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The Best Carabiner for Grigri in 2023

best carabiner for grigri

One of the more popular belaying devices that many climbers use nowadays is the Grigri. But to be able to maximize the usage of the Grigri, it must be paired with the right carabiner for the safety and protection of the climbers.

This article lists five of the top carabiner for Grigri that anyone can use today. These recommendations are based on our actual usage experience with the carabiners along with the Grigri. Other information is provided to guide climbers choose the best locking carabiner for Grigri.

Top 5 Carabiner for Grigri Reviews

1. Petzl Freino Twist-Lock Carabiners

petzl freino twist-lock carabiners

The first product is a Petzl carabiner for GriGri that any climber can use. If you have a GriGri II, this carabiner fits perfectly, especially if you are on the heavy side and use a thinner rope. I feel that anyone using the GriGri as their belay device can use this carabiner for safety and protection.

The best thing about this carabiner is that it gives you better control when lowering off during the climb. It gives you so much control, especially when used with GriGri.This product also adds more friction to the system, meaning no more rope burns in the hands.

Combining it with the brand’s stop descender will only take about two seconds to tie up at height. The presence of the wire lock will allow you to insert or remove the rope quickly. This product will let you have more control during the descent.

Furthermore, this carabiner for GriGri is excellent for belaying heavier than you. When there is a significant difference between the belayer and the climber, using this carabiner will help increase your safety. The locking mechanism will give you extra peace of mind.

The only issue I see with this carabiner is the locking system. I wish it had a screw-lock rather than a twist-lock gate. I was having a difficult time opening the gate with one hand. Operating the lock during the climb can be challenging when you are on the heavier side.

  • Built to provide easy and secure placement of the rope
  • Made with an auto-locking feature
  • It provides more friction to the system to prevent or minimize rope burn
  • Made with a snag-free gate interface keylock system
  • It provides descent control as it allows adjustment of the rope friction
  • The locking system is difficult to operate

Overall, this product is the most well-known carabiner for GriGri 2. So, this carabiner is a perfect option if you are a climber using GriGri as your belaying device. It gives so much control when lowering and is ideal for belaying climbers bigger than you.

2. DMM Ceros Quicklock Carabiners

dmm ceros quicklock carabiners

Another carabiner that is ideally made to match GriGri devices is this carabiner from DMM. This product is so smooth to operate. I feel that everything in this carabiner for GriGri is well thought out and will benefit the climber when used with the GriGri.

The design impressed me the most. The round stock at the top provides a smoother rope action. Meanwhile, the horn will keep the GriGri in position. Also, this carabiner has a twist-lock system which is easy to use with one hand.

This carabiner is also meant to assist in braking belay devices. The wire gate portion, which connects the harness, has the most uncomplicated design I like. This feature allows one to pull the belay loop through the opening easily and lock easily in one clean motion.

Also, this carabiner can solve the issue for all belay devices that tend to twist or cross-load a typical carabiner. The presence of a lock will keep it stationary on the belay loop to prevent the same issue from happening. Furthermore, the action in the catch is so impressive and precise.

Overall, the quality of this belay carabiner for GriGri is impressive. The dual motion to open and close the lock is so easy to operate. Then, there is the green lock safe that enhances the safety of the carabiner.

  • Design to provide a smooth rope action
  • The locking system is so easy to operate
  • Prevents twisting or cross-loading the belay devices
  • Excellent form and operation with no rough edges
  • The gate opening space allows easy clipping of the belay equipment
  • A bit heavy

This carabiner is what every climber needs when using GriGri as their belay device. This product is an excellent upgrade to the normal locking carabiner used specifically for belayers. This product is reliable but costs less.

3. Black Diamond Gridlock Screwgate Locking Carabiners

black diamond gridlock screwgate locking carabiners

Another carabiner that pairs perfectly with GriGri is this product from Black Diamond. This product will help to prevent cross-loading on the gate. This high-quality carabiner will add safety to the climber and pair well with the GriGri.

I use this carabiner with the GriGri to toprope solo, which has a lot of easy climbs. Based on what I experienced, this product is ideal since it will not allow the dreaded cross-load falls. I tried to use this carabiner and the GriGri in smaller sections. You may find it challenging to slide the belay device all the way through, but it was worth it.

Furthermore, the gridlock will help you maintain the carabiner while you are on the site while belaying. It may be challenging to use in the beginning, but once you fully adjust and learn how to push the belay delay device through the gridlock, you will realize that this feature is an excellent addition.

Also, compared to the other standard carabiner, this product effectively prevents cross loading issues. Thanks to the gridlock design, these issues can be avoided. The harness will be put in the small part of the carabiner while the belay device will be placed in the large part, effectively eliminating the chance of cross loading.

In terms of quality, this carabiner for GriGri is well-built. It is built with a magnetic catch that allows the carabiner to be open quickly. Furthermore, the gridlock design of this carabiner makes me feel secure, safe, and confident that the lock is closed correctly.

  • Hot-forged construction using synthetic materials
  • Made with an easy-to-use and intuitive design
  • Built to isolate belay loop to prevent cross loading issue
  • Made with screwgate sleeve
  • With rounded and large rope-bearing surface
  • Removing or connecting can be a challenge to the user

This carabiner is for the climber looking for the best partner for their GriGri. Using this product during the climb will effectively eliminate cross loading issues and enhance the safety and protection of the climber during the climb.

