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The Best Climbing Shorts for 2023

best climbing shorts

Aside from having the right climbing equipment, wearing the right climbing outfit is necessary to perform optimum in any climbing activity. Climbing pants is essential during the cold season, but when it comes to the summer, the best climbing shorts are needed to be comfortable during the climb.

This article features six of the top rock climbing shorts anyone can use in their climbing activity. Our recommendations are based on experience and research to find the most comfortable shorts you can use during the climb.

Climbing Shorts Reviews

1. Jessie Kidden Men’s Outdoor Climbing Shorts

jessie kidden men's outdoor climbing shorts

If you are looking for the most suitable mens climbing shorts, you’ve got to check out this climbing short from Jessie Kidden. It is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex that offers comfort, elasticity, and coolness which is needed when you climb.

I like the versatility of the pants, which can be used as shorts during a hot day but is long enough to protect the climber from mosquitoes at night. I am impressed by the comfort it provides to the climber and the lightness it provides when the weather is so hot.

I also like the overall design of this climbing short. It has a relaxed fit, including a casual cut seat and thigh. This climbing short also sits naturally at the waistline. Also, the spandex fabric of this climbing short allows enhanced comfort and movement for the climber.

The overall construction quality of this climbing short is also impressive. It is not too tight or baggy and also has the right length. It fits perfectly around the waist for added comfort. Furthermore, the pockets come with generous height and width, although they are not expandable outwards.

Lastly, this climbing short is easier to maintain. The short is easy to wash and dries quickly, which is quite impressive. It also shows versatility in terms of its usage as it can also be used for hiking, running, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

  • Built with multi pockets to provide a lot of usage to the user
  • Made with a zipper fly with button closure
  • It comes with an elastic waist to suit most people and their body shape
  • Provides water-resistant and water-repellent properties
  • It can be used in other outdoor activities apart from climbing
  • Pockets are not expandable outwards

These climbing shorts are for climbers looking for stretch and comfortable climbing shorts to wear during the summer. It comes with multiple pockets and is equipped with a belt that suits different types of people and shapes.

2. Wespornow Men’s Hiking Climbing Shorts

wespornow men's hiking climbing shorts

This climbing shorts from Wespornow is one of the most preferred mens rock climbing shorts you can use outdoors. In addition, this product is made of polyester, spandex, and PVC, which are high-quality materials that comfort the user.

One of my favorites among all our recommended products. These climbing shorts come with zipper pockets that will be very useful for climbers. It comes with velcro adjusters on the sides, which means you do not need a belt for this sort.

Comfort is also the biggest asset of this climbing short. This type of short does not pinch between the legs or require the user to pull down the short to adjust periodically; sometimes, the short is very light, which enhances the user’s comfort when used.

It also comes with two easy-to-use metal push buttons, which allow you to fasten the shorts easily. Also, one of these buttons is surrounded by a velcro patch to provide a secure feel. These shorts are extra comfortable for overweight people since they do not need a belt to make them fit the body.

Lastly, these climbing shorts easily fit perfectly into my waist. It is not too snug or not too loose. It provides enough space for the legs to be loose to allow free movement, which is essential when climbing. The material is breathable and dries easily.

  • Built with multi-pockets to offer several options when carrying different things
  • Made with durable material and fabric to withstand the pressure of climbing grind
  • Easily adjustable waist length that can easily be fitted for extra comfort
  • With extra comfort on the fabric for enjoyable outdoor activities
  • It offers flexibility as it can be used for other outdoor activities aside from climbing
  • Not waterproof

This climbing short is perfect for climbers who have large body physiques. This climbing short will not let you use a belt to make the right fit for your waist. The Velcro adjuster is enough to allow the shorts to be properly sized for your body type.

3. Maamgic Mens Hiking Shorts

maamgic mens hiking shorts

This machine-washable climbing short is what you need in all your climbing activities. It’s made up of nylon and spandex materials that provide the user with unique comfort, durability, and waterproofing properties.

I am impressed by the type of comfort it brings during the climb. It has a wider leg opening that allows superior airflow, which is needed on warmer days. The overall shape and design are equally impressive as well.

The overall fitting of these shorts also provides unique comfort. Definitely, there are no excessive flare at the leg openings and no sags in the rear, which is perfect for climbing. Furthermore, there is no waistband which sometimes makes the user uncomfortable. Also, no chafing behind the knees was felt from excessive length.

Wearing these climbing shorts makes me so comfortable with their lightness. It is just short or not too long. Just enough to make you feel good and look good when wearing them in a climbing activity. They also dry quickly for easy maintenance.

It also helps that this company provides sizing information that allows the climber to get the right fit. All you have to do is rely on the sizing information, and you will get climbing short that easily fits your waist and body shape.

  • It comes with a zipper closure for enhanced security
  • Built to provide versatility and style with its belt loop waist with zip[per fly and button closure
  • Includes softer interior waistband, efficiently reduces chafing against the hips and lower back
  • With multiple pockets to secure valuable things with its plenty of storage
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Belt’s quality needs to improve

This climbing short is for climbers looking for a simple yet effective design that can be used in any climbing activity. It is a great short that provides a lot of functionalities and features and is made with high-quality materials. It comes with multiple pockets that offer excellent storage for your climbing essentials.

4. TACVASEN Men’s Cargo Mountaineering Shorts

tacvasen men's cargo mountaineering shorts

If you are looking for functionalities combined with unique fashion, you can try this climbing short from Tacvasen. This product is made of high-quality polyester and spandex that provides durability, lightness, and breathability that is perfect for climbing and other outdoor activities.

I feel the comfort of wearing these shorts during the climb. They fit as expected while also providing a slight stretch in the fabric to provide comfort and ease to the user. The lightweight materials feel very comfortable to use, especially during humid conditions.

