Dirty Cello Is Back to Rock Moaning Cavern


Dirty Cello

Innovators, influencers and renegades of the string instruments, the high energy band Dirty Cello announced today they are returning to Moaning Cavern this October 1st!

“Moaning Cavern is excited to host Dirty Cello again,” said Carolee White, special events coordinator of Cave & Mine Adventures. “Dirty Cello rocked the cavern last December for our annual Christmas Concert and we are excited to have them back.”

On the October 1st concert, Dirty Cello will play their traditional music that is anything but traditional cello music!  Dirty Cello’s funky beats combines all types of music; from bluegrass to blues and even the occasional rock covers, but all played in their own unique style within Moaning Cavern’s large cave chamber with amazing natural acoustics!


Dirty Cello at Moaning Cavern, Christmas Concert 2015

Tickets are $20 each. Concert begins at 7:30pm, but check in is at 7pm.

Moaning Cavern is a natural, marble underground environment with a comfortable temperature of 61°F. To attend this concert, dress in jeans, t-shirt or sweatshirt and tennis shoes and bring a pillow to sit on.

Please bear in mind that, as a living cave, Moaning Cavern does drip water occasionally. We call these droplets “cave kisses.”

For tickets and more information, contact Moaning Cavern Adventure Park at 209-736-2708.