Zip Line Pumpkin SMASH

Have a smashing good time this Halloween and drop pumpkins from Moaning Cavern’s 1500-FT Twin Zip Lines!

On Saturday, October 28th, 2017 from 10am to 4pm, visitors will be able to drop a pumpkin from the zip line trying to hit targets on the ground while zipping up to 30 mph!  Entry fee to smash a pumpkin from the zip line is $45 per smash, same price as a regular zip line ticket, pumpkin included!  Sorry, no discounts and while pumpkin supplies last.


Participants in Zip Line Pumpkin SMASH!

All bullseye target winners get a FREE Zip Line ride! AND we are adding a drawing to sweeten the deal!  Each Zip Line Smash participant will have a chance to win one of 4 FREE zip line rides!  We will contact our lucky WINNERS by November 11th!  Check our Moaning Cavern Facebook page to see who wins!!!

Zip Line Pumpkin Smash registration is in the Moaning Cavern Visitors Center when you purchase your ticket.  Smashing begins at 10am and will continue until 4pm, registration to smash a pumpkin will be until 3:45pm.  Restrictions and waivers apply, see our Zip Line web page and please review our Zip Line Pumpkin Smash rules and regulations,  click here.

Our video from last year’s Zip Line Pumpkin Smash shows when to drop your pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!