Driving Advice from Cave & Mine Adventures

We recommend that you do not completely rely on a GPS unit, or similar navigation systems to help find your way to our caverns.

We have had several instances when visitors have missed their tour times due to following a navigation system.  Sometimes these systems will choose what it thinks is the best route, but in actuality it is the worst – taking drivers onto back roads that are not well marked and take longer to negotiate.  We get calls from lost travelers that we cannot always help because they are so far off the main roads.

In addition to poor directions, the other issue with the navigation systems is that the signal gets dropped, especially when you get closer to our sites in the foothills.  Now you have no idea where you need to turn without the system working.

Therefore, we recommend that you do some research before heading our way – study a map to know the best route so if the navigation system tells you to go a certain way and your research showed otherwise, ignore the system!  We want you to arrive on time so you don’t miss the experience you have planned.

Bringing a printed map with you is highly recommended.

Thank you!