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Can You Hike in Jeans

can you hike in jeans

For you to be comfortable during the hike, every hiker needs to wear the proper outfit. However, I have seen people wearing jeans during their hike. How come this is possible? Can you hike in jeans? Yes, it can be done, as proven by many people doing it. In this article, we will be discussing the upsides and downsides of using jeans on a hike.

The Advantages of Hiking in Jeans

There are many advantages and even benefits of a hiker wearing jeans during a hiking activity. We have listed some of them below:

Jeans’ Durability

The most obvious reason why some hikers tend to use jeans is their durability. This type of clothing has the ability to take a lot of abuse and is ideal for any activities which revolve around working in the dirt, such as hiking. Jeans have the ability to stand up from brushes, thorns, or any form of dirt that you will be facing along the way.

Jeans also won’t tear easily, which is probably one of the reasons why some hikers like them. The durability of the jeans has been proven by those ranch owners who, until today, are using jeans as their primary outfit. And this durability is the primary reason why some hikers still want to use it.

Some People Feel Comfortable Wearing Jeans

I have asked a friend who always wears jeans most of the time during the hike the reason why he is doing it. What he said stuck in my mind until today. He said he prefers jeans during the hike for the simple reason that he feels comfortable with them. This situation only shows that it is all about the preference of every hiker who tends to wear jeans even if others feel uncomfortable coming from the outside.

In addition, over the years, jeans have evolved into something softer and more comfortable compared to previous designs. You will now find jeans that are made of stretch materials and come with more elasticity. I can say that this type of jeans will be more comfortable when being used during the hike.

Jeans are Fine for Hiking

Many people think that jeans are very inappropriate when being used during a hike. In fact, some people are openly shaming hikers with their unique choice of outfit. However, please note that wearing jeans is perfectly fine for hiking as long as the hiker is comfortable with it.

For the new generation of hikers, they will probably not wear jeans. But, for those old school individuals, wearing jeans is totally fine because it was the standard several years ago. Hiking in jeans in mild weather will give you no problem while in the summertime, it should also be a non-issue.

The Disadvantages of Hiking in Jeans

advantages of hiking in jeans

Today, not too many people are wearing jeans during the hike. It is understandable since there are some disadvantages when wearing jeans during the hike, which are listed below:

Jeans are Too Heavy

One downside of wearing jeans during the height is their weight. It is too heavy, which can bring discomfort to some hikers who are not used to it. Jeans are more durable, but they are much thicker, resulting in a heavier weight. In fact, if you try to compare regular jeans to cargo shorts and gym shorts, jeans are too heavy.

Being heavy can also be a problem when you try to trek on a longer distance. The extra weight can really take its toll on your legs during your walk. If you try to hike for a longer distance, I suggest using another outfit or adventure pants that are lighter than jeans.

Jeans Are Not Comfortable to Many Hikers

Again, it is all about preference, and most of the new generation of hikers does not like wearing jeans. It is probably because they are not used to it, and they are not convinced that it is the right outfit during the hike.

This new generation of hikers feels that hiking pants are more comfortable and fit in a hiking environment. In general, hiking pants are made of light and softer fabrics that are very comfortable to wear.

Jeans Will Stay Wet

Some jeans stay wet for a long time as it takes time to dry. Jeans made of cotton can be a problem in your hiking activity, especially if it’s raining or in extreme weather conditions. These cotton-made jeans will take very long to dry, which can be a problem during the hike. Unfortunately, this type of jeans tends to retain moisture which can be very uncomfortable during the hike.

Wet jeans also means it’s very soggy and the water will also bring additional weight into them. The more weight you will bring, the more difficult it is to hike, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Jeans will Limit the Hiker’s Movement

Another disadvantage of wearing jeans is it really restricts your movement. Hiking needs you to be free in terms of movement with all the challenges presented on the terrain. However, wearing jeans can somehow limit your movement during your walk.

Limiting your movement also means that you will be exerting more effort during the hike. More effort means more energy will be used. It can be a great disadvantage the moment you reach the destination and you will no longer have the energy to enjoy the view of your target location.


Can you hike in jeans? Yes, you can definitely. When choosing to wear jeans during the hike, it is a must for you to be comfortable with them. It is a matter of preference wearing jeans, but there are upsides and downsides which you need to consider before wearing jeans in a hiking activity.

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