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The Best Climbing Harness for Women in 2023

best climbing harness for women

There is no doubt that climbing is for everyone. Whether you are a male or female, anyone can take up the sport and enjoy what it brings to you. But same as their male counterparts, female climbers need the right equipment to make climbing easier and safer, such as the climbing harness.

So, what are the best climbing harness for women? Our female climber team tested several products to look for the most suitable womens climbing harness today. We have checked on various factors such as features, quality, longevity, and many more to find the right one that suits the needs of female climbers.

Best Climbing Harness for Women Reviews

1. EDELRID Jayne III Women Climbing Harness

edelrid jayne iii women climbing harness

Male and females have different body structures. So, when making the women’s rock climbing harness, it should be made and tailored to the female anatomy. Fortunately, this climbing harness made by Edeldrid is manufactured specifically for the male anatomy.

What I like about this climbing harness are the adjustable leg loops that allow the user to adjust the size of the legs for a more comfortable climb. It also helps that an easy-to-center tie-in point provides the user with excellent fit and flexibility.

I also think the leg loops are a bit longer, which is perfect for female climbers. The longer this part of the harness is, the better it is for the climber to do optimal positioning, significantly above the hip bones during the climb.

This climbing harness also provides plenty of space for quick draws. Another feature that makes this climbing harness for women unique is the presence of a small waist belt pocket. The pocket can be used to store an RFID system for your tracking system.

It is also a comfortable harness that uses high-quality materials. There is movable padding on the hips, allowing the climber to quickly adjust and position the harness. Also, slide block buckles provide comfort and security to the climber.

  • Made with high-quality materials to provide longevity
  • Leg loops provide an easy-adjustment feature that provides optimal fit and flexibility
  • Made with movable padding for easy adjustment
  • Leg loops are made longer to provide optimal position to the hip bones
  • Slide block buckles offer comfort and security
  • A little bit confusing when used for the first time

Overall, this harness is comfortable and fits easily. And it also comes in lovely colors that are not too bright, which is perfect for female climbers. Quality is also impressive and will help this climbing harness last long.

2. Black Diamond Primrose Women Harness

black diamond primrose women harness

Most women’s climbing harness reviews will provide you with all the features that this women’s harness brings. In our own review, we will tell our own experience when testing this product. As for this women’s harness from Black Diamond brings a lot of substance and makes the user feel safe with all the security features it provides.

I am impressed by the waist belt buckle, which feels durable and strong. It provides safety and security to the user during the climb. It also helps that it is easy to adjust for more comfortable climbing. The bullhorn-shaped waist belt is manufactured with dual-core construction, where the individual straps have two cores to enhance comfort and safety level.

This harness is an excellent fit if you are a female climber with large thighs. This product provides an easy adjustment feature to make you more comfortable during the climb. This adjustment feature offers an easy leg loop customization for you to have a harness that fits nicely to your body.

Aside from the comfort, I also like this women’s harness’s lightness to the user. According to some members, you will not feel this harness during the fantastic climb. There will be no pinching, no rubbing, and no awkward spots.

Lastly, this harness also offers other features that make climbing easier. These features include the adjustable rear plastic risers, four-pressure-molded gear loops and a haul loop. All of these features make this product an all-around climbing harness for women.

  • Built with a pre-threaded waist belt buckle that provides durability and easy adjustment
  • The leg loop is made to provide easy adjustment and customization
  • The waistbelt is built with a dual-core construction
  • Provides lightness
  • Made with adjustable rear plastic riser
  • Washing can be a challenge

This climbing harness made for women provides comfort and the lightness that every woman climber needs. The easy adjustment on the leg loops will allow easy customization, even for climbers with huge legs. This harness is intuitive, easy to use, and sturdy.

3. Petzl CORAX LT Women Harness

petzl corax lt women harness

This women’s harness from Petzl is built for women who are just starting to learn and experience climbing. This product is specifically made for women and will bring a lot of versatility when you use it based on our experience.

The first thing that I notice upon checking this product is the impressive craftsmanship and the unique design. This product will provide a good number of belt loops that are built with durability and toughness.

Two rigid gear loops are built in the front and angled to make the climber easily access the gear. There are also two spacious and flexible gear loops at the back that can be used easily without affecting the space of a backpack at your back.

I also like how this harness supports the user without limiting the movement during the climb. This benefit will make the climber more comfortable. Also, the waist belt can be easily widened on the side and back to support the hips and efficiently do twist and turn movements.

Lastly, this climbing harness for women comes with a waist belt that can be fully adjusted. It features five different sizes that allow the climber to find the perfect fit that is comfortable quickly. Also, the leg loops come with elastic straps and flexible webbing to provide a snug and secure fit.

  • Made with unique design and high-quality materials
  • Built with excellent support to enhance durability and longevity
  • Includes for loop located strategically to allow the climber easy access to equipment
  • Provides comfort without restricting the movement
  • The waist belt provides easy adjustment and easy movement
  • Leg loops are not adjustable

This product comes with an excellent design, while the materials are of high quality. The harness is also straightforward to put on and has an ideal combination of colors. This climbing harness for women is perfect for those who are just starting to climb.

4. HandAcc Climbing belts Harnesses

handacc climbing belts harnesses

This climbing harness for women combines comfort and safety for the user. The product is made from polyester supported by high-quality stitching and tie-in point. With this excellent construction, expect this climbing harness to last even if you use it for more extended periods.

Aside from the excellent construction quality, I am also impressed by the quality of the sewing threads. It’s a high-tension sewing thread that makes the harness stronger and safer while also making the climber more comfortable.