Construction quality is also impressive. For bigger guys, a belt is optional, with elastic stretch on some parts of the waistband. The length is also perfect, while the fabric is when you do extreme movements during the climb. These climbing shorts are great to wear during hot weather.

I am also impressed by how they constructed this short regarding its durability. It comes with reinforced stitches on the keens, which enhances its durability. Furthermore, this breathable fabric also provides a water-resistance feature to keep you dry and clean in wet conditions.

Lastly, this climbing short comes with multi-pockets that can be used to store small but valuable items during the climb. It comes with two slanted pockets, one rear pocket, and one thigh pocket to secure essentials when you are above the ground.

  • It provides comfort and keeps you dry
  • Built with a stitched design that reinforced the keep to enhance its durability
  • Made with polyester and spandex to provide lightness, breathability, and quick-drying properties
  • Made with multi-pockets to offer storage space for climbing essentials
  • It can be used for other outdoor activities
  • Excessive threads at the ends

This product is for climbers looking for a light but comfortable climbing shorts. Its multi-pocket feature allows you to secure climbing essentials. This climbing short is also manufactured to do well in other outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and mountaineering.

5. Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Shorts

eddie bauer women's guide pro shorts

When it comes to climbing shorts for women, you need something that fits the needs of these lady climbers in any climbing activity. This climbing short from Eddie Bauer is machine washable and comes with a zipper closure that enables lady climbers to be comfortable in any climbing activity.\

I feel that this product is the perfect women’s climbing shorts that you can wear outdoors. Based on accounts from those lady climbers who have already used them, these shorts are incredibly comfortable and durable, which is what you need during the climb.

You will also love the fit of this climbing shorts. Once you wear it, it will just sit below the belly button for easy movement. There will be room to move when climbing boulders or simply hiking. Furthermore, it also has the length to provide leg protection.

Lastly, this climbing short is built with pockets that hold climbing essentials. Two regular front pockets and one horizontal front zip pocket can hold mobile phones and other essentials. Zip rockets can also hold car keys, paper maps, and other essentials.

  • Made of high-quality 100% nylon to provide comfort and durability
  • Machine washable with zipper closure
  • Built with multi pockets to provide storage
  • Shorts are lightweight and packable with unrestricted mobility
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • No back pocket

This product is for lady climbers looking for comfortable and reliable climbing shorts to use outdoors and in the gym. This high-quality climbing short offers extraordinary comfort with its lightness. It also does not restrict mobility during the climb.

6. Little Donkey Andy Women’s Stretch Shorts

little donkey andy women's stretch shorts

These women’s climbing shorts from Little Donkey Andy is what every lady climber needs during the climb. Its elastic waist and four-way stretch feature provide unique comfort for climbers when they are above the ground.

The comfort that this short brings comes from its lightness. The fabric provides extreme comfort as it is not too tight or not constricting to the wearer. Furthermore, the short has stretch material with the waist offering flexibility as it has elasticity on both sides.

The overall quality of this short is also impressive. It comes with a perfect amount of stretch but is never saggy. Furthermore, it provides a water-resistance feature that quickly dries up when wet. These shorts are stylish and comfortable.

I also like the waistband closure that lays flat and does not protrude like the other shorts. The modest length still protects the legs of the climbers during the climb. The multi-pocket feature is also helpful when carrying essentials during the climb.

Lastly, this climbing short is 95% polyester and 5% spandex to provide durability. This climbing short can be used in other outdoor activities apart from climbing. It can be used for hiking, leisure, travel, and golf.

  • Built with stretch fabric that enhances movement and comfort
  • With quick-drying properties and water-repellent features
  • Made with elastic waistband with belt loops for easy fit and adjustment
  • With a zipper closure and multiple pockets
  • It provides flexibility as it can be used for a number of outdoor activities
  • Sizing issues

This product is for lady climbers looking for comfortable climbing shorts that anyone can wear outside. I am impressed by the versatility of this product in terms of its usage, functionalities, and other properties that allow any climber to be comfortable during the climb.

How to Choose Climbing Shorts

best mens climbing shorts

Climbing short is an essential item a climber must have when doing any climbing activity. But you need to choose the right climbing short from a selection of many brands, which can be pretty challenging. However, there are things that you need to consider when buying climbing shorts. Please see below:


best rock climbing shorts

This factor is the most important to consider when looking for climbing shorts. It is the same when looking for other clothes. But with climbing, comfortability is essential as it helps climbers bring optimum performance during the climb.

When looking for comfort, wear shorts that do not restrict movement during the climb. Uncomfortable shorts can interfere with the ability to concentrate on climbing or bouldering and not the other problem which can affect climbing performance.


best womens climbing shorts

Durability is another factor must-have when looking for climbing shorts. The durability factor is essential for the climbing short’s longevity and survival as it will be exposed to different conditions during the climb.

Wearing climbing shorts means you will be putting these shorts to various challenges and conditions. The demand for these shorts is too tough that you need them to be durable to last longer. This article presents multiple climbing shorts made of high-quality materials that enhance the short’s overall durability.

Ease of Movement

Look for climbing shorts that will provide freedom of movement during the climb. You need the legs to be as unrestricted as possible since you will be a lot of movement during the climb. From high steps to heel hooks, hand-foot matches, and cutting feet, your movement must not be restricted when making all these moves.

Most of the recommendations in this article were designed not to interfere with your movement during the climb. Most of them offer freedom of movement, which helps climbers perform optimum performance in any climbing activity.


A good climbing shorts are those that will allow climbers to perform their best during the climb. A climber must be comfortable and can quickly move when wearing climbing shorts. Furthermore, the short must last longer despite all the challenges and difficult conditions.

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