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The Best Climbing Backpack for 2023

best climbing backpack

Today’s article lists ten of climbing backpacks you can use in this outdoor activity. The importance of the backpack cannot be denied, as it allows the climber to store gears and supplies needed during the climb. The best climbing backpacks should be light and durable to make it easier for the climber to bring them during the climbing activity.

Our team tested several climbing backpacks in an actual climbing environment to check their quality. We have also thoroughly checked each of them in terms of construction, durability, and other essential features in an effort to list the top climbing packs from our own testing process. See our recommendations below.

Best Climbing Backpack Reviews

1. Venture Pal Foldable Outdoor Sports Backpacks

venture pal foldable outdoor sports backpacks

This climbing backpack from Venture Pal is an excellent mountain climbing backpack due to its lightness. Weighing less than a pound makes it easy to carry and drag around during the climb. Its ability to be folded in its own pocket is also an excellent feature of this backpack.

I also like the comfort it brings the user, especially during the climb. The design of this bag will make it easier for the climber to open the bag with a wide zipper. Furthermore, the chest clip is also adjustable, which adds to the comfort it brings to the user as it helps in the equal weight distribution of the backpack.

The straps of this bag are built to provide more comfort to the climber. The straps are actually padded, enhancing the comfort once used in the climbing activity. Because of the solid straps, the backpack will never slip or slide, even when climbing on pretty steep terrain.

I also appreciate the overall space it provides to the user. It is so roomy and offers multi-compartments that include a main zipped compartment. This main compartment has a separator to help users organize things inside the backpack. There are also two zipped front pockets holding small accessories and two side pockets holding water bottles and umbrellas.

Durability can also be found in this climbing backpack. It is made of high-quality materials equipped with tear and water resistance features. The bag comes with a double-layer bottom that provides extra strength.

  • Built with high-quality materials with wear and tear resistance features
  • Shoulder straps with sponge padding reduce stress on the shoulder
  • Built with multi compartments to provide a huge space for the climbing accessories
  • Includes two zipped front pockets and two side pockets for additional storage
  • Made with double layer bottom to provide extra strength
  • Subpar stitching

This product is the top-notch backpack for climbing gear with the lightness and comfort it brings to the user. This backpack gives the same comfort even when walking on steep climbs. And it offers plenty of space for all the essential gears needed during the climb.

2. Petzl KLIFF Rope Climbing Backpacks

petzl kliff rope climbing backpacks

Cragging is the most popular rope climbing that you can do, and it is undoubtedly one of my favorites. But when doing this climbing activity, you will also need the right climbing backpack to carry all the essential gears required during the climb.

This product from Petzl is built to be the most beneficial cragging backpack you can use when climbing. This product can turn into a tarp and vice versa. Furthermore, this backpack also allows you to pack the rope quickly and gives enough space for the harness and the climbing shoes.

The climbing backpack also provides enough space to provide maximum storage capacity to the climber. Actually, I was pretty disappointed when I opened it at first, but as you start putting all the climbing gears, you will be surprised by the space it provides for all the essentials you need for the climb.

The storage of this backpack includes a 36-liter volume that should be enough for your climbing gears. It can store up to 100 meters of rope and other climbing gear such as quickdraws, harnesses, and climbing shoes. The presence of two internal handles makes it easy to keep the rope inside the bag.

Comfort is also one of the most significant assets of this climbing backpack. It feels comfortable on the shoulder because of the adjustable foam shoulder straps. The backpack is built with a sternum strap that helps keep the straps in place.

  • Built for cragging with its ability to stow a lengthy climbing rope
  • Includes a built-in rope tarp
  • Provides maximum storage to accommodate ropes, harness, quickdraws and even the climbing shoes
  • With internal handles and zippered pockets for easy usage
  • Adjustable sternum straps provide comfort and stay in place
  • Storage limited on the inside

This climbing backpack turning into a tarp is very unique. It also provides excellent space for the ropes and other essential gears needed in the climb. The backpack’s amazing rope tarp and the separate corner loops make this backpack perfect for rope climbing.

3. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack

mubasel gear insulated hydration backpack pack

When you are climbing, hydration is essential. This requirement is why it is necessary to have enough water during the climb. For sure, you can use water bottles, but sometimes this drinking accessory can get in your way when climbing rocks, caves, and other challenging terrains.

