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How Should Hiking Shoes Fit

how should hiking shoes fit

Are you planning to go on a hiking adventure wearing new hiking shoes? If yes, then read this content from start to finish and learn how should hiking shoes fit you as a hiker. After all, whatever the distance of your hiking activity, the hiking shoes need to be durable and comfortable at the same time during the trip. And it should fit right and feel right to make your trip more exciting and adventurous.

In this article, our team will teach all hiking enthusiasts the right way to choose the hiking shoes that matches what they need. Included are different factors to consider before buying a new pair of hiking shoes.

What to Look For in Hiking Shoes

When looking for hiking shoes, there are a lot of questions that need answers. What is the right size? The right style and design and so on. But the most important thing is to get the right fit and these can only be done by following these simple tips:

How Tight Should Hiking Boots Be?

The right fitting of your shoes is important when going to any hiking activity. If it is not, you will probably get some bruised feet especially if it is in a descending trail. Also, when the shoes are being used, the feet should be firmly planted inside and must feel comfortable. But how to look at these types of shoes and how would they fit? Please see the tips below:

Checking the Length

By nature, most of the feet do not have the same size. So when checking for the length of shoes, wear your favorite socks and use the much longer foot when it comes to basing the length of the shoes. Try to remove the insole and loosen the lace before inserting the longer foot firmly on the shoes. Move the foot towards the front and see for yourself if a finger can be slide down below the hello of the foot. If it is, the length of the shoes is enough for your feet. If it is not, it is either large or too small for your feet.

How Much Toe Room on the Hiking Boots

When checking on the width of the hiking shoes, the first thing to do is to put both feet firmly to the shoes and standing in a straight position. If it feels comfortable and snug, then you found the right fit. If you try to feel the sides of your foot and the toes and you will get a squeezy feeling, then the shoes are too narrow. Meanwhile, if the shoes let you slide the foot from side to side, then the shoes should be wide.

Checking the Heel

The heel should be comfortable inside the shoe if it is a good fit. It should not slide up or down and is always in a locked position while walking or else you will endanger having blisters. When you are walking and feel any movement on the heel lift, the shoes may be too tight. Meanwhile, if the light is about a quarter of an inch, then it should be fine.

Overall Fitting Issueshow much toe room on the hiking boots

If you feel that the hiking shoes fit the width, length, and heel, the next thing to do is to find other fitting issues that you can encounter. Is it comfortable especially during the actual hiking activity? You can test the shoes by wearing them as you wear in a real hiking environment and tried walking them inside or outside the home.

You can even simulate the type of trail that you will encounter. For example, you can use a chair to copy a drop in the trail by jumping in it and see for yourself if the shoes can hold on to and still feels comfortable. Maybe, you can find a sloped area in your neighborhood and try walking in it and see for yourself the quality of comfort it gives.

Other Factors to Consider

The Time of Day

If you do not know, our feet usually swell as the days go by especially when you are on the hiking trail. So, if you are looking for new hiking shoes, I would suggest doing it late in the day or not in the morning to get the right fit.

Taking Your Time

Since hiking shoes do not come cheap, it will be best for you to just take your time when buying. Make sure that you have the full time and concentration before deciding on which shoes you will buy.

Wear Socks and Orthotics when Testing Shoes

When trying out a pair of shoes, make sure to wear them during the testing. If you are using orthotics when hiking, use them together with the socks when trying out the shoes. Always remember to check any discomfort that you feel because it will turn into blisters during the actual hike.

Breaking Them In

A lot of hikers are underestimating the fact that breaking the shoes in before the actual hiking activity can do wonders for the overall performance of the hiking shoes. You can start by using it around the house and use it locally in the neighborhood. You can even do short hikes just to test the efficiency and comfort of the shoes.


There are different ways of how should hiking shoes fit. The most important thing is to find hiking shoes that right fit for you. If it is the right fit, all other factors will follow including comfort, efficiency, durability, and a whole lot more. If the hiking shoes are perfect, they will play a huge factor in having a wonderful and successful hiking activity.

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