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The Best Sunglasses for Rock Climbing in 2023

best sunglasses for rock climbing

A rock-climbing enthusiast needs a pair of eyeglasses with prismatic lenses, which help avoid neck strain that commonly happens when belaying.

Our team tested several products to find the best rock climbing sunglasses today. We have tried several of those in an actual climbing environment to see their quality, features, functionality, and other related information. From there, we compiled the products below:

Top 5 Sunglasses for Rock Climbing Reviews

1. Julbo Explorer Mountain Sunglasses

julbo explorer mountain sunglasses

These sunglasses from Julbo are what every rock climber needs. The product combines comfort and protection for the user using various features. Fitting medium to large faces, expect this sunglass to protect your eyes during the climb.

The first thing I feel upon using this sunglass for rock climbing is the comfort it provides to me. They are absolutely comfortable as they fit well and protect my sun-sensitive eyes. It also helps that it has a larger lens which offers excellent protection.

Thanks to its wide panoramic lenses that offer high protection and even high performance, which is needed when rock climbing. The lenses are available in two types that provide the best protection from the sun by eliminating glare and maximum contrast.

Aside from the lens, I am also impressed by the overall design of these rock climbing sunglasses. The product is very stylish and sits well on the face. I definitely love the panoramic view and images that are very clear and crisp.

This sunglass for climbing has a futuristic look and is exceptionally well-made. It feels very durable, scratch-resistant, and fits easily on my face. It also helps that its very light makes this product one of the most suitable sunglasses for mountain climbing.

  • Available in two types of lenses for ultimate protection
  • With a nose grip feature that helps prevent the sunglass from slipping
  • Made with adjustable temples for easy adjustment and fitting with a hut or helmet
  • With a hole at the end of the temple for easy cord attachment
  • Built with removable side shields for excellent side protection
  • Nose pads cause minor inconvenience

These sunglasses are perfect for rock climbers looking for comfortable sunglasses. You will be impressed by the clearest lenses, which provide the best protection for the eyes of the climber. The clarity is unique in its own right and one of the best I have seen so far.

2. Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

torege polarized sports sunglasses

This product from Torege is one of the most well-known sunglasses for rock climbing due to its unique lenses. I really love the interchangeable lens feature that allows the climber to use a lens specific to the current weather condition and his preference.

First, the quality of the lens feels very impressive. The glass feels very solid and looks very heavily built. The swapping lenses all come with a lens holder, which should protect them when not used. There are also other add-ons that you can use for the maintenance of this product.

I like the rounded edges of the lens, which makes it easier for the lenses to get in and out when replacing another lens. You do not need to force the issue or wrestle the nose piece when replacing the lens. With five lenses available, you have a lot of choices when choosing the right lens before you climb.

The fitting is also very impressive. Since this product has a wrap-around lens, the sunglasses fit well on my nose and my rounded face. This feature makes the glass comfortable and will stay fixed to your face throughout climbing.

Another impressive feature of this product is its lightness. The lightness adds to the comfort I feel during the climbing. The clarity of the vision is also remarkable, and an unobstructed view will be experienced once you use these rock climbing sunglasses during the climb.

  • Built with a quick replacement system that allows easy replacement of the lens
  • The non-slip feature allows long time wear of the glasses
  • With wrap-around design allows an excellent fit to the face
  • Built with an anti-fog and ventilation system to minimize sweating
  • Made with lightness and durability
  • Only one lens is polarized

These sunglasses for rock climbing are for anyone looking for a low-cost but reliable product that can protect their eyes during the climb. The lightness and the durability of this sunglass are equally impressive, but the replaceable lens system makes it unique from other rock climbing sunglasses.

3. ROCKBROS Polarized Sunglasses

rockbros polarized sunglasses

These Rockbros sunglasses are perfect for your rock climbing needs. This product combines comfort and lightness, which are essential when climbing. It also fits better compared to other sunglasses I have tried.

The first impression I have the first time I hold this product in my hand is the lightness. This product is designed to be super light, weighing only 25 grams. It also helps that it comes with an anti-slip nose pad and a rubber ear pad that allows you to use it comfortably for a more extended period.

The overall design of these sunglasses also looks impressive. It really looks good from afar. However, what impresses me the most is its clarity during the climb. The polarized lens will help in protecting the eyes perfectly, especially in sunny conditions.

Also impressive is the quality of the frame. It feels very durable, and together with the high-quality lenses, it will protect the eyes from strong impact during the climb. Also, this product will stay in place on your face throughout the climb.

Lastly, the earpieces in these sunglasses have the softness and flexibility to prevent hurting your ear. The size and shape of this product are just enough to cover the face comfortably. There is also an adjustable nose piece which provides softness to the nose.

  • Built with a polarized lens to protect the eyes in sunny conditions
  • Made with a high-quality frame that provides durability
  • With a curve and more comprehensive design that offers a bigger field of vision
  • Built with lightness to add comfort
  • With an anti-slip nose pad and rubber ear pad to enhance the comfort
  • Lenses can get quickly scratch

These sunglasses for rock climbing is what every climber needs to keep the wind off the eyes when it is windy. It also offers protection from the sunlight when it is sunny. The polarized lens gives a clear view while providing comfort and security to the user.

4. Oakley Oo9238 Rectangular Sunglasses

oakley oo9238 rectangular sunglasses

Oakley is one of the more popular brands when it comes to sunglasses. For rock climbing, they also have a particular product that protects your eyes during the climb. The fives squared sunglasses are built for small to medium size faces.