This climbing backpack from Mubasel Gear is equipped with a 15-liter hydration pack that also includes a 2-liter leak-resistant bladder that conveniently keeps you hydrated throughout the climb while keeping the bottles properly positioned. And it’s fully insulated, which is perfect for any climbing activity.

Furthermore, this backpack also has space for your climbing essentials. The main insulated compartment can fit several drinking bottles and other climbing essentials you want to bring.

Furthermore, the second compartment can be used to store your power bank, phone cables, keys, and all other smaller accessories. Then, the waist zipper pocket can be perfect for your phone and an outside mesh pocket for the other stuff.

I also like the lightness of this climbing backpack. It is the perfect backpack for rock climbing that has a low profile design and adjustable shoulder and chest straps that make the body fit snug. With its lightness, the backpack will not bounce during the climb.

This climbing backpack also brings a lot of comforts as the straps are well padded. The lightness makes it easy to move while the straps hold perfectly to the body to add to the comfortability it brings to the climber.

  • Made with an insulated compartment perfect for any climbing activity
  • Built with a leak-resistant bladder
  • With a low profile design that provides lightness to the user
  • With adjustable chest and shoulder straps to fit the body and prevent movement
  • Built with breathable mesh back panel
  • Subpar water bladder

This product is one of the most common rock climbing packs you can use as it gives you the comfort and the lightness you need. But the best feature is its ability to hydrate the user as it provides an insulation compartment and a water bladder.

4. Black Diamond Bullet 16 Backpacks

black diamond bullet 16 backpacks

If you do multi-pitch climbing, then a climbing backpack that provides versatility is needed to carry all your gears. This backpack from Black Diamond has a sleek and trim pack design that is perfect for climbing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

This product is the most suitable backpack for multi pitch climbing with the quality and the space it provides to the user. First, I can say that the quality is impressive, especially on the exterior materials. It looks very tough, and I feel that it can withstand abrasion and punctures, which is normal when you climb.

I am also impressed by the amount of space it provides to the user. It may look small on the outside but has the size to fit all your climbing essentials, such as the climbing shoes, water bottles, ropes, carabiners, and all the essential gears.

This backpack also has a minimalist design that plays a vital role in making it comfortable for the user. The straps feel very comfortable even when the items are all inside. The weight was actually a non-issue since the bag was very comfy during the climb.

Apart from the superior quality, its minimalistic design and simplicity make this backpack very unique, especially when used in various climbing activities. I also like the backpack because it does not have many straps, bungies, loops, and buckles hanging, which is typical with other backpacks.

  • Provides versatility with its sleek and trim pack design
  • With an external zip pocket and an internal mesh pocket to provide maximum security
  • Includes a hydration hose port and a removable webbing hipbelt
  • With a removal foam back panel
  • Built with tuckable shoulder straps
  • Does not have a bottle holder on the outside

This climbing backpack is unique with its minimalistic design. If you are looking for a backpack that is full of simplicity but still provides the storage space you need to accommodate all the climbing essentials, this climbing backpack is an excellent option. This climbing backpack has the versatility to be used in various climbing activities.

5. Diamond Candy Waterproof Backpacks

diamond candy waterproof backpacks

This climbing backpack from Diamond Candy takes pride in having waterproofing features that protect everything inside when it is raining during the climb. It is made of high-quality nylon and polyester lining that provides resistance to water penetration. It also comes with a rain cover that covers additional support in keeping the backp[ack dry when it rains.

I also like the comfort it brings to the user. In my experience, this climbing backpack will carry the load comfortably on the back and does not slide around. It also has several padding on the back and shoulders. Once you put it on your back, you can easily adjust the straps to your liking to make it stable and more comfortable during the climb.

This backpack also has the space for all the essentials needed during the climb. It is the most preferred backpack for carrying the climbing stick as it has a special place for the accessory. The overall capacity is 40 liters with four compartments and high-quality zippers. The two side pockets and two hip pockets provide additional storage for small accessories.

In terms of durability, this backpack is made of high-quality materials that provide strength and longevity. The shoulder padding has the thickness to support the weight of the backpack. The chest strap comes with a built-in whistle, while the hip straps allow easy access to the materials with their built-in zipper pockets.

Lastly, the design of this climbing backpack will help keep the weight distributed to the body to make the climber more comfortable carrying the backpack. It will help keep a strain on the shoulders as it shifts the weight away from the shoulders and the neck.