I also notice that this climbing harness has a thick frame construction that provides excellent weight distribution to the climber. The result is maximum comfort for the user. This thick construction can be found on the waist belt and the leg loops constructed with double straps. The waist belts are also built wider on the back and the legs.

I am also impressed by the added features that make this climbing harness for women provide safety and security to the user. There are two D-rings on the side that offer excellent strength to protect you during the climb. Two equipment hooks are also available to allow you to hang the chalk bag or any climbing gear.

Lastly, this climbing harness for women comes with a durable black buckle that allows quick and easy adjustment to the waist and the legs. There are also three different areas that you connect with the side connectors to be used to climb up while using the center as a safety line.

  • Manufactured with high-quality polyester to provide longevity
  • Reinforced with high-tension sewing threads to offer excellent strength, safety, and comfort
  • With D-rings that are made of carbon steel to provide durability and safety
  • Thick frame construction gives comfort to the climber
  • With a black buckle that offers easy adjustment for the user
  • The tendency of the straps to slip through the buckles and loosen up

Overall, this product comes in excellent quality and is so easy to use. The thick frame construction provides comfort to the climber and is built to accommodate a woman’s physical structure. And it comes in a nice color too.

5. Fusion Rescue Tactical Full Body EVA Harness

fusion rescue tactical full body eva harness

As a company, I have heard of Fusion in the past and have used some of its products. They are known to build high-quality products, and this harness for women is no different. This product is an excellent option if you are looking for safety in a climbing harness.

The first thing I noticed about this climbing harness is the high-quality webbing that makes this product look very impressive. The foam padding in the shoulder, waist, and legs also comes in excellent shape and will help provide strength and comfort to the climber.

Also, six D-ring attachment points are strategically positioned on various harness parts. Aside from their usual functions, the way these D-rings are located will allow free movement and pivoting even if the climber is still suspended.

Another essential feature I noticed about this climbing harness for women is the steel buckle at the sternum and both legs. The buckle provides a quick-release feature for a secured, easy, and quick donning or doffing.

There are also five adjuster buckles located on various points of the harness. The best thing about these buckles is it allows the user to adjust quickly to find a comfortable fit and security. This part will give the best experience in making the climber comfortable during the climb.

  • Made with quick release buckle for easy usage
  • Includes five different adjuster buckles that allow easy adjustment and provide security
  • With two gear loops for extra storage
  • Built with adjustable straps to provide comfort when used in longer hours
  • D-ring points allow free movement during the climb
  • Stitching around the inner thighs needs to improve

Overall, the quality of this climbing harness for women is impressive. It provides comfort and maximum strength to make the climber safe and secure. It has excellent construction and allows easy adjustment to provide safety to the user.

What to Look for When Looking for a Climbing Harness for Women

women's rock climbing harness

Finding a harness specifically for women is not easy since many manufacturers also make this gender-specific harness. But, you can certainly choose the right one that will fit your needs by following some tips we have provided below:

Getting the Right Fit

The body proportions of male and female climbers are different. This fact is the reason why manufacturers are making female-specific climbing harnesses. Same as the men, it is also essential to find the right fitting when choosing the climbing harness.

A climber’s waist may be narrow, while the quads are structured straight. These physical attributes may be different from other women. With this in mind, the next best move is to look for a harness that can be easily adjusted for you to get the right fit.

This adjustable harness comes with a buckle that allows you to find the proper fitting for your physical structure. Also, the standard rule for getting the right fit is that the waist belts should fit over the iliac crest.

The fitting should be snug enough so the harness will not be pulled down. It helps that the buckle can also be easily adjusted. The ideal buckle adjustment should only be halfway through its range and not be fully used on both ends.

Sizing Up

Another essential factor to consider in looking for a climbing harness for women is the size. As a rule of thumb, it is better to consider sizing up when looking for the right harness. The problem with harnesses specifically made for women is the waist belt padding’s inability to extend under the length of the belt’s webbing.

With this limitation, it is better to look for a size bigger than your standard size. It is also essential to look for cushioning to ensure climbing comfort. Make sure that the padding overlap for the gear loops to sit equally.

Checking on the Loops

It is normal to see various types of loops in a climbing harness. Whether it is a rigid or soft loop, you must know the difference. Rigid loops are known to be durable and are highly recommended. But then again, the choice will always be to your personal preference.

Leg Loops

As for the leg loops, the most essential factor is to be comfortable during the climb. You should also make sure that it is not super tight. The climber can place a flat hand between the legs and the harness in this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

womens climbing harness reviews

Can Women Wear Men’s Climbing Harnesses?

In an ideal world, I find it awkward for women climbers to wear a men’s climbing harness. But, I know several women climbers who find men’s climbing harness that fits perfectly. It is an excellent alternative that a women climber can do. As a piece of advice, never limit yourself to any gender-specific harness. You should be fine if it fits your body and you feel comfortable.

How Should a Climbing Harness fit Women?

For a women climber, the harness must fit above the hip tight and should be tight enough not to slide down. It is also sufficient to make it loose to avoid pressure points and hot spots. You should also check the leg loops and ensure that the tightness can fit up to four fingers between the loop and the leg. However, you should also make it loose enough to provide full movement.


The best climbing harness for women is manufactured to ensure that women climbers have the proper harness that fits their body structure. We have presented some of these climbing harnesses as they perform well during our testing process. The most important thing is to have a harness that will provide security while making you comfortable during the climb.

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