Twin Zip Lines – Moaning Cavern Adventure Park

Photo by Jason Smith

Hair flowing in the wind zipping! Photo by Jason Smith

Once limited to challenge courses and Costa Rica Canopy Tours, zip lines are becoming increasingly popular for pure entertainment due to the fact that everyday adventure seekers can experience no sweat, high adrenaline, extreme thrills without any prior experience. Anybody who is in good health, and fits within the weight requirements, can experience the fast paced, high intensity adventure of zip line traversing. All you need is the courage to step off the platform.

Visitors approach the massive launch tower by crossing a 60-foot long sky bridge before being strapped into a full-body climbing harness and then rigged to the cable. Bring a “ready for anything” friend because the double cables mean zippers can race the zip line in pairs (when both lines are open – call for status). One small step off the platform and you are zooming across the beautiful Gold Country foothills at speeds up to 35 miles an hour, in a 1/4 mile race to the landing tower.

The zip line launch tower is located conveniently just a couple of minutes walk from Moaning Cavern’s visitor center. The cable follows a length of the above ground nature trail taking in some beautiful Gold Country scenery above the treetops.

We offer two type of zipping, regular seated style and tandem zipping.

zipcropped REGULAR ZIP

Take off from the launch tower in an upright position. Stay seated, or let go of webbing to lay back. Race a friend or family member on our dual zip lines if you wish. At this time, the lower limit guideline is 70 lbs. with no waist size restriction to 270 lbs. and a waist size less than 55 inches.

Tandem Zipping TANDEM ZIP

Two people zip together sharing a trolley, for a maximum combined weight of 270 lbs. Both people are in full rigging. This option is usually used by parents with children under 70lbs who cannot zip alone. Pairing up with a child makes this a great shared experience!

This activity does require a release of liability waiver.

Scroll down to view the “facts at a glance” and the photo gallery of the Moaning Cavern Twin Zip Lines.

Facts at a Glance:
Adventure Scale Moderate+
Availability Daily, year round. On slower days, we may close one zip line. Click here for operational hours.
Length of Trip Depending on the day, the full zipping experience is about 20 minutes from gear up, zipping, then de-rigging.
Underground Temperature NA- This activity is above ground so we are subject to closures due to high wind, or severe weather conditions.
Group Size NA
Equipment Provided All necessary equipment provided.
Minimum age and size None - must meet weight requirements. At this time, the lower limit is 70 lbs. and to 270 lbs. and a waist size less than 55 inches.
Reservations No reservations required.