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How Many Quickdraws Do I Need

how many quickdraws do i need

A quick draw is essential climbing equipment that connects the rope to run freely with other protective equipment when you climb. But the biggest question when dealing with quickdraws for the first time is the quantity you will need to bring in a climbing activity.

The number of quickdraws you need to bring depends on the type of climbing you are doing. But for regular climbing routes, it is recommended to have 12 quickdraws maximum and 6 for outcrop and short routes. After reading this article, you will know how many quickdraws do I need during a particular climbing activity.

Climbing Activity No. of Quickdraws Needed
Standard Sport Routes 12 Quickdraws
Longer Sport Routes (More than 30 meters Long) 16-18 Quickdraws
Longer Routes At Least 24 Quickdraws
Routes Needing 70m Rope or Longer More 12 Quickdraws

If you want to ask how many quickdraws do I need for sport climbing, it depends on the place, the type of climbing, and how long the climb will be. But to simplify the answer, you will need at least 12 quickdraws when dealing with standard sports routes.

In addition, on those routes requiring at least 70 meters of climbing rope, you will need more than 12 quickdraws. For longer routes that cover around 30 cm long, you will need approximately 16 to 18 quickdraws. For routes that are much longer, you will need at least 24 quickdraws during the climb.

When there is a guidebook listing the number of bolts in the route, that also indicates the number of total quickdraws you will need during the climb. Other factors that you need to consider and influence the quantity of the factors are when you use the quickdraws as part of the anchor and try to bring extra in your harness.

If you are curious about the exact quantity, you can find the climbing guidebook in the location of your climbing activity. You can check the number of bolts on the route from the guidebook, which is the exact number of quickdraws you will need during the climb.

Factors that Influence the Number of Quickdraws You Need

number of quickdraws you need

Aside from the type of climbing activity you are doing, there are certain factors that may influence the number of Quickdraws you need to bring during the climb. Please see the list below:

The Weight

The weight is an essential factor that needs to be considered by every climber as it affects their performance. With an estimated average of about 60 to 110 grams, it is safe to say that having multiple quickdraws can add to the weight they will be bringing in the climb.

Too much weight during the climb can be a burden and affect your performance. But the solution is not to immediately get lighter quickdraws as there are also some downsides to using them. Lighter carabiners are harder to clip and weaker, which affects your safety.

So, the best thing to do is find the best quickdraws that fit the type of climbing you are involved with. A quickdraw that does not give you much weight but is still dependable. Saving weight is essential, especially if you are doing longer distances.

Carabiner Size and Shape

carabiner size and shape

The size and shape of the carabiner may also affect the number of quickdraws you may want to bring in the climb. Please note that the smaller the carabiner, the lighter they are. However, the smaller the carabiner, the more difficult it is to manipulate or use the quickdraw.

On the other hand, the shape of the carabiner can also influence the comfort of using it during the climb. Having more extensive hands can also affect the type of carabiners needed during the climb.

Length of the Sling

The length of the sling is also an essential factor to consider as it also affects several other factors that determine the quantity of the quickdraws you will need. The sling is called the dog bone, and its length can also affect how it will perform during the climb.

But if you want to know what length quickdraws should I get, the longer the slings are, the more effective it is in reducing the rope drag. However, the longer the sling is, the heavier and bulkier the quickdraws will be. It is better to combine short and medium-length quickdraws to fit your climbing needs as a climber.

Distance and Wall Height

Another factor that may influence the number of your quickdraws is the distance of the route and the height of the wall. When it comes to dealing with distance, you need to make sure that the quantity you need to bring allows you to climb comfortably.

You need to make sure that you have enough quickdraws from start to finish. But then again, all of the other factors must be considered in order for you to have a successful climb.


So, how many quickdraws do I need? Choosing the number of quickdraws will be influenced by the type of climbing activity you are involved with. Other factors can also affect the quantity, as stated in this article, as it also affects the climb’s comfort and quality. But when selecting and choosing the quantity, it is essential to optimize your climbing activity.

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