People & Caverns Glossary

caving techniques: specialized methods of moving through a cave system in order to be safe and not hurt yourself or the cavern

conservation: preserving natural resources; the process of protecting something from loss or injury

contaminate: to make impure; to pollute

fragile: easily broken or damaged

geologist: a scientist who studies the physical nature and history of the earth

hibernate: to be dormant through winter. When animals hibernate they are not just sleeping. In order to conserve energy, their breathing and heart rate slow down considerably to the point that they may appear dead at first glance.

illicit: unlawful, illegal, not allowed

motto: a word or phrase that expresses the guiding rules and principles of an organization

primitive: ancient from the earliest times

sacrifice: giving something to a god as an offering

show cave: a cave that has been developed with paths and lights for people to visit

spelunking: exploring caves

vandalism: the willful and/or malicious destruction or damage to something