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What to Wear Hiking in 40 Degree Weather

what to wear hiking in 40 degree weather

Are you looking for what to wear in 40-degree weather? If yes, you come to the right place. This is usually a question that new hikers tend to ask especially during the preparation stage of the hike. All hikers must know the importance of having the right outfit because the weather is so unpredictable especially during this time. For sure, you can have the weather forecast as your guide but mind you, there will be unexpected and unfavorable conditions that will happen during the hike.

For 40-degree weather, the clothing involves a lot of layers due to the instability of the weather. The temperature will change a bit to a couple of degrees down when you reach your destination. This is the reason why you need to have the right outfit when hiking in this type of weather. Please see our suggestions on what t wear on a 40-degree hike.

What to Wear in a 40-degree hike?

Layering your clothes is the key. With all the risks factor involves, the hike can be exciting and challenging at the same time. It can also be dangerous due to the instability of the weather and the other dangerous things that might happen. But the best thing to do is prepare the right way and having the right clothes and gear.

Wear Clothes in Layers

It may sound tolerable, but the temperature of a 40-degree hike can change drastically as you move up in altitude. This is the reason why a simple sweater cannot do the job of protecting you from the cold. It is expected that once you go up, the temperature will go down and the sweater will not be able to handle the cold and protect you.

Wearing layered clothes indeed feels odd at times. But losing comfort in exchange for your safety and protection is much better especially in a type of weather like this. It is no joke dealing with cold temperatures especially in the outdoors. Also, frostbites may affect a hiker if he fails to wear layered clothes during the hike.

Tips in Wearing Layered Clothes

Make sure to prevent yourself from perspiring when using layered clothes. When the clothes are wet, it can decrease the insulation value of the clothes. But how do you get perspired with the cold temperature? The constant movement can heat the body underneath your clothes.

If you want to rest, removing two or three layers will make your body cool down. The body will start cooling down when rested and the temperature will increase once again after that.

How many layers of clothing you can wear during the hike? It all depends on the temperature of a location. For a 40-degree hike, you can go with the following layers of clothing.


Polyester or wool-made shirts are highly recommended with your base layer. Since this is the first clothing that will make direct contact with your skin, you will need something that will fit nicely into the body. The fitting should be just right, not fir or loose, just right.


The base layer clothing follows right after the base layer and the advisable clothing for this is a loose shirt. Another recommendation is to wear sweaters that are not too thick for your body.


Highly recommended with insulating layers are jackets with zippers. The purpose behind this is that it can be easily open and remove if you want to rest during the hike. The insulating layers will be used when you are resting and will be removed while you are moving.


The last layer of your clothing is the weatherproof layer. I would advise using jackets with zippers to open and removed easily. The weatherproof layer will be the main anchor for your protection during the hike. I highly recommend using the highest quality jackets if you have the money for them. But if not, a windproof or waterproof jacket will just do the trick.

What to Wear Hiking in 60 Degree Weather

what to wear hiking in 60 degree weather

Hiking in 60-degree weather means dealing with moderate temperature. So, my advice for you is to use clothing that will keep you warm but without having some overheating. You need to stay dry, so the need to used a shirt that will keep you dry is a must. Always remember that if you sweat during the hike and the temperature goes down, your body will feel cold and may affect your body.

My recommendation for you in this type of weather is to wear shirts made of polypropylene and polyester. These are types of shirts that will make you dry and keeping the moisture away from your body. You have the option to light an insulated jacket as an additional layer. If you have additional layers of clothes, it will be better to keep them in your hiking bag.

I am also suggesting that you wear long pants for this level of temperature. Any pants that can dry quickly can do the trick paired with socks made of wool or synthetic materials.


The importance of knowing what to wear hiking in 40 degree weather will come a long way for the protection of the hiker. With the instability of the weather, the hiker needs the best protection from extreme temperatures that may affect the body. Also, planning for a hike regardless of temperature and season is always important due to the predictability of the weather. It is important to prepare for the range of the hike and the possible temperature changes that may occur.

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