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What to Eat Before a Hike

what to eat before a hike

Eating before a hike is essential because it gives you the energy, power, and even fuel that is needed in your journey. But, do you know what to eat before a hike? Please check our recommendations below.

Lean Meat: Excellent Protein Source

Do you know why protein is essential to hikers? Because it helps in increasing the metabolism of hikers and repairing tired muscles. These benefits make lean meat an excellent source of protein and the perfect food to eat before going on a hike.

When you are climbing on steep terrain, it is expected that the muscles will be tired and sore. To negate this issue, eating lean meats from chicken, fish, and even turkey can give you enough protein needed in the hike.

Oatmeal: Excellent Source of Energy

Many people are always having oat meals in their meal daily because of the benefits it brings to the body. Hikers can also use these benefits before going outdoors. If you want to know what to eat before a long hike, oatmeal should be top of the list.

Oatmeal is full of carbohydrates and high fiber, which will give you so much energy during the hike. It will help you provide the much-needed energy to continue hiking even if the terrain comes with a lot of challenges.

For some hikers who do not like oatmeal, combining it with other stuff such as sugar, honey, and fruits is a great alternative. Meanwhile, mixing it with peanut butter or protein powder will give extra protein to your body.

Eggs: Good Protein Source

Eggs are always a mainstay in our breakfast menu, but this food is also perfect for hikers before proceeding with the hike. This food is an excellent source of protein needed by every hiker for metabolism and repairing those sore and tired muscles during the hike.

Eggs can also help in increasing the recovery after a very long hike. You can combine eggs from foods that provide enough carbs, and you will be energized throughout the trek, even if it is a long-distance route.

Nut Butter: For Muscle Strength and Bone Health

Having nut butter in your breakfast is an excellent way to go before going for a hike. It is also nice to pair it with eggs along with whole wheat bread. This food will give a lot of fiber, protein, and even magnesium.

The muscles and the bones should be in excellent condition when you go hiking. For this reason, eating nut butter is one way to prepare the muscles and the bones for the long grind. Just make sure to use the proper bread to pair with your nut butter to maximize the benefits.

Pasta: Provides Good Amount of Carbohydrates

If you plan to hike for a long-distance route, pasta is an excellent choice in your meal before doing the actual hike. This food will give you a good amount of carbohydrates, which provides enough fuel and energy.

Also, combining it with other ingredients will also add nutritional value to your meal. Adding chicken, shrimp, and even vegetables can give additional protein and other nutrients. Just prepare it without too much sauce because it might upset your stomach and possibly ruin your hiking experience.

Water: For Pre-Hydration

There is no doubt that every hiker needs to consume water before hiking for pre-hydration purposes. This action is essential, especially when you are hiking during the summer where the heat can affect your hike. You need to drink water before going outdoors consistently.

Drinking water of about 4 cups or more will give a lot of benefits to you. It will help keep you cool and even regulate your body temperature. It will also help convert the food you eat before hiking into energy needed during the hike.

What to Eat After a Hike

what to eat after a hike

After a hike, you will also need to eat the right food to help you recover quickly. Please check our recommendations below:

Salmon: Excellent Source of Protein for Recovery

When hiking for a long distance, it is normal for your muscles to be tired or sore. In this situation, you will need food that gives a good amount of protein to help your recovery. Having salmon in your meal is an excellent way to do it.

The protein that it provides will be broken down into amino acids. The amino acids will then be broken down into nutrients which will help in providing nutrients that will help to recover the muscles quickly. As an added benefit, salmon is also an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps relieve inflammation and pain of the joints.

Bananas: For Easing Muscle Cramps

If you have seen athletes eating bananas before the competition, there is always a reason behind it. Basketball players also eat bananas to prevent muscle cramps during the game. After the hike, the hiker can also maximize this situation by eating bananas to relieve muscles and easing the muscle cramps after a long day of hiking.

Banana is an excellent source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium to help you recover after hiking. It also comes with some carbohydrates that help restore glycogen in the body, which is expected to be depleted after a long hike.

Water: For Hydration

Water should also be consumed after a long hike for hydration purposes. You will need to replenish your body’s water content, which has lost plenty during the hike, especially when it is too hot.

You will need to stay hydrated even after the hiking activity. It is essential to continue the intake of fluids even after completing the hike. This action will help replenish water content in the body and the loss of electrolytes. If you are feeling thirsty, always drink water because it indicates that your body needs it.


Knowing what to eat before a hike is essential for every hiker. You need to understand that every hike requires you to have the energy, power, and fuel used for the constant walking and climbing you will do during the hike. And this can be achieved by having the right food to eat before the hike.

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