  • Made with high-quality nylon and polyester lining
  • Provides waterproofing feature to keep the essentials dry even when it is raining
  • Includes a rain cover for additional protection
  • Provides enough storage space inside and outside the backpack
  • With multi compartments for easy and proper storage
  • It needs a bigger size to accommodate more stuff

Overall, this product has the lightness and the comfort to be used in climbing activities. The storage space it provides from the inside and outside is beneficial for carrying all the climbing essentials needed in the climb. This product is durable too and should last for a long time.

6. TETON Sports Ultralight Plus Backpacks

teton sports ultralight plus backpacks

This climbing backpack from Teton Sports is built not only to accommodate all the essentials needed during the climb. It is designed so that the climber will be comfortable during the hike and not disturbed by the weight at the back.

What impresses me the most about this climbing backpack is its overall design. This product is the best alpine climbing backpack that allows the user to get on the knees over the waist during the climb without affecting the climber’s balance. This backpack can also be easily adjusted to snug close to the body to make the user more comfortable during the climb.

Speaking of comfort, this backpack also provides easy adjustments from the shoulder to the waist. I feel that the load is barely noticeable when it is loaded as the weight is equally distributed to the body. It also helps that the backpack has excellent airflow and ventilation, which enhances the comfort it brings to the climber.

This climbing backpack polenta of storage too. Actually, you can adjust its size to accommodate the volume of the gears you are putting inside. It offers separate compartments for the accessories and the sleeping bag. There is also an extra bag at the front that can be used for additional storage.

Lastly, the durability of this climbing backpack is also impressive. It is built with strong buckles, storm-proof zippers, and multiple compression straps that make it withstand all the challenges that a climbing activity presents to the backpack. Thanks to its high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, this backpack is expected to last longer than expected.

  • Built to have the space to accommodate most climbing gears and essentials
  • Provides adjustment feature to customize your fit
  • Built with durability and excellent workmanship
  • Made with a lightweight frame for stability and comfort
  • Includes a rainfly to keep the bag dry when it is raining
  • Zipper issue in the main compartment

This climbing backpack has all the features needed to provide the best storage space for the climber. It also has all the features to offer comfort and durability, which is essential in a climbing backpack. Overall, this climbing backpack provides incredible performance in a climbing activity.

7. Sunhiker Water Resistant Backpacks

sunhiker water resistant backpacks

When choosing a climbing backpack, the size of the product is essential and should accommodate the volume of the climbing accessories you want to carry. This product from Sunhiker is an excellent option for climbers looking for a smaller climbing backpack.

With its smaller size, this climbing backpack allows you to move freely and faster despite everything you carry in the pack. I am impressed by how this backpack stays in place on my back. It will just remain snug and will never flop during the climb. It is a nice little backpack that can be trusted in any climbing activity.

As far as the size is concerned, the small size does not mean that it cannot accommodate a lot of stuff because it still does. You can still bring the most important climbing accessories quickly with its storage capacity of about 20 to 25 liters. This climbing backpack also has multiple compartments and a bottle holder on both sides.

When it comes to quality, I can say that this climbing backpack has one. It is made of a tear and water-resistant nylon material that provides the durability needed to withstand all the climbing challenges.

I am also impressed by the way it is designed, especially the compartments, which will help secure all the climbing gears. All the pockets are good as it allows the user to hide personal items anywhere with their secured zippers. Durability is also evident when you check the backpack and use it during the climb.

  • Built for climbers who do not need a bigger bag
  • Made with high-quality tear and water-resistant nylon materials
  • With breathable mesh straps to provide durability and comfort
  • Built with multiple compartments to offer an excellent storage space
  • Includes high-quality zipper and durable whistle buckle
  • Straps are too short

This climbing backpack has the right size for climbers who only carry a few amounts of stuff during the climb. Also, this product is the best trad backpack with its durability, lightness, and compactness but still provides a lot of compartments to keep all climbing essentials safe and secure.

8. HIKPRO Durable Lightweight Packable Backpack

hikpro durable lightweight packable backpack

Minimal and light are the two words that best describe this climbing backpack from Hikpro. Climbing can be challenging, but you do not need additional destruction during the climb, especially with your climbing backpack. The minimalist design and this pack’s lightness are significant assets of this product to do a comfortable climb.

