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The Best Climbing Jackets in 2023

best climbing jacket

This article will list five of the best climbing jacket that any climber can use today. We all know the importance of a climbing jacket in protecting climbers from wind or water. It serves as your outer layer of protection to manage the impact of the weather during the climb.

We have tested several climbing jackets in an effort to find the right one for any climber. We have checked everything, including the quality, features, and other related product information that help us determine the right climbing jacket for everyone.

Best Climbing Jacket Reviews

1. Marmot Waterproof PreCip Jackets

marmot waterproof precip jackets

If you do not want to be soaked while climbing outside, this climbing jacket from Marmot comes in handy. This jacket is available in several colors and protects you from the rain with its double-layered shell and well-fitting hood.

But in warm weather, two zippered side pockets and two pit zips provide a little airflow during this condition. But please note that this jacket is not intended for warmth, but you can wear layers underneath to achieve that. But the jacket’s ability to cut the wind and seal out the rain can also help keep out the cold a little bit.

From using this jacket outside, I find it perfect during fall or even the rainy summer. Another thing that impressed me with this jacket is its good adjustability and nice and snug wrists. It also comes with an excellent cut that uses the exact amount of materials.

I am also impressed by how this jacket goes up until the neck and covers everything, even though it is not directly connected to the hoodie. I am also impressed by the velcro on the hoodie, which allows easy adjustment to your preference.

Overall, the quality of this climbing jacket is very impressive. From the well-built zippers, sturdy button clasp, velcro cuffs, and waterproofing features, this product is the most suitable rock climbing jacket that anyone can use outside.

  • Provides waterproofing feature using recycled nylon fabric materials
  • Built with taped seams to prevent leaks
  • It uses bonded storm flaps over the zippers keeping the moisture away
  • Made with zippered back pockets for storage
  • Built with sturdiness, durability, and a dry-finish
  • Sizing issues

This climbing jacket will protect you from whatever condition on the outside during the climb. Ventilation is impressive as you feel the coolness on the inside and the dryness on the outside. It is very comfortable and moves freely when used.

2. Carhartt Waterproof Class Sherwood Jackets

carhartt waterproof class sherwood jackets

This climbing jacket from Carhartt will make you safe and visible during your climb. It is built with anti-visibility standards, which will be very useful when you climb in an environment that is darker than average. And it keeps you dry, too, which is its original purpose.

Based on checking this product and using it in actual climbing activities, I can say that this climbing jacket has superb construction. It comes with plenty of p[ockets, while the lining, buttons, hood, Velcro seal, and the tough zipper will make it completely waterproof and warm.

I also like that the hood snaps off while the adjustable waist will keep the drafts out, the large zippers, the wrist cuffs, and all the pockets. The interior is two-layered and warm, while the shell keeps me dry during the climb if it rains.

A small detail which is very important is the length of the sleeves. It extends past the glove area a little bit, which is fantastic since the rain will not get into the base of the glove. This climbing jacket also feels lighter, which is also an advantage.

The outside of this jacket also repels dirt or stains. It’s very flexible and moveable. The only issue I think every climber should look at is its tendency to get dirty quickly due to its bright color.

  • Made with 100% polyester shell and a water-repellent finish
  • Water seams are fully-taped to provide waterproofing features
  • With a stain-release feature that helps control stains
  • Built with brushed polyester quilt lining
  • Made to be visible during the climb
  • Gets dirty easily

Overall, this climbing jacket fits great and provides a great fit. It’s hot and provides waterproofing features, perfect for climbing outdoors. This climbing jacket will also help you feel warm when the environment is cold.

3. Rab Valiance Pro Down Climbing Jackets

rab valiance pro down climbing jackets

This climbing jacket from Rab is perfect when you are climbing outdoors. Based on my experience using them, this jacket feels warm and provides waterproofing features. The fit was just enough to make you comfortable during the climb.

This product is one of the most common mountain climbing jackets because it combines lightness and the ability to make your body warm. This product can cope with the rain and the wind. I also like the softness of the fabric, but still provides waterproofing or windproofing features.

I also like that it comes in a customized fit which should be perfect for any climbers regardless of their size. The hood is adjustable together with the cuffs. Meanwhile, a drawcord hem will batten down the hatches during the storm.

This product can warm you if you are still climbing during the rainy season. The insulation and the waterproofing outer material will keep your body warm all the time. These jackets also come with water-repellent features to trap body heat and have the ability to dry quickly.

I also like the presence of so many pockets that will be excellent for storage. The two zippered hand pockets and an internal pocket will help keep your climbing essentials. It also allows the climber to access these essentials easily.

  • The outer material is built waterproof to keep the climbers dry
  • Built with adjustable hood and cuffs
  • Made with drawcord hem
  • Built with plenty of pockets for excellent storage
  • Made with water-repellent treatment materials
  • Sizing issue

Overall, this climbing jacket provides the warmth you need during the winter. I am impressed by the high-end construction and high-quality materials. The fabric is soft but provides waterproofing and windproofing features.

4. Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell Hoody

mountain hardwear kor preshell hoody

This climbing jacket from Mountain Hardwear is perfect if you love simplicity in the design. The minimalistic and compact design stands out but will still be able to protect you from rain or wind during your climbing activities.

Aside from having a minimalistic design, I also like the lightness of this product. The lightness means you can bring this jacket to any outdoor adventure. This climbing jacket provides breathable protection it provides when it is chilling on the outside or having light rain.

