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The Best Climbing Holds for 2023

best climbing holds

Are you planning to create your own climbing wall at home? This article lists six of the best climbing holds that aspiring climbers can use in their climbing walls. Climbing holds are an essential part of any climbing activity when the climbers either grab or step on them.

This article recommends various climbing holds for home wall that any climber can use. Our recommendations are based on proper research and experimentation, and testing of all climbing hold brands available today.

Climbing Holds Reviews

1. Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds

rocky mountain climbing holds

This Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear product is a perfect climbing holds for kids and adults because it is made with recycled, natural, and non-toxic materials. Using this climbing hold will not only satisfy your climbing desire but also keeps plastics away from landfill which is good for the environment.

This climbing holds offers more positive contact area to less positive contact area, albeit to a varying degree. It depends on how you place each hold according to your rotational alignment. This technique allows customization for rotating the holds and adjusting the difficulty depending on your preference.

In terms of quality, these indoor climbing holds are exceptional. It can be easily gripped by an adult or kid climber and has different types of shapes. The diversity of the holds is a bonus, but you can place similar holds upside down if you want to switch it up.

These climbing holds feel like natural rocks, which is quite impressive. They are heavy and feel like the real ones. It also has lots of variety in shapes, with plenty shaped well for handholds or footholds. All of them are adjustable to vary the difficulty level of the holds.

The only issue I notice is the foul smell after opening the product package. It is like a factory smell that should disappear after a few days. If you are still uncomfortable with the smell, wash all the holds with soap and water.

  • Made with recycled, natural, and non-toxic materials
  • Provides weatherproofing and waterproofing properties
  • It feels like natural rocks
  • Easy to grip and comes in varying shapes
  • Made for kids and adults
  • It emits a factory smell upon opening the package

This product is for climbers looking for reliable climbing holds for adults and kids. This climbing holds for professional use and includes all the hardware for mounting. This product is environmentally friendly and comes in different shapes and sizes.

2. Jungle Gym Kingdom Rock Climbing Holds

jungle gym kingdom rock climbing holds

These kids climbing holds from the Jungle Gym Kingdom is what you need to expose your children to climbing at an early age. It includes 8 feet long climbing rope for kids, an indoor climbing wall, an obstacle course, and a treehouse to maximize your kids’ playtime.

These climbing holds are sturdy enough to hold even adult weight. In fact, a full-grown man can climb the holds without any problem. More importantly, the pieces are brightly colored and smooth in the hands.

I also like the overall quality of this product. It is made of high-caliber durable plastic, which allows the climbing holds to withstand the varying conditions of the outdoors. This product also thrives in an indoor setting.

I also like the variety of these climbing sets. A single set comprises 25 assorted rock climbing holds in three different unique sets. It also comes in five colors: blue, green, yellow, red, and orange.

Apart from being sturdy, these climbing holds are easy to install. You can use a spade bit to drill into the backside of the decking board to make room. Also, the installation will be much easier and quicker when using a driver instead of the provided Allen wrench. You can use a ¼” bit to drill holes for the bolts to fit it nicely and snugly.

  • Includes 25 mixed climbing holds with varying shapes and colors
  • Made with highly durable plastic for indoor and outdoor usage
  • The package includes installation hardware such as nuts, bolts, and washers
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes additional accessories like climbing rope, obstacle course, and tree house
  • It comes with smaller bolts

This product is for belayers looking for reliable but affordable belay glasses. It is one of the best value belay glasses that anyone can use that allows fields of vision to the climber and the surrounding. It also helps that it comes with a case, a cleaning wipe, and a string for maintenance purposes.

3. Squirrel Products Rock Climbing Holds

squirrel products rock climbing holds

If you want to build your own rock climbing wall in your backyard, you need to use these rock climbing holds from Squirrel Product. It is one of the most preferred rock climbing hold brands and has a history of manufacturing various climbing accessories for kids.

This climbing holds will develop endurance, agility, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and confidence in your child. On top of that, this product will make your kid safe as it comes with screw-in plugs to fill in the holes and cover the bolts.

The climbing holds are very sturdy for the kids. The weight is heavy, and it feels like it will last for a long time. The holds come in three different shapes but changing the angle will give you additional options when these holds are installed.

A single set comes with 20 climbing holds in assorted colors and shapes. The package includes all the tools and hardware needed during the installation, such as the washers, nuts, bolts, and Allen wrench.

In terms of installation, with the presence of all the tools, it is easier for the user to install them quickly. Using a 5/4 for the wall will fit the size of the climbing holds perfectly. All the climbing hold pieces are strong enough to hold full-grown adults.

  • Available in different shapes and colors
  • Ability to customize wall pattern and adjust climbing holds depending on the difficulty
  • Built to keep the kids safe with screw-in plugs to fill in holes and cover the bolts
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes installation tools and hardware
  • It comes with shorter bolts

This product is for climbing enthusiasts looking for the most suitable rock climbing holds for their children. These climbing holds are available in various shapes and colors to help kids learn climbing while developing their mental and physical attributes.

4. KINSPORY Pig Nose Children Rock Climbing Holds

kinspory pig nose children rock climbing holds

Of all types of climbing holds, this product from Kinspory is unique. The climbing holds come in a pig-nose shape that can be used in many ways. You can use it as a jungle gym accessory, wooden playset, and playground toy.