At first glance, I was a bit worried about the size, thinking it was very small for a climbing backpack. But after using it, this product has enough length to accommodate all the essential climbing accessories you need during the climb. After all, it still has a 20-liter capacity.

Inside the bag, you will find three zippered compartments which allow the climber to organize all the climbing gears properly. Apart from the main compartment, the inner zippered pocket and the outer smaller pocket provide storage for small accessories. Then, the two mesh pockets found on each side will be perfect for water bottles and any other small things that you can bring on the climb.

In terms of comfort, this climbing backpack has all the features to make the climber comfortable during the climb. I am impressed by the mesh shoulder straps as it provides enough comfort on my back. It can easily be adjusted to fit your body and locked firmly to prevent any movement during the climb.

As far as durability is concerned, this climbing backpack is made with high-quality nylon materials that provide tear and water resistance features. The zippers are sturdy and durable, and the two mesh pockets look tough. Overall, I am confident this bag can withstand any pressure from environmental conditions, including snow.

  • Made with high-quality nylon to provide durability and toughness
  • Provides excellent space with multiple compartments
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Straps can be adjusted to fit the body
  • Provides comfort to the user
  • The bag has no shape

This product is the most suitable ice climbing backpack that you can use with its durability and toughness. It is incredibly light but rigid and can still accommodate essential climbing gear despite its limited size. Its minimalistic design also allows the climber to feel comfortable during the climb.

9. MOUNTAINTOP Outdoor Backpacks

mountaintop outdoor backpacks

This climbing backpack from Mountaintop provides the space you need for multiple days of climbing activity. Its 40-liter capacity is enough to carry all the essential items you need during the climb. Whether it’s your climbing gears or survival equipment, this climbing backpack has the space to accommodate all of them.

Also, this bag can hold up to all the challenges that any climbing activity brings to the table. I am pretty impressed by the way it is constructed. The materials used are high-quality polyester fabric known for its toughness and durability.

This climbing backpack also comes with a bottom access pouch, allowing you to conveniently access the main compartment without pulling all the stuff out. Furthermore, it also comes with a rain cover that is very useful in keeping the bag dry during rainy days and has its own storage space at the bottom.

Comfort is also the biggest asset of this climbing backpack as it allows the user to adjust quickly to fit into the body. The mesh cushions the back of the climber, while the shoulder straps and the waist belt will make the bag very light with the ability to distribute the weight equally. The mesh padding and the ventilated back system will prevent unwanted sweat on your back once the temperature rises.

I also like the construction quality of this climbing backpack. Straps are well positioned, and the zippers come in excellent quality. The location of the zippers will allow easy access to everything inside. The stitching also looks impressive.

  • Made with high-quality polyester fabric to provide toughness and durability
  • Built with a ventilated back system and mesh padding to provide comfort at the back
  • Provides excellent storage space that includes multiple compartments and pockets
  • Excellent design and construction quality
  • Includes a rain cover with extra storage space
  • Side pockets are too shallow

Overall, this product is a great backpack to have when doing any type of climbing activity. This climbing backpack is comfortable and well-designed. As a bonus, it comes with a rain cover and a great selection of colors.

10. MIER Heavy Duty Duffel Backpacks

mier heavy duty duffel backpacks

This climbing backpack from Mier is unique in its own right with its ability to be converted from a backpack to a duffel bag. This product has unique adjustable backpack straps that can be easily attached or detached. The shoulder straps are also flexible and removable to allow them to be converted into a duffel bag.

With its convertibility, this climbing backpack provides a lot of usage to the user. But still, it needs durability to be able to withstand the various environmental conditions during the climb. But thanks to its excellent construct using heavy-duty water-resistant tarpaulin and a double-layered floor panel, this climbing backpack can withstand any harsh environment.

I also like how it is designed as it provides a lot of functionality and allows you to carry many things during the climb. This climbing backpack has a lot of compartments to organize all the items you want to bring during the climb. It even has a shoe compartment which is very helpful when it is needed.

Also impressive is the durability of this climbing backpack. Apart from having water-resistant features, the shoulder straps are thick and provide enough support to make the climber feel comfortable. Since it is constructed with very durable materials, expect this backpack to last longer than you expected.

This product also provides a large capacity to accommodate all the essentials you need during the climb. Available in three large sizes and several compartments and pockets storing climbing essentials will not be an issue with this climbing backpack.

  • Made with heavy-duty tarpaulin and reinforced floor panel for durability and toughness
  • Built with multifunctional pockets and compartments for maximum use of storage
  • It can be converted into a duffel bag
  • Built with high-quality zippers, strong buckles, and strong stitching on stress points
  • Quick packing and convenient to use
  • Does not have extra pockets outside

This climbing backpack has what it takes to make the climber comfortable during the climb. It will provide enough space to accommodate climbing essentials. But the most impressive feature is its convertibility into a duffel bag, which offers this product many uses apart from being used in a climbing activity.

What to Look for when Looking for a Climbing Backpack

best backpack for rock climbing

With all the options available in the market, fit can be challenging to find the right climbing backpack for your needs. But to help you find the right one, we listed several factors below to be considered in looking for a climbing backpack.


This factor is probab;y the most important to consider in looking for a climbing backpack. The capacity is related to the size of the pack and how much volume it can provide to accommodate all the climbing essentials you will be needing.

In estimating the capacity, you need to consider all the climbing essentials you will be bringing. You must ensure that the climbing backpack of your choice has the space to accommodate all of them.


The weight of the backpack is also a factor that you need to look at in looking for a climbing backpack. After all, a lighter backpack is easier and more comfortable to carry than a heavier backpack. However, being light sometimes is a downside as it comes at the expense of the durability of the pack.

Weight will be more important when it comes to doing longer and multi-day climbs. Shaving the weight can be an option but if it is not your priority, having a heavier backpack is actually a good option as it gives more durability and toughness.

Functionalities and Features

This factor is important as it provides a glimpse on what the back brings to you. One of the features you can check is how the bag is designed on the inside. Check on the compartments and the extra storage space such as the pockets. Do the compartments allow you to organize things easily?

You can also take a look at the other parts such as the straps and the outside pockets. Check on the padding of the straps and the back portion of the backpack if it has enough padding to make the use more comfortable during the climb. Also, check on the straps if it can be adjusted easily to fit your body.

Construction Quality

This factor is very important because it determines the durability and the longevity of the climbing backpack. As far as I know, high-quality climbing backpacks are made of high-qua;ity polyester, nylon, and even tarpaulin.These materials provide tear and water resistance which is needed to withstand the challenging conditions during the climb.

Additional Accessories

Any extra accessory added to the product whether it is in the form of a product or an added feature is always worth considering. For example, a climbing backpack with an extra rain cover is a bonus as it protects all the things you put on the pack from getting wet.

An extra feature such as a pack’s ability to be converted into a duffel bag is also worth considering when choosing the right climbing backpack. Any additional features or functionalities will make the climbing much easier using your climbing backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions

best climbing packs

How to Attach Climbing Sticks to a Backpack?

The easiest way to attach a climbing stick to a backpack is when a backpack has a specific place for their attachment. If not, you can use your creativity to attach the climbing stick. You can use gear ties to attach them on your backpack. There are many other ways to do it but you must be creative to attach it perfectly into the pack.

How to Pack a Climbing Backpack?

The right organization is needed to properly pack a climbing backpack, My suggestion is to divide your backpack into different areas for storage. The bottom part should be allocated for large gear and essentials not needed until you arrive at the camp.

The top area of the back pack should be for bulkier items which you will need on the trail while the middle part must be allocated to the denser or heavier items. Furthermore, the accessory pockets are for the climbing essentials that you need more often while the loops should be dedicated for oversized and long items.

How to coil a Climbing Rope Backpack?

To coil a climbing rope to the backpack, you will need to tie an end of the rope to one side of the loops of the tarp. Then, you can now start to feed out the rope to the opposite side of the loop which is on the other side. Then, start collecting the rope and the tarp together to curry it like a backpack.

How to Attach Climbing Helmet to Backpack

To attach a climbing helmet to a backpack, you will need to clip either side of the chinstrap to the helmet. But when doing so, it is a must to ensure that it is tightened and it is clipped on both ends of the helmet.


There is no doubt the importance of having the best climbing backpack when doing any climbing activity. After all, a climbing backpack accommodates all the climbing essentials needed during the climb. It also provides comfort and easy usage to the climber which makes the climbing easy, fun, and more convenient.

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