Another feature that I was impressed with is the wind flap behind the zipper. This feature provides a big help in blocking the wind when you climb. Another feature to look at is the zippered hand pockets for storage. This feature allows you to use the jacket in multiple ways, including walking around town.

This product also uses high-quality materials in its construction, including high-quality nylon and shell fabric. Combined with the harness-compatible zippered hand pockets and the zip closure at the front, then you have a climbing jacket that can be used throughout the year.

The climbing jacket also provides a lot of versatility. I have worn this product over a t-shirt in a chilly breeze and light rain. Or, you can combine it with a fleece pullover to keep you warm in this condition.

  • Built with lightness and compact design
  • Made with shell fabric that is safe for the environment
  • It packs into the right-hand pocket
  • It comes with harness-compatible zippered hand pockets
  • It provides versatility and can be used throughout the year
  • The parts in the armpits are too tight

This climbing jacket has lightness and versatility to be used in various activities aside from climbing. It is built to be used throughout the year, regardless of the season. This product also fits true to its size.

5. Wantdo Mountain Waterproof Windproof Jackets

wantdo mountain waterproof windproof jackets

This jacket from Wantdo will make you stay dry but still comfortable when climbing in a cold environment. The outer shell is built very impressively and provides waterproofing features using a material that prevents water from entering the jacket.

At first glance, I immediately notice the comfort it brings the user. This climbing jacket feels suitable to wear, especially the lining in the hood, which covers the head of the user. The excellent also provides additional comfort beside the warmth it gives to the body.

Another thing that impressed me was the construction quality of this climbing jacket. First, the zipper is made of high-quality metal and looks well constructed. It allows the pocket to be zipped or unzipped easily. Below the armpit, I see that the stitching is reinforced, and the absence of snags and strays are excellent indicators of the construction.

This climbing jacket can also protect you from the wind and other threats in snowy conditions. An adjustable hem, snow skirt, and elastic cuffs will help seal off any opening that the air can enter inside.

I also like that this jacket offers a lot of storage area. It comes with zipper-secure hand pockets that allow you to put some valuables inside safely. It will also help in keeping your hands warm. Several exterior pockets and one interior pocket are also located strategically to let you bring some valuables and essentials during the climb.

  • Built with waterproofing and windproofing features to protect the climber
  • Made with high-quality materials to stand firm against abrasion and tearing
  • It comes with a snow skirt, adjustable hem, and elastic cuffs to keep the user warm
  • Made with several interior and exterior pockets for excellent storage
  • Built with premium generous insulation padding to keep them warm
  • Zippers are narrow

This climbing jacket offers excellent protection when climbing in icy or snowy conditions. You can also use it for other activities in the snow. This product provides the best defense from gusts and gales if you are doing extreme snow activities.

What to Look for in Looking for a Climbing Jacket

best rock climbing jacket

If you are climbing in rainy or icy conditions. You need a climbing jacket to protect your body from the cold and the rain. But with all the options available, choosing the right one can be challenging. To help you choose the correct climbing jacket, we have listed several factors that you can consider for a climbing jacket. Please read below:


The first thing you consider in buying a climbing jacket is its breathability. Breathability is the ability of the fabric to allow perspiration followed by evaporating it to the body and quickly escaping it to the outside. A climbing jacket with excellent breathability provides maximum comfort to the user.

So, when checking a climbing jacket, you must ensure it permits a lot of air inside and out of the shell. The breathability factor is essential to prevent the body from overheating and sweating too much upon wearing the jacket.


Depending on the type of climbing activity, you also need to check on the thickness of the climbing jacket that fits your needs. If you are doing ice climbing, then a thick and insulated jacket is what you need.

A lighter climbing jacket is enough for you for other climbing activities that do not deal with icy conditions. The best thing about a light jacket is the ability to be paired with insulating layers to keep you warm in a colder environment but still feel comfortable.


The weight is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a climbing jacket. A heavy jacket can affect your climbing in so many ways. The lighter, the better. But then again, it will all depend on the type of climbing activity you are doing. If you climb in snow, expect to wear a heavier climbing jacket.

Fit and Comfort

These two factors go together. The fitting is essential to every climber wearing a jacket as it also influences the amount of comfort it brings to the user. But the best tip is to level up the size when taking the jacket to higher elevations.

Other Features to Consider

best mountain climbing jackets

Internal Chest Pocket

You need to check on other features when looking for a climbing jacket. An internal pocket should be a priority as it provides storage you can bring during the climb. For example, you can keep your phone and other similar essentials when the weather goes bad. Avoid relying on external pockets because they are unreliable compared to internal ones.

External Pockets

External pockets are also an essential feature that can help the user during the climb. It can provide storage to various essentials when needed, especially when the weather goes sour. In looking for a climbing jacket, make sure to check on the availability of the external pockets.

Adjustable Hood

There is no denying the importance of a hood in a climbing jacket, especially when it rains during the climb. The hood will also help in keeping the wind and the cold out, especially when the neck is exposed when wearing the jacket.

Zip and Storm Guards

The quality of the zipper is also essential in a climbing jacket. A high-quality zipper and storm guards can keep the water from entering when it rains. Ideally, these features will prevent you from being wet in rainy weather.


The best climbing jacket will protect the climber and offer comfort at the same time. We have presented five climbing jackets that we think can protect climbers because of their quality, excellent construction, and other features. The climbing jacket is just one of the many things you will wear when climbing in extreme weather. But it is an essential clothing that will protect every climber from harsh weather conditions.

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