I am impressed by the construction of this pig rock. It is made with durable weather-resistant plastic and comes with two mounting holes that will allow the user to secure attachment to the climbing set quickly.

These large handholds are perfect for children. With the way it is constructed, the kids can confidently climb, motivating them to exercise and improve their agility, flexibility, and even balance in their bodies.

Aside from its sturdiness, the climbing holds were all colorful. The product’s overall quality makes it feel much cheaper and more comfortable for the children to play. Furthermore, these climbing holds work in indoor and outdoor settings.

Lastly, installation is easy with this product as it includes everything you need, including the drill bit. It also comes with a pair of handles to be used on top of the wall. It is so easy to install using 5/4” deck boards. Just thread the nut on the bolt and use an impact driver to sink it into the wood.

  • Built in durable weather resistant plastic construction
  • Unique pig nose shape is available in a variety of colors
  • Created to help motivate the child to exercise and improve the overall physique
  • Made with two mounting holes for secure attachment to the climbing set
  • Includes installation tools
  • No instruction manual

This product is for climbing enthusiasts wanting to introduce their children to climbing. Of all the types of indoor rock climbing holds, this product is different with its pig nose design. The children will be excited to play using these climbing holds.

5. Milliard DIY Rock Climbing Holds

milliard diy rock climbing holds

This product from Milliard is another rock climbing hold made for kids. It features expansive and do-it-yourself functionalities that allow the user to create a fun and challenging area for all the children.

I am impressed by the overall durability of this product. It is safe to say that this climbing hold is manufactured to work for indoor and outdoor usage. It can hold up to 225 lbs and is built with durability. I felt these climbing holds wouldn’t crack regardless of conditions, whether it was raining or under the sun’s scorching heat.

Another feature that caught my attention is the variety of colors and shapes. The product comes in five different bright colors that should entice the kids to play. Furthermore, there is a rope and a rope bracket which is an excellent addition to the playset.

I also like the versatility of these climbing holds. Great for the family to enjoy. The toy itself promotes active and healthy play. It is one of the better ways to introduce your kid to climbing while improving their mental and physical attributes.

In addition, this product is easy to install as it includes all the mounting hardware. The product uses longer screw bolts to give more stability and resilience once the climbing holds are attached to the wall.

  • Built to create a fun and challenging area
  • Made with solid and durable materials for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Available in various bright colors and shapes perfect for children
  • Made to promote active and healthy play
  • Easy installation process; includes all installation hardware
  • Requires supplemental hardware

These climbing holds are very durable and sturdy. It’s perfect for climbing enthusiasts who want to introduce climbing to their kids. The additional rope is an excellent addition to an already perfect playset.

6. TOPNEW Kids Rock Climbing Holds

topnew kids rock climbing holds

This product from Topnew is another climbing hold built for kids’ usage. The climbing holds were designed specifically with kids in mind. It is built with fun shapes and bright colors to entice children to play and enjoy climbing.

Durability is the biggest asset of these climbing holds. The product is built and molded with durable and high-quality resin. Each climbing hold can accommodate up to 230 lbs of total weight, making your kids safe when climbing up and down.

The climbing surface holds a non-skid texture, providing excellent traction when used. This functionality greatly reduces the risks of the kids falling off. \also, the climbing holds are built to withstand the harsh effects of rain, sunlight, and wind. In other words, the product will fade quickly.

The climbing holds are perfect for any wall. Aside from the kids, this product can hold adults as well. In addition, the holds come in various shapes and offer different levels of grip. The product also provides much better mounting hardware for easy installation.

Lastly, this product can be used for outdoor and indoor settings. Installation is easy with clear-cut instructions. It is highly recommended to lay them down on the floor while marking holes instead of trying to place them as you go.

  • Built with high-quality resin for durability
  • Ability to support kids and adults at the same time
  • The non-skid texture on the surface offers excellent traction to reduce the risks of falling
  • With complete mounting hardware for easy installation
  • It can be used for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Missing hardware

This product is for climbing enthusiasts looking for climbing holds for kids that are durable and tough. The climbing holds are built to support both kids’ and adults’ weights. It comes in various colors and shapes and has complete mounting accessories.

How to Choose Climbing Holds

best rock climbing holds

With all the options available, choosing the right climbing holds for your needs can be scary. Whether it’s for you or your children, there are certain factors that you need to consider when looking for climbing holds. Please see below.


Looking for the right size of holds is essential. If the intention is to build a climbing wall for children, then it is a must to look for smaller holds made for children. When it is for adults, larger climbing holds are the right fit for your climbing wall. The right size is essential for the grip and traction of the climbers.


climbing holds for kids

You also need to look for climbing holds with variety. The climbing holds should offer various shapes, sizes, and colors for versatility. Variety is essential since every climber has different climbing personalities, including grip and climbing styles.


You also need to consider the texture of the holds before considering one. And it is all about personal preference. You can choose a smooth or rough surface, depending on your choice or the other possible users of your climbing wall.


Comfort is an essential factor when considering climbing footholds. Again, it is about personal preference, as everyone has different grips and climbing styles. When looking for comfort, it is a must to look for climbing holds that offer balance and significant footholds to achieve the much-needed comfort you deserve.


The best climbing holds are those that can provide safety, comfort, and enjoyment to the climbers. The product should also help in maximizing the performance of the climbers. The thrill of climbing is usually found on the climbing holds, whether for kids or adults.

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