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How Do Mountaineers Make Money

how do mountaineers make money

To many, mountain climbing is a hobby and not a profession. However, mountaineers can undoubtedly make money out of their hobby, and there are many ways to do it. When you are into mountain climbing, and it is your passion, you can certainly convert this passion into a full-time or part-time income.

But how do mountaineers make money? With basic mountain climbing skills and knowledge of the trails, a mountaineer can be a guide to other mountain climbers. Being a guide is just one of the ways that a mountaineer can earn. If you want to know how much money do mountain men make, read this article until the end.

Mountaineering Guide / Instructor

If you have the skills and familiarity with the terrain in your area, then you can be a mountaineering guide or instructor. Apart from earning, the benefit of this job is your chance to impart your passion to other mountain climbers.

On average, a mountain climber’s salary, by being a guide, can earn from $40,000 to $75000 annually. But these figures are just rough estimates and vary depending on the location and your experience as a guide. Most mountaineering guides work more during the peak season and are expected to work more during this time than at the time of the year.

If you love teaching the basics of mountain climbing, then being a guide or a climbing instructor is an excellent way to warm some dollars with your mountaineering knowledge. The salary may not be as big but sharing your passion with others always brings a sense of fulfillment.

Climbing Gear Representative

You can undoubtedly be a climbing gear representative if you have vast knowledge about mountaineering and are familiar with most equipment used during the climb. In this job, you must apply to climb gear companies and retailers and go to various mountaineering shops to promote your products.

This job requires you to have the selling skills to convince people to buy your products. But based on experience, selling skills and techniques can be learned, so it should not be a problem. A climbing gear representative is estimated to earn from $35000 to $80000 annually.

Public Speaking

One way for mountain climbers to earn is to be a public speaker. In this part-time job, you will share your knowledge, experience, and other stories about mountain climbing. You can also provide tips that can help aspiring mountaineers improve their skills.

Public speaking can be an excellent source of income. But, you need to have connections around the climbing community to provide you with consistent speaking engagements. If you have life-changing stories related to mountaineering or near-death experiences, they can be worth sharing with others.

Working at a Climbing Gym

Another way to earn if you have mountaineering skills is to work in a climbing gym. There are many job positions that you can apply for if you have mountaineering experience. You can be at the front desk or teaching other people who want to learn climbing skills.

Being a climbing gym employee will allow you to earn a decent amount of money. However, if you want higher pay, then you can transition to more advanced mountaineering jobs such as teaching climbing courses or even route settings.


A mountaineer paid by climbing equipment companies and manufacturers to promote their products is another way to earn money. The mountaineer will be the endorser or the representative of the company and their products.

Sponsorship deals may result in the mountaineer earning a lot of dollars. But getting sponsorship deals is easier said than done. A mountaineer must be famous in many ways, like having excellent social media followers.

When you have followers, fans, and an audience, it is easier for companies to reach out to you and ask to promote their products. Maintaining a good social media presence can help in reaching your audience. If you have a lot of social media followers, then there is a good chance that companies will approach you sooner than later.

Digital Marketer

You can be a digital marketer if you have mountaineering skills coupled with film making, writing, or photography skills. In this job, you will be documenting and making some content related to mountaineering.

Producing informative online content can be an excellent source of income through sponsorships, affiliate deals, and even ad revenue on Youtube and other online platforms. There is no better way to earn than to document what you love to do and share it with your audience while making tons of money.


How do mountaineers earn money? If you love mountain climbing, there are many ways to turn your passion into an excellent source of income. There are many jobs that you can do to earn a decent living.

But the most important thing is doing what you do best. If your passion is mountaineering, you can undoubtedly find a way to earn out of it. It is all up to you to find the best possible job that will give you a decent way of life.

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