Cave and Mine Adventures Seeks Singers and Musicianstemp3

Looking for a unique venue to perform?

How about underground in a naturally acoustic cavern chamber?

Cave & Mine Adventures (C&MA) is looking for singers and/or musicians who are interested in performing a concert in Moaning Cavern.

We are looking for an individual, or a group who would like to step into our established  “Caroling in the Cavern” Christmas Concert. We are also seeking musicians for concerts during other times of the year.

If this intrigues you, read the following information and if you are interested, contact our Event Coordinator, Carolee White, to discuss the possibilities. She can be reached by phone at 209-736-2709, or by email at Click here to print the flyer.

Information for Potential Performers

  • All equipment needs to be able to be carried “hands-free” (in backpacks, etc), which means minimal equipment should be used. There are 235 steps (many steep and narrow) that you have to go down and then back up.
  • The cavern is humid and may be damp, so keep that in mind regarding instruments.
  • Due to the acoustic nature of the cavern, certain instruments, such as an electric guitar, do not work well in the cavern.
  • Limited electricity is available. Electric instruments are not allowed, however a small amplifier is okay.
  • There is no stage. Everything and everyone will be on the cavern floor, which could potentially be wet, uneven and have some gravel scattered around.
  • The visitors will be on the same level/platform as the performers. The only thing separating you is a few feet.
  • Anyone interested should submit a recording and be prepared to “audition” in the cavern.
  • This is a small venue. We can accommodate up to 80 people. This means limited income.
  • There are two options for how the financial arrangements can be done –
    • C&MA can hire the performer and handle all promotion, tickets sales, etc. C&MA keeps proceeds.
    • There are two options for payment –
      • a flat rate or 30% of ticket sales, plus performer can sell their merchandise
      • The performer can rent the cavern and do all promotion, ticket sales, etc. Performer keeps proceeds.