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The Best Belay Glasses for 2023

best belay glasses

This article features three of the best belay glasses anyone can use. A few are skeptical about the importance of wearing belay glasses when belaying a climber. But this type of glass helps avoid neck strain commonly associated with belaying.

Furthermore, belay glasses for rock climbing help reduce strain and tension in the neck, which makes belaying more comfortable and allows the user to have a keen eye for the climber making the climb safer. Please check our recommendations below:

Top 3 Belay Glasses Reviews

1. BG Belay Rock Climbing Glasses

bg belay rock climbing glasses

The BG Climbing uses prisms to let the belayer look straight ahead and prevent neck strain. This product stands out for its simplicity but remains perfect with all its functionalities that allow the belayer to be very comfortable and have an ideal vision.

This product is one of the best adjustable belay glasses that any belayer can use. These belay glasses allow the user to wear them with my sunglasses at the same time. The reflection of these belay glasses is small enough to let the user see and look directly at the climber.

In my experience wearing the glass, the slimmer case does not get in the way while climbing. In fact, the glasses are comfortable and very sturdy. The straps are secure and have two extra screws and a cleaning kit.

I appreciate the smaller prisms and frames with these belay glasses. In fact, it allows the user to see what is around them in the gym or the crag. Although it takes some time to get used to, these belay glasses help not strain your neck.

These belay glasses also come with a protective case which allows you to protect the glasses. You can attach the case to the harness with the carabiner. The case contains a rope retainer and a glass cloth for maintenance purposes.

  • Built with high-quality prisms that provide a perfect alignment
  • Made with a thin frame that allows two fields of vision
  • Built with resistance and sustainable frames
  • Easy-to-use belay glasses
  • Includes a case that allows the user to protect the glasses
  • The loop on the case is weak

This product is for belayers looking for reliable but affordable belay glasses. It is one of the best value belay glasses that anyone can use that allows fields of vision to the climber and the surrounding. It also helps that it comes with a case, a cleaning wipe, and a string for maintenance purposes.

2. YY Vertical Belay Glasses Plasfun Evo

yy vertical belay glasses plasfun evo

These belay glasses from YY Vertical will allow you to look straight ahead to secure the climber. The belay glasses come with larger prisms that provide incredible comfort to the user. It also comes with a double-closing case that gives the glasses more security.

I appreciate the lightness and comfort that these belay glasses provide. It feels very sturdy and comes with a case that helps slip the glasses between climbs. The glasses cord is also a bonus, as it allows you to hang the glasses on the neck.

These belay glasses are a great size to see the climber and the wall easily. The prisms have the perfect size to look over and under, depending on where they are positioned on the nose. This feature allows the user a full view of the climber while being kept with the peripheral vision on the wall to provide a confident, soft catch.

I also like how these belay glasses were designed. It comes with a sporty look that is perfect for climbing usage. The fit is also impressive and well-constructed. The glasses will save the user’s neck when someone is belaying a top rope for a long time.

Lastly, these belay glasses allow the user to use sunglasses when needed. It’s light, comfortable, simple, and user-friendly too. These belay glasses are the most comfortable ones you can use when belaying.

  • Built with large prisms for a cleaner look
  • Made to provide comfort to the belayer
  • These belay glasses can be combined with sunglasses
  • Built with a sporty look that is perfect for climbing
  • Includes double closing case that protects the glasses when not in use
  • Hinges and end pieces are made of plastic

This product is for belayers looking for nicely designed belay glasses. It is one of the top climbing belay glasses designed with a sporty look that is perfect for climbing. The double-closing case and cord are excellent add-ons to the product.

3. Ucraft Climbing Belay Glasses

ucraft climbing belay glasses

These climbing glasses from Ucraft will help any belayer eliminate neck pain. These belay glasses will help make climbing safer and more focused, especially when climbing on long routes. It also comes with a case, a lanyard, and a wipe for easy maintenance.

I am impressed by the durability of these belay glasses. This product is made with strong ABs plastic with a mat surface that allows it to stand even under challenging conditions. This material also extends the longevity of this product.

In terms of usage, I am impressed with how the glasses stay on the face and do not slide off when climbing. It comes with clear optics and is very light, enhancing the comfort the user will feel during the climb.

These belay glasses also come in excellent construction quality and provide sharp vision. The glasses come with special lenses intended for climbing. Furthermore, these glasses also come with an excellent cover that can be hung from the harness and allows for easy retrieval of the glasses when needed.

Lastly, these belay glasses have a stackable design that provides enhanced peripheral vision. This feature will help prevent disorientation and make climbing safer and more accessible. Furthermore, these belay glasses can be used over regular sunglasses.

  • Built with strong ABS plastic that enhances durability and longevity
  • Designed to eliminate neck pain and makes the belayer more comfortable
  • Built with high transparency prism that provides clear vision with the correct angle
  • With a slim and stackable design that enhances the peripheral vision of the belayer
  • Includes shock-proof case, black neck strap, and cleaning cloth for easy maintenance
  • With a strong plastic smell

This product is for belayers looking for reliable belay glasses that can be used during the climb. These belay glasses will help the belayer eliminate neck pain, especially on longer routes. This product also includes extra bonuses, such as casing, straps, and cleaning cloth.

How to Choose Belay Glasses

best climbing belay glasses

Belay glasses help belayers greatly to eliminate neck pain that usually happens on longer routes. But choosing the right glasses can be challenging with all the available options. However, you can consider some factors below as a guide when selecting belay glasses:

The Right Fit

Since the user comes with different faces, you must find belay glasses that easily fit your face structure. Looking for the right fit is to be comfortable during the climbing. You need a belay glass that easily fits your face structure and becomes a part of the whole belay system.

The Thickness of the Frame

The frame’s thickness is also essential in looking for belay glasses. The thickness of the frame determines how the glasses perform during the actual climb. It provides strength to the glasses and enhances their durability.

However, the frame’s thickness is also one reason why some of the glasses are not affordable. The thick the frame, the higher the price of the glasses. The thickness also makes the glasses weigh more and has the possibility to block your vision.

Quality of the Lens

best value belay glasses

The lens is an essential factor to consider when choosing belay glasses. The quality of the lens can have an impact on the vision of the belayer. You need to look for lenses that provide superior image quality.

Frame Material

The frame material is another important factor to consider when choosing belay glasses. Plastic and metal options can be selected and impact the glasses’ quality. When you choose plastic frames, they are less durable but inexpensive. Metal frames are stronger but usually cost more.


The most suitable belay devices are those that eliminate the neck pain that belayers usually feel after the climb. A good belay glass has the functionalities to provide excellent image quality while making the belayer more comfortable for a safer climb.

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