The first time I wore these sunglasses, I immediately noticed the excellent fitting on my face. The product is light in weight and does not pinch my head. It’s very comfortable, especially with the non-slip feature of the nose bridge that allows the product to stay in the nose for a long time.

Aside from the lightness, this product also provides excellent durability and eye protection. During the climb, when the sunlight hits directly into your eyes, these sunglasses will protect you from glare and other side effects.

This product also allows you to snap the arms off and put them back on, popping out the lenses and replacing them quickly. You can easily bend the frame for the sunglasses to return to their original form.

Lastly, the quality of the lenses is equally impressive. They have an attractive, polarizing effect on everything as it turns everything look pinkish and crystal clear. The low profile and subtle style also make this product perfect for climbing.

  • Made with lenses that provide excellent protection
  • Built with optics that provide exceptional clarity and vision
  • With a high-quality frame that provides durability and flexibility
  • The frame is constructed to withstand shifting or deforming over time
  • It provides lightness and comfort
  • A bit flimsy

These sunglasses for rock climbing are known for their lightness and comfort. It fits nicely on smaller and medium-sized faces and is very comfortable on the face. The nose fit was good, and it stayed throughout the climb.

5. Julbo Sherpa Mountaineering Sunglasses

julbo sherpa mountaineering sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is essential when rock climbing, and these sunglasses from Julbo are an excellent option. At first glance, the classical design is self-evident, but when you hold it, the lightness is very evident, especially when you wear it.

The first thing that impressed me was the overall design of the sunglasses. If you like the old-school climbing aesthetic of sunglasses, this product has it. Also, the size is just enough to fit my head perfectly, and I feel comfortable when I wear it. But since these are not adjustable sunglasses, other people might have a different experience.

Also, the blue-tented lens is quite unique and does a great job of cutting the glare during the climb while the contrast remains strong. But, I did not like the vinyl sticker on the lens because it was hard for me to get it off.

I also like the leather side panel since they feel comfortable and soft. This part greatly protects the eyes from unwanted debris getting through the eyes, especially when you are rock climbing.

Lastly, the wrapped-around earpieces feel very comfortable as it fits me comfortably, especially at the back of my ears. It is a nice feature that will ensure the sunglasses will not go anywhere during the climb since they are held in the right place.

  • It provides excellent eye protection and lightness, perfect for rock climbing
  • Offers excellent protection of the eyes with the high-quality lenses
  • Built with removable side shields for complete sun protection
  • Made with adjustable temples to hold the frames in place under the hat
  • With a classical design
  • Not polarized

These sunglasses for rock climbing are for climbers looking to find eyewear that can block a significant amount of sunlight during the climb. Its classical design is a head-turner, but overall performance and comfort matter the most.

How to Choose Climbing Sunglasses

best climbing sunglasses

Choosing sunglasses for rock climbing can be overwhelming with all the available options. However, there are factors you can consider to guide you in choosing the sunglasses of your choice. Please see below:

Frame Quality

One of the factors that you need to check for climbing sunglasses is the frame. This part is very important because it is responsible for keeping the eyewear in place during the whole duration of the climb.

First, ensure that the frame can provide excellent grip to prevent the sunglasses from falling off during the actual climb. I highly suggest looking for rock climbing sunglasses with a rubberized nose and a temple grip to prevent them from slipping.

You also need to check the overall coverage of the frame. Climbing sunglasses must have a high amount of coverage, especially in the frame height and the side wrapping. In addition, a frame with tall lenses provides maximum protection to the eyes.


It is also essential to look for sunglasses that fit nicely into your head. The right sunglasses fitting will ensure maximum comfort and functionality during the climb. If you want more convenience, you must look for sunglasses with rubberized nose bridges and temples. On the other hand, cable temples will ensure that the sunglasses stay in place during the climb.

The most challenging is looking for the exact fit for you. It is much easier if you are only looking for a replacement. Buying a new one will make it much tougher to find the right one that fits your face. Fitting the sunglasses before purchasing is the best you can do to find out the comfort that the sunglasses feel when you fit them.

Quality of the Lens

best sunglasses for mountain climbing

Aside from the frame, you also need to check on the quality of the lens since it plays an essential role in protecting the eyes. You need to make sure that the lens being used can keep away the most amount of glare and light from the eyes. This feature is the main reason every climber wears sunglasses, and the lens plays a major role in doing it.

It depends on your preference when it comes to the various colors of the lenses. However, different colors bring a different feel when using sunglasses. Colors gray and green will help keep the eye fresh while reducing glare.

Brown lenses can add more depth, while light colors provide various effects and feel. When you are climbing in snow conditions, red lenses are perfect. Yellow lenses are best suited for hazy or light conditions.

Additional Features to Consider

An additional feature that you can consider can also help maximize your experience using rock climbing sunglasses. For example, some brands offer interchangeable sunglasses where various lenses of different colors can be used in a single pair of sunglasses. This feature will give you versatility, especially in choosing different colored lenses during the climb.

When it comes to the frame, I also recommend using a curved type, as it is nicely wrapped around your face to provide complete protection. Also, look for sunglasses with adjustable temples because they can hold well and prevent the sunglasses from slipping during the climb.


The best sunglasses for rock climbing is one that will protect your eyes from glare and sunlight during the climb. It is also essential to look for sunglasses that will stay on your face and not slip and fall while climbing. I hope our guide will help you choose the right sunglasses for rock climbing to protect you in your next adventure.

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