Built with excellent construction and comfortable design
  • Includes stainless steel buckles for easy adjustments
  • With an equipment ring to assist in bringing other climbing gear
  • It can be used on other tasks apart from tree climbing
  • Straps need padding

This product is the most beneficial tree climbing saddle in terms of the quality of the construction. The manufacturer’s attention to detail is superb. This product is heavy-duty, well constructed and has an amazing design to benefit every climber using it.

4. Hunter Safety Tree-Stand Harness

hunter safety tree-stand harness

Hunting is one of the reasons why someone needs to climb a tree. But in doing so, you will need all the equipment you need to make the hunt successful, including this full body tree climbing harness from Hunter Safety System. This product is actually a treestand hunting harness that allows the user to be comfortable and safe during the hunt.

I am impressed by the comfort it brings once you use this product during the tree climb. All you have to do is adjust the harness according to your size. Once it is adjusted, it is much easier to get in and out of the harness as its slimline profile provides a unique comfort to the body.

The comfort of this tree climbing harness also comes from the fact that this product is very light. To be specific, this harness weighs just 2,5 pounds which helps in enhancing the comfort level it gives the user while also giving them the freedom to move freely.

Apart from comfort, safety and security is also the biggest asset of this tree climbing harness. This product is built for you to be safe throughout the hunt. You can see that the straps, clasps, and even the fabric is high-quality and feels very durable. It also helps that the design is simple, with no dangerous dangling straps and confusing buckles attached to the harness.

  • Built with lightness to provide comfort and extra mobility
  • Made with a simple design to promote safety and additional protection
  • Built with durable and high-quality materials
  • The product is built to be used in any season throughout the year
  • Includes extra accessories, including the safety-use instructions with the DVD
  • The tendency of the leg buckles to make noise when clipped

This product is the most outstanding climbing tree stand harness that anyone can use when hunting. The simplicity of the design makes it comfortable to use. This product is also made of high-quality materials to provide the safety and security you need while climbing the tree.

5. Petzl ADJAMA Unisex Climbing Harness

petzl adjama unisex climbing harness

The next product we feature in this tree climbing harness review is a product that can be used for both men and women. Yes, this tree climbing harness has a unisex design but still provides the same security, safety, and level of comfort when being used in climbing trees.

The one thing that caught my attention when checking this tree climbing harness is the presence of a fifth gear loop from the rear. This unique part of the harness keeps the climbing gears organized while maximizing the space. The loop is also complemented by a soft accessory loop that can be used to connect taglines, chalk bags, and many more.

I also like that the product comes with fully adjustable loops, which make it easy for the user to adjust to the exact fitting of your body for comfortability. When other tree climbing harnesses usually have a tight-fitting groin area that makes you sweat, this product also has enough padding to prevent discomfort and prevent your groin from sweating too much.

This product is also the best beginner tree climbing saddle, providing comfort to first-time users. This product is manufactured using an EVA foam which is known for its durability and comfort. This tree climbing harness is cushioned across the entire width of the waist belt and the leg loops to make the user comfortable throughout the climb.

You will feel the comfort once you start climbing and hanging above. The hard points look solid, and its ability to protect the climber is obvious. I also like that this climbing harness is light, which adds to its comfortability.

  • Made with high-quality EVA foam to provide comfort and durability
  • Built with full adjustability to adapt the user’s body regardless of size
  • It comes with two large gear loops at the front, which makes the clipping or unclipping very easy
  • With a soft accessory loop that can be used to carry extra climbing gears
  • It can be used in several climbing activities apart from tree climbing
  • Minor sizing issues

This tree climbing harness provides comfort and lightness, which is needed when climbing trees. Its ability to give full adjustment to the user allows it to adapt to the body easily regardless of the size of the climber. This product is recommended for bigger climbers looking for a harness that will fit nicely to their build.

6. Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness

black diamond momentum climbing harness

Most tree climbing saddle reviews feature this product from Black Diamond because of its uniqueness. When other tree climbing harnesses make the user spend a lot of time adjusting the waist and leg loops, this product provides an easy adjustment feature advantageous to the climber.

This tree climbing harness comes with a time-saving design that fits various types of climbing. This feature comes with a pre-threaded easy adjustment waist buckle that will help you save time adjusting the right fit. The leg loops also feature the same convenience when adjusting the right fit.

I also like the quality of the construction of this tree climbing harness as it shows the durability and toughness of the product. This tree climbing harness uses double stitching, which makes this harness very dependable. The loops and the other connecting parts are also being reinforced with this feature to enhance their durability.

The gear loops are also coated with clear plastic, allowing the user to clip the carabiners and other climbing gears easily. This extra feature allows the climber to have a space for all the extra space they need to bring during the climb.

Another point that stands out is the comfort it brings to the user. This product emphasizes the user’s comfort with all the features it provides. First, this product uses breathable materials while the legs and waist loops come with cushions to enhance the user’s comfort. It also helps that the belt is wide enough to protect the belt from digging into the climber.

  • Built with pre-threaded speed adjust waist buckle for easy adjustment
  • Features leg loop adjustment features for easy customization
  • Made with four pressure-molded gear loops for comfort and safety
  • It comes with an adjustable elastic rear riser
  • Provides flexibility in its usage as it can be used in various climbing activities
  • Sizes run small

This tree climbing harness combines comfortability, lightness, and excellent construction. The way it is constructed allows you to switch easily on different climbing activities. The easy-adjustment feature is unique, but its compact design allows easy storage.

7. CroSight Climbing Seat Belt

crosight climbing seat belt

This tree climbing harness from CroSight takes pride in its ability to protect the climber while also having the excellent quality to provide comfort during the climb. This product is the best arborist harness that anyone can use, but its construction allows the user to use it on other applications.

I am impressed by the type of security this climbing harness gives the user. First, it has the right strong sticking and wear resistance, showing its excellent durability. The harness is also built with a stronger load bearing and high tensile strength to protect the user during the climb. I can tell you that this product is made to carry a huge amount of weight.

The construction quality of this tree climbing harness is also impressive. Looking at the physical features of this product, you can see that it is made of high-strength polyester and hot forging steel that provides the quality of this product.

Apart from the high-quality polyester, the harness is reinforced with tie-in points and stitching to enhance the durability of the harness. All the metal parts found in the harness are not only made of forged steel but are also outer anodized to maz\ximized its strength.

I also like the overall design of this product as it makes the climber comfortable throughout. First, the waist belt and leg loops are linked with breathable mesh. It uses a soft fabric that provides breathability and comfort even in warm temperatures.

  • Made with high-strength polyester and hot forging steel to provide durability and toughness
  • Constructed to provide comfort to the user
  • Design to distribute pressure to maintain comfort while climbing
  • Provides adjustability to fit various body types
  • It can be used in different climbing activities apart from tree climbing
  • Shoulder straps are not padded

The top arborist saddle provides an excellent fit for the user. This product is fully customizable, and its ability to be fully adjusted to the user’s body type offers a perfect fit and comfort to the user. This product also allows you to use it as a full-body or half-body harness.

8. HeeJo Outdoor Tree Climbing Seat Belt

heejo outdoor tree climbing seat belt

Climbing trees will require you to use a climbing harness with enough strength and durability to make you safe during the climb. This product from Heejo is constructed with quick-dry nylon webbing and high-tension sewing threads to provide the strength and safety that a user needs during the climb.

Using this tree climbing harness has allowed me to notice its thick frame, which is responsible for the equal weight distribution during the climb. Furthermore, the leg loops and the waist belts are made with double straps that enhance the user’s comfort. Also, the waist belt is wider on the back and legs to improve the convenience and comfort level.

I also like the simplicity of the product’s design. It is simple and intuitive enough so that the user can easily adjust the waist belts and leg loops. Due to its impressive security features, you can stretch out this climbing harness horizontally without the possibility of you going upside down.

This tree climbing harness also provides convenience with all its added features. The presence of two equipment rings and three D rings allows the user to put extra climbing gears during the climb. The D rings enhance your safety during the climb.

Lastly, this product can also be used in other climbing activities apart from tree climbing. With the way it is built, this safety belt is perfect for rock climbing, mountaineering, roofing, camping, firefighting, and many more.

  • Made with quick-dry nylon webbing to provide strength and safety
  • Built with two climbing rings and three D rings to provide convenience during the climb
  • With thick frame construction provides comfort
  • The waist belt is constructed wider to enhance comfort on the back and legs
  • It can be used in other climbing activities
  • Not suitable for thin individuals

This product has excellent construction to provide the protection you need during the climb. The straps are very sturdy, while the stitching looks very solid. The waist belt and the leg loops are constructed with materials that will provide comfort to the user.

9. Weaver Leather Arborist WLC-7 Saddle

weaver leather arborist wlc-7 saddle

This tree climbing harness from Weaver Leather has the toughness and durability to be reliable on various arborist works that need climbing trees. The product is constructed and designed to make the climber safe while feeling comfortable during the climb.

The first thing that impressed me the most is the durability of this tree climbing harness. It is constructed so that it will withstand all the climbing challenges, including wear and the various conditions on the outside.

It comes with a suspension bridge with a spectra fiber overlay that provides resistance to abrasion and additional strength. This suspension bridge also surrounds a black nylon tubular webbing that offers extra resistance to wear.

I also like the comfort it brings the user when you start climbing on the trees. The back of this tree harness is extra wide, and the pad, constructed with memory foam, extends further towards the hips to give the user the support and comfort it needs during the climb. Furthermore, the leg straps can be easily adjusted and positioned for the climber’s comfort.

Additional features that impress me include the roller found in the waist buckle that allows easy usage and helps reduce the wear of the waist belt. I also like that the leg straps and the suspension bridge can be replaced easily when needed. It also includes two nylon utility straps with a snap and a ring that can be used to bring additional climbing tools and equipment during the climb.

  • Leg straps can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort
  • Built with an extra wide back that is constructed with memory foam to provide comfort and coolness
  • Spectra overlay fiber-constructed suspension overlay provides toughness and resistance to wear
  • The waist buckle features a roller for easy usage
  • The suspension bridge and leg straps can be replaced
  • A little bit heavy

Overall, this tree climbing harness provides comfort and excellent fitting. But its durability and toughness make this product perfect for arborist work. It also comes with several added features that make the climbing relatively easy while giving the protection you need throughout the climb.

10. Weanas Thicken Tree Climbing Harness

weanas thicken tree climbing harness

The Weanas tree climbing harness combines durability and several other features that make it easy to climb a tree. This statement comes from my first-hand experience using the product during an actual climb. It has several features that make you feel safe and comfortable during the climb.

The first thing that impresses me is the wide and thick construction at the back, which provides equal weight distribution. With this feature, you will feel comfortable not only on the back but throughout the body, eventually making you feel like you are just sitting on a seat.

Safety is also an asset of this tree climbing harness. Since it is made of high-quality polyester, you can feel its toughness and durability when you wear the product. Add the four reinforced bearing loops and the high tension sewing thread, the result is a stronger and safer harness that is very light and has excellent durability.

I also like that this product allows an easy adjustment to the waist and the leg belts. These essential parts of the harness are built to fit different types of people. It is actually a one-size-fits-all product that can be used by men, women, and even older children.

This tree climbing harness also features an additional climbing harness that makes it easy for you to bring other equipment during the climb. The bearing loop will be useful in attaching chalk bags and other climbing gear, while the reinforced bungee straps enhance the climber’s safety during the climb.

  • Built to provide quick and easy adjustment to the waist and leg belts
  • Constructed with excellent weight distribution to provide comfort
  • Made with high-quality materials to provide durability and toughness
  • With four reinforced bearing loops and high-tension sewing threads to enhance stability and toughness
  • Allows additional attachment of extra climbing gears
  • It does not have an anchor hook at the back

Overall, this product provides excellent comfort and convenience to the climber. It provides superb back support to make you comfortable. The quality is also impressive, particularly the stitching, while the belts can be adjusted easily to fit your body quickly.

What to Look for When Buying a Tree Climbing Harness

best arborist harness

Looking for your first tree climbing harness can be a challenge with your inexperience and the fact that there are many options available. However, there are things that you can consider when selecting the right product before your actual purchase. Please see the list below:

Construction Quality

The quality of the construction is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing a tree climbing harness. Before you purchase, you need to check the product physically and how it is made. Also included in the checking is the type of material being used to build the product.

You will need to check every detail of the product, such as the quality of stitching. It should have strong and reinforced stitching, especially on the strong tie-in points. Other parts should also be inspected for quality. If you can, read the product’s technical specifications to find out more about its quality.

Another thing to look at with its construction is the type of materials being used. Of course, you will need to ensure that the tree climbing harness is made of high-quality materials. Most high-quality tree climbing harnesses are built with polyester, aluminum, or nylon. These materials are all tough and are perfect for tree climbing activities.

The Right Fit

It is also essential to ensure that the tree climbing harness is the right size for your body. The right fitting will also make the climb comfortable and convenient. When it comes to the tight fit, the recommendation is to have a snug fit with minimal wiggle room.

For you to avoid problems with the fitting, look for a tree climbing harness that offers adjustable legs, and waist loops will be helpful. These adjustable features accommodate various sizes and fit different body types of the climber.

Comfortable Leg Straps

The leg straps will be an essential part of the tree climbing harness to provide comfort during the climb. For you to be comfortable, looking for breathable straps will be beneficial to you in the long run. There are several products in this review that have the same features, and they are worth consideration.

Extra Gear Loops

You also need to look for the presence of extra gear loops on the tree climbing harness. This feature will make climbing easier as it allows you to attach extra climbing gears, tool bags, and any other related equipment.

The gear loop is usually found at the sides and the back of the harness. You also need to check the loops’ quality to measure their reliability the moment you start using them during the climb.

Frequently Asked Questions

best arborist saddle

How to Set up a Tree Climbing Harness?

When it comes to setting up your harness, you need to put the tools and equipment in the right place. The sharp and pointed tools should be on the right side to make it easier for you. Among that equipment include a chainsaw or a handsaw.

These tools should be separated from the other stuff to prevent any issues during the climb. Other tools like the lanyard or your rigging line must be on the other side or at the back of the tree climbing harness. Doing this way will ensure that all the sharp tools will not have any issues with the other climbing gears when climbing on the tree.

Can I use a Rock Climbing Harness for Tree Climbing?

In general, a rock climbing harness differs from a tree climbing harness on several factors. However, many climbing harnesses are built to work for various climbing activities, including rock climbing and tree climbing. Some people who are on a budget usually use a single harness to climb trees and other climbing activities. If it works for others, it should work for you. Just ensure your safety during the climb.


The best tree climbing harness is essential to do whatever your purpose is in climbing trees. Choosing a tree climbing harness boils to comfortability, safety, and durability. When tree climbing has all these essential factors, your tree climbing activity will be delicate and smooth.

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