4. FVW Auto Locking Rock Climbing Carabiners

fvw auto locking rock climbing carabiners

Another carabiner that fits perfectly with GriGri is this product from FVW. Aside from using it with a belaying device, this carabiner can also be used with chalk bags or just keeping all the things together.

I really like the finish and the overall quality of this carabiner. Thanks to the durable and strong material being used with this product. According to the manufacturer, this carabiner is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is why it is extremely durable and strong.

I also like the locking system of this product. It uses an auto-lock one-hand operation that is so easy to use. Operating these carabiners with the GriGri with only one hand can be done during the climb. The locking tip may take time to get used to, but I really feel that it provides maximum safety.

There are also some small things that make this carabiner different from the others. The wide-gap opening allows this carabiner to fit into tight spaces. Also, aside from the easy usage of the auto-locking system, it helps enhance the climber’s security. AIt also great to see that all the strength ratings are etched into the metal for the user to see easily.

Flexibility is also the biggest asset of this product. Aside from climbing, this carabiner can also be used for other purposes, such as hiking, camping, backpacking, and even day-to-day activities where a carabiner is needed.

  • Made with durable and strong materials
  • Built with auto-locking and easy-to-use locking system
  • Heavy-duty and large size
  • The locking system provides maximum security and safety
  • It can be used in a variety of applications
  • Large size can be an issue for other climbers

One of the most trustworthy carabiners you can partner with the GriGri-type belaying device. This product is super strong and is spring-loaded with a safety closure function that makes the climber safe and protected.

5. Petzl SM’D Carabiners

petzl sm'd carabiners

When looking for a carabiner to pair with GriGri, the primary purpose is to help the belaying device prevent cross loading. And this is what this carabiner from Petzl does when it is used together with a GriGri belaying device.

The first thing that impresses me is the extra security it gives during the climb. The self-secured carabiner fits with the GriGri perfectly. The twist lock mechanism is easy to unlock but does not cross-load using a GriGri device. Furthermore, the extra security from the triple-action gate enhances the safety of the users.

This carabiner is pretty small, but it is indeed built well. It is on the lighter side but does sacrifice its overall strength. It also helps that it is so easy to detach. The product is probably the smallest carabiner in this style, but its shape and ergonomics make this carabiner very versatile.

I also like the red paint under the screw lock, which allows the user to know if it is secured or not. Not seeing the red latch means you are double-locked and might be in danger. This unique feature helps instill discipline with regard to safe climbing practices.

Lastly, the presence of the small hole allows you to secure anything into the carabiner. As for the locking system, you may find it challenging to manage at first, but it will be fine after some time the moment you get used to it.

  • Built with an ergonomic design; the cross section is constructed to provide a better grip
  • Lightness allows multiple uses
  • Screw-lock automatic system provides maximum protection and security
  • Made with a keeper hole to prevent accidental dropping
  • The red band provides a visual warning if the screwgate is unlocked
  • The screw part slides easily when clipping or unclipping

This carabiner is for climbers looking for the best partner for their Grigri. Using this carabiner from Petzl prevents cross-loading issues and makes the climber safe with its quality and advanced functionalities.

How to Choose Carabiner for GriGri

best locking carabiner for grigri

Many carabiners are available in the market, but not all can be paired with GriGri. To guide you in choosing a suitable carabiner, we have listed several factors you can consider before buying the product.

Locking mechanism

How the carabiner will secure is an essential factor to consider. The locking system of the carabiner is vital for the safety and protection of the climber. There are several locking mechanisms, but the screwgate is widely used.

Other locking systems include double-action, triple-action, magnetic, and twin gates. Each of them offers advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to know the best one for you to maximize your safety.

Construction Materials

The materials being used determine the strength and durability of the carabiner. When choosing, it is better to look for one made with steel. Steel-made carabiners provide strength and durability but are heavier.

For climbers that do not want heavy carabiners, aluminum-made products will suit them. Aluminum is light and prevents the rope from rubbing and wearing down the carabiner, especially when using GriGri.


The carabiner’s strength is also essential, primarily if it is intended to be used with a Grigri. It is a must for you to look for a carabiner that is tested and certified by the CE or the UIAA. When a carabiner is certified, it is strong enough to handle the weight it carries during the climb.


The design of the carabiner is also essential when pairing it with a GriGri. They come in different shapes and sizes, but for GriGri, the D-shaped carabiner is the best one. It will help prevent the carabiner from rotating while shifting the load to the carabiner’s spine and not on the gate.

Other Related Information

belay carabiner for grigri

The primary reason for using the suitable carabiner for GriGri is to eliminate cross-loading issues. This situation is when the carabiner is stretched horizontally on its minor axis. One side of the rope stresses horizontally against the gate, the locking sleeve, the nose, and the center of the spine.

Since a carabiner is designed to be loaded on the longer axis near the spine, it will be weaker once cross-loading happens. So, it is a must to look for a carabiner that prevents this issue when using GriGri.

Petzl, the creator of GriGri, recommends using D-shaped carabiners to be paired with their belaying device. If not, the company is recommending their Freino design. More importantly, using a locking carabiner fits well with a GriGri regardless of its type.


To prevent cross loading during the climb, using the most suitable carabiner for GriGri is essential. Using standard carabiners will not prevent the situation from happening. A specific carabiner intended for Grigri is the best thing you can do if you want to eliminate the chance of cross-loading during the